"Carter, I am going to injure you!" Jeff hissed, turning around in his sear to try and slap Carter, who just laughed and dodged Jeff's hand.

"Guys, seriously," Katie breathed as Riker chuckled.

"No! If he knees the back of my seat one more time, I am going to make sure he gets injured!" Jeff exclaimed.

"Calm yourself, Yaxley," Riker chuckled as he reached over to pat Jeff's knee.

"No," Jeff replied stubbornly as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm annoyed at you for agreeing to drive them home for break."

"Hey! I haven't done anything!" Katie protested as Carter snorted with laughter.

"You're related to Carter. That's what you did," Jeff replied.

"Hey, we didn't choose that. If we could, we wouldn't be related," Carter said.

"Ouch, man," Riker said as Katie pursed her lips and then punched Carter's shoulder.

"Ow!" Carter exclaimed.

"Good, you deserve to be hurt," Jeff grumbled as he crossed his legs on the seat.

"Oh, you're just grumpy because you and Riker couldn't spend the whole car ride being mushy and shit," Carter replied, causing Katie to let out a giggle.

"We're not mushy and shit…that's you and Lily," Riker said.

"Truth," Jeff agreed.

"Yeah, but you two are cuter," Katie told them. "I mean, you were cute together before you actually got together, so now the cute factor has increased."

"Oh, hush," Jeff hissed, making a face at her. "You people still wouldn't know if it wasn't for Lilleth being intrusive."

"This is true," Carter agreed. "I bet you'll have loads of fun breaking the news to Ryan."

"Oh my god, can I be there when you do?" Katie asked.

"No," Riker replied immediately.

"Whatever. I'm sure Alyssa will film his reaction anyway," Carter laughed.

"Oh my god, shut up and get out of the car," Jeff hissed as Riker parked out front of Carter's house.

"Yeah, yeah. We'll catch you guys later," Carter laughed, ruffling Jeff's hair before bolting out of the car with his bag. Jeff squealed and tried to jump out of the car to chase after Carter, but Riker held him back.

"Alrighty then, I'll see you guys later," Katie giggled as she grabbed her bag and slid out of the car.

"Bye," Riker replied, still keeping his grip firm around Jeff's arm.

"Carter is an ass," Jeff grumbled as Riker drove off.

"Sometimes," Riker said.

"Nope, all the time," Jeff replied as he flipped down the visor to use the mirror to fix his hair.

"Oh stop. Your hair is fine," Riker chuckled, reaching over to slap Jeff's hand away from his hair.

"No!" Jeff yelped, reaching out to slap Riker, who laughed and grabbed onto Jeff's hand.

"You're trapped now," Riker chuckled, squeezing Jeff's hand.

"How awful," Jeff said sarcastically as he linked their fingers together. Riker chuckled and ran his thumb over Jeff's knuckles.

"You gonna stay over tonight, or go to your house?" Riker asked as he pulled his car into his driveway. Jeff shrugged and pulled his hand out of Riker's to get out of the car.

"Don't know yet," he added as they grabbed their bags out of the back of Riker's car.

"Mkay," Riker replied, reaching out to kiss Jeff lightly before they walked up to the house. "We're home!"

"Hi, sweetie!" Miri's voice replied from the kitchen.

"Dad not home?" Riker asked as he and Jeff dropped their bags to the ground before walking into the kitchen.

"No. He and Alyssa went to get food to make dinner tonight," Miri said, reaching out to push Riker's bangs off his forehead to kiss it. "Hello, Jeff."

"Hey, Miri," Jeff replied, smiling as she kissed his forehead as well.

"How did finals go?" Miri asked.

"Good, I guess," Riker snorted. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes as he shrugged.

"Wow, you boys have a way with words," Miri laughed, ruffling Riker's hair. Riker shrugged and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"It's been a long week," Riker added.

"G'head up to your room. Dad will come see you when he gets home," Miri said.

"I'm sure he will," Jeff laughed as he headed back to the front hall to get his bag and head up to Riker's room. Riker chuckled as he followed, reaching out to hook a finger into Jeff's back pocket as they climbed the stairs. Jeff looked back at Riker with an eyebrow raised and Riker smiled innocently.

"Hi, Riker chuckled as they reached the top landing.

"Hey," Jeff replied, scrunching up his nose before going into Riker's room with Riker behind him. They both dropped their bags to the floor and then flopped onto Riker's bed after kicking their shoes off. "OH my goodness, you best is the most comfortable thing in the world."

"I know," Riker laughed as he let his arm hang off the edge of the bed and wiggled his fingers, knowing Braxton would be under the bed. Then, they head a loud purr and Braxton hit his head against Riker's hand before jumping onto the bed with them. "Aw, hi, Braxton. I missed you too!"

"Oh, you and your cat," Jeff snorted as he reached out to scratch Braxton's head. Braxton purred even louder and then curled up at Riker's side, the tip of his orange tail flicking against Riker's side slightly.

"I love my cat, don't hate," Riker said, looking over at Jeff with his nose scrunched up.

"I will do what I want," Jeff replied before he kissed Riker's nose and then shoved up from the bed to drip his phone with his bag and grab one of Riker's hoodies. Riker smiled and shook his head as Jeff closed the door most of the way.

"That hoodie is giant on you," Riker commented. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes as he walked back over to the bed.

"Because I'm not as built as you. You has muscles," Jeff added as he crawled back onto the bed next to Riker and laid down, one arm draped over Riker's chest.

"You have muscles of your own," Riker said, threading his fingers through Jeff's hair.

"Mmh," Jeff hummed, scooting closer to Riker's side and resting his head on Riker's chest above Riker's heart to listen to it.

"Hey guys," Curt said as he pushed the door open.

"Hi, Curt," Riker replied as Curt moved Braxton off the bed and lay down next to Riker. Braxton let out an angry meow and swatted Curt's arm before stalking off with his tail in the air. They all snorted with laughter and Jeff shook his head.

"That cat has issues," Jeff breathed.

"Yep," Curt agreed. "So, how have things been since Thanksgiving?"

"Meh," Riker replied, still running his fingers through Jeff's hair. "How have things been with Maya?"

"Good. Two weeks ago we went to see her parents to tell them about the engagement and pregnancy," Curt replied as he shrugged.

"Oh, and how'd that go?" Jeff asked, looking over at Curt.

"They weren't surprised," Curt replied.

"No one has been," Riker said as he snorted with laughter.

"I dunno. Damian was pretty surprised," Curt said.

"Because Damian doesn't see the outside of your guys' piano room," Riker snorted.

"Pretty much," Curt laughed in agreement.

"Well, I mean, he does work on Broadway," Jeff said.

"Not always an excuse," Curt replied. "Anyway, are you guys telling Mom and Dad you're together today?"

"Once Dad gets home," Riker replied.

"Right now we're mentally preparing for the freak out Ryan will have," Jeff added, causing Curt to snort with laughter.

"He might blow the rood off," Curt laughed. "I'm still surprised he didn't realize over Thanksgiving."

"Me too, actually," Riker agreed. "Probably because he was too busy fawning over Maya."

"Whatever. I still noticed you two disappearing to go make-out. I just wasn't sure until I followed you the one time," Curt said. Jeff huffed out a breath and rolled his eyes.

"Which is exactly how Lily found out as well," Jeff added. Curt snorted with laughter and shook his head.

"You guys should just know to be more careful around her," Curt said.

"No, she is just intrusive. It was eleven-thirty at night and she had to pick the lock to our door," Riker replied. Curt burst out laughing at this and covered his face with his hands.

"Oh my god, she would," Curt laughed.

"Obviously," Jeff breathed.

"Why was she breaking in anyway?" Curt asked.

"Carter had kicked her out of his room and she wanted to cuddle," Riker replied as he rolled his eyes. Curt laughed again and shook his head.

"That girl has issues. As does Carter," Curt said. "Why did he kick her out of his room?"

"Because she was tickle raping him," Jeff snorted in response as he rolled his eyes.

"Seems legit," Curt said as he shrugged one shoulder. "Anyway, I'm gonna go call Damian to make sure he's sane. Good luck escaping Dad once you tell him."

"Thanks," Riker and Jeff replied as Curt got up and left the room, closing the door as he went.

"Mmh, quiet," Jeff breathed, snuggling closer to Riker's side.

"Mhm," Riker agreed as he pressed his lips to the top of Jeff's head as he continued to run his fingers through Jeff's hair lightly.

"Too bad it's not gonna last," Jeff said. Riker snorted with laughter.

"Definitely not. And you know Dad will be all on our case all of break once he knows," Riker chuckled.

"Mmh, then we should take advantage of his ignorance right now," Jeff said as he looked up at Riker with a mischievous glint in his eye. Riker smirked in response and chuckled.

"I like the way you think," Riker added before sealing their mouths together. Jeff immediately smiled against Riker's lips and Riker smiled back before shifting positions to slot one leg between Jeff's. Jeff giggled slightly in response and bit lightly at Riker's bottom lip. Riker opened his mouth in response and pulled Jeff's tongue into his mouth.

"Playing dirty," Jeff mumbled against Riker's lips. Riker just chuckled and pulled at Jeff's tongue.

"No, this is playing dirty," Riker added as he suddenly ground his hips against Jeff's.

"Ohmygod," Jeff gasped out before pulling Riker's mouth back to his and then grounding his hips against Riker's. They both let out deep breaths through their noses as he did and then opened their mouths to slide their tongues together.

"Rike Ti-whoa!" a voice suddenly exclaimed as the door was thrown open. Riker and Jeff immediately jumped apart and looked over towards the doorway with wide eyes to see Ryan standing there looking shocked.

"Uh…hi, Dad?" Riker asked, slightly unsure.

"Ah!" Ryan screamed in response, throwing his hands in the air. Jeff groaned and buried his face in Riker's side as Riker sighed.

"Honey, you okay?" Miri called up the stairs.

"No!" Ryan replied.

"What happened?" Miri asked, sounding concerned.

"Miri! I win!" Ryan squealed before running down the stairs.

"I swear, my father is five," Riker grumbled as he sat up.

"Well, what did you expect?" Curt asked as he walked by.

"Ryan! Calm down!" Miri screamed from downstairs.

"No! I can't!" Ryan replied.

"I have no chance of sneaking over to my house, do I?" Jeff asked as he shoved up from Riker's bed.

"Nope. Might as well face it," Riker replied as he got up and kissed Jeff lightly before leading Jeff downstairs.

"Dad!" Alyssa screamed, catching Ryan's arm as he ran passed.

"What?" Ryan asked loudly.

"What the poop are you wigging out about?" Alyssa asked.

"Your brother!" Ryan replied.

"Because that actually answers the question…" Miri breathed, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, Dad totally just walked in on Riker and Jeff making out," Curt said.

"Curtis," Riker hissed as he slapped Curt and Curt laughed.

"Yes! I was right!" Ryan exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air and then pulling Riker to his chest tightly. Riker sighed and rolled his eyes, letting his dad envelop him.

"Dad, it's really not that exciting," Riker added.

"Yes it is! I've been waiting for years for this to happen!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Ryan, you've been waiting since before we knew what sexuality and dating were," Jeff said.

"You bet your ass I was!" Ryan replied, pulling Jeff to his chest as well and causing Jeff to let out a yelp.

"Don't smother the children, Ryan," Miri said as she shook her head.

"I will do what I want," Ryan said.

"Well, you'll want to kill them once you know they've been hooking up since they had to kiss for the show," Alyssa snorted.

"Alyssa!" Riker and Jeff both screamed, lunging at her only to be pulled back by Ryan. Alyssa and Curt snorted with laughter and Miri rolled her eyes as she smiled.

"What? I knew that was a real kiss!" Ryan screamed.

"Oh my god, Dad, calm down," Riker grumbled as he and Jeff tried to pull free of Ryan's grip.

"Nope! Never!" Ran replied. "I was right and am one step closer to you two getting married!"

"We're not going to get married," Jeff protested as he finally broke free of Ryan's grip.

"Oh, you say that now but I'm sure that will change in a few years," Ryan replied as he reached out to ruffle Jeff's hair. Jeff immediately let out a yelp and then sent a glare in Ryan's direction. Ryan's eyes widened and then he bolted off, Jeff following him.

"You father is special," Miri breathed out, shaking her head.

"Your husband," Curt said. "You chose him, we didn't."

"Good point," Miri laughed as they heard Jeff yelling at Ryan as Ryan sang Jeff and Riker sitting in a tree… "Anyway, congrats on a good relationship, Rike."

"Thanks, I guess," Riker replied as Miri kissed his forehead and then walked off.

"And good luck getting alone time with Jeff," Alyssa snorted, patting Riker's shoulder.

"Oh, I know," Riker laughed as they heard Ryan continue to sing about Riker and Jeff getting married while Jeff yelled at him.