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Chapter Ten

Diane bled heavily for a good week before her body had finally rid itself of the fetus. Things were a bit rocky between Jake and Skyler for a few weeks or so. Until Jake got Skyler a new comic and Skyler instantly forgave him. It was a comic that Skyler already had, but it was in much better condition than the one that he had. Ramona and Tammy had gotten along, and it seemed that Jaco and Tammy did too. But every time she had come over to Jake's house, it made him just a little uneasy. Jake didn't trust his father around any of his friends.

Now, however, it was summer; June to be exact. The summer between eighth and ninth grade. The year was uneventful, normal. Or normal as it could be for Jake, Diane, Skyler, and Tammy. They were all fourteen, save for Skyler, and the others had a ball making fun of him for being a "youngin."

Jake and Tammy were surprised nothing happened between Diane and Skyler yet. They kept saying it was just a matter of time now. Jake had betted they'd be together by the start of 1981; Tammy wasn't that generous. She gave them by the start of ninth grade or Skyler's birthday.

Jake and Tammy have been going strong. Jake no longer looked at other girls or flirted with them. Of course, that didn't stop him from incorporating them into his fantasies. Lisa was no longer in any of Jake's fantasies. She had lost any of her appeal after that first time which felt like so long ago. Jake tried harder to stop her, but she was like his dad. So he gave up and stopped fighting.

Cigarettes really did start looking appealing to Jake nowadays.

And that's what he was dealing with at the moment.

It was him and Diane behind a liquor store. Diane did not look anywhere near eighteen, but she somehow persuaded the man working the counter for a pack of cigarettes. Jake wasn't going to ask, but he had a feeling how she got it from by the way she wiped her mouth when she walked out of the store.

"When did you start smoking?" Jake asked.

Diane shrugged lightly, popping a cancer stick into her mouth and lighting it. She took a long drag, letting the smoke assault her lungs before she exhaled. "A few months ago, I think?" she said. "I don't remember. You want one?"

Jake nodded. "I'll try, I guess." She sparked up another one then handed it to him. Jake inhaled, and coughed within seconds.

"Takes a few puffs to get used to it," Diane said. She held her cigarette in her right hand, between her pointer and her middle fingers. That hand was currently hanging loosely by her side.

Jake caught his breath, tried another drag. That one stung his throat a bit less, but he still gave a small cough. His third puff was much the same as his second, but his fourth was much more successful. Diane patted his arm.

"Good job," she said.

"How come you and Sky haven't gotten together yet?" Jake asked suddenly.


"You heard, Di. He, like, loves you, you know."

"Why haven't you and Tammy fucked yet, Jake?" Diane snapped, dragging.

"Because . . . she's . . . she's not ready. She freaks out every time. I really want to, and she does too, but she always -"

"I was kidding. I don't care why you two haven't," she said, standing on her toes and blowing the smoke out into Jake's face. "I don't know why we haven't."

"You shouldn't wait for him to make the first move," Jake said. "But if you do wait, make sure you wait until December or January. Me and Tams've got a bet going. I wanna win."

"Hmm." Diane looked thoughtful. "Maybe I'll talk to him tomorrow about it."

"Di! C'mon. Five bucks is riding on this."

Diane gave Jake a half hearted half smile. "I'm not going to do anything. I like him, but I don't want to be with anyone right now."

"Oh, right, because you're with his dad. Wouldn't want to cheat on Davis, right?"

"Shut up, Jake."

"Well." Jake was starting to get irritable, and he couldn't figure out why - like he couldn't figure out why he was so often lately. "It's true, isn't it?"

"Why are you being an asshole? I gave you a cigarette."

"Why are you fucking your best friend's father?"

"I need to!" Diane took a deep breath. Her free hand was itching to slug Jake in the jaw.

"You need to? What would happen if you didn't? He's not gonna go after your five year old sister, is he? There's no point to it, Diane."

"Why are you fucking your stepmother?"

"I don't have a choice," Jake said coolly, his blood boiling. Not that he'd let Diane see that. "She makes me."

Diane held up her hand. "I haven't even seen Davis in almost half a year, just so your nosy ass self knows. Arguing about our rape is fucking pointless."

Jake took an angry drag of his cigarette, coughed. "Dammit."

A silence hung between them for a while. Jake broke it after a few minutes.

"Why do we tell each other about our problems but not the ones we love. I mean, I love you, but -"

"I know what you mean." Diane stared at her cigarette. "Why don't I tell Sky and why don't you tell Tams?" Jake nodded. "I really don't know. Maybe we just don't want them to worry about us. Like they don't want us to worry about them."

"Does Tammy ever tell you stuff?" Jake asked, flicking a butt off his smoke.

"Does Skyler tell you stuff?"

Jake shook his head.

"There's your answer," she said. "Maybe one day they will. They're a lot more secretive than us. With us . . . with me it's obvious I've got my problems."

"Because you're a bitch?" Jake coughed again.

Diane rolled her eyes. "Sure."

Jake rubbed his chin, and they were silent so long his cigarette burned and burned until it burned his finger. He cursed, dropping it on the ground, and smashing it beneath his shoe. Diane chuckled. "Smooth, Jake."

"Thanks, I try."

"Want another one?"

"Nah, I'm good right now. I don't wanna go into work smelling like . . . you." He checked his watch. "I'll catch you tomorrow."

"Mhm, I guess."

Jake pushed himself off the wall, adjusted his glasses, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and started making his way towards the mechanics. Diane looked around, no idea on where to go. Finally, she settled on just letting her feet take her wherever they carried her.

It was late. The only light in the house was from her room. Tammy's door was wide open and the light flooded into the hallway. Her father was away for the week on a business trip, and Tammy was going to enjoy her solitude as much as she could before Akiva got home.

Jake was supposed to come over tonight, around nine. She still had another hour before he came and she was currently painting her toe nails. The tube was on some news station and was acting as a background noise so she didn't have to sit in silence.

Clink, clink, clink!

Tammy spilled over the nail polish. She quickly tried her best to clean it - she'd have to hear from her father when he got back because of it - before she went to open the window to let Jake in. "You scared me," Tammy said, holding a hand out to help her boyfriend into her room. "There's a front door, you know."

"I know." Jake climbed in easily. "I tried, but you didn't answer."

"Did you actually try?" Tammy shut the window and sat on her bed.

Jake took a seat on a fold up chair Tammy had by her desk. "I actually did for once," he said, glancing at the TV. "Looks like you're too busy watching Reagan give a speech to answer the door."

"Hush, I was painting my toe nails."

"No, no, it's fine. I understand you love him more than me. He is pretty handsome, I reckon . . ." Jake frowned and sighed, arms crossed over his chest.

Tammy rolled her eyes but grinned. She turned off the tube and gave Jake a 'come hither' finger. When he didn't budge, she patted the spot next to her on the bed. "C'mon, Jake Rabbit. I was hoping tonight we could make it."

Jake sat up a bit straighter. "Really?"

Tammy bit her lip, eyes anywhere but Jake. "I've been thinking about it a lot so . . . really. I want to so much," she said.

He moved to sit next to her now. "I want to, too," he said, running a hand through Tammy's hair. His hand stopped on her lower back and he kept it there. "But only if you're sure."

"I am," she said softly, biting her lip again.

"I love you," Jake said, eyes on her mouth.

"I love you too," she said back, playing with her hands. "I'm just . . . I'm so nervous."

"Me too." Jake moved in to kiss her forehead, then her cheeks, nose, and finally her pink lips. Her arms instantly went to wrap around his shoulders. He pulled back after a moment, slightly breathless. "I'll go slow if you want me to."

"Just be gentle." Tammy nodded. "And if I say stop -"

"I stop, I know." Jake tried to give her a comforting smile.

It made Tammy feel slightly less nervous. She straddled Jake's lap and kissed him again.

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