Hey all! This is ObsessionAndBeyond coming at you with a story written with the lovely Firebird. This is not a romance at the moment, and has a good chance of possibly not having any (I know, a major shocker for this group). Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1: Guardians and Healers


Screams of pain deafen my ears. The ground beneath me reeks of death's decay. I sense the life fading into darkness around me. I cannot breath. I cannot hear. I cannot see. I cannot feel. I am paralyzed by sorrow and suffering. I am dying...

I gasp deeply, sitting up hard as I reached for air. Kyri sat up next to me, wrapping her arms around my cold-sweat covered body. "The earth... she's hurting..." I sobbed. Kyri knowingly whispered
"We will save her," before laying me back down in our bed. She intertwined the fingers of her right hand with those of my left.
"You're right, Kyri." I slowly drifted back to sleep.
When I woke up, Kyri was already getting dressed in her black high-necked inner shirt that reached past her wrists and hooked over her thumbs, black shin-length pants with sewn silver vines down the sides, and tie-up boots. I yawned, "Morning, Kyri." She turned to smile at me.
"Morning, Des."I stood and got dressed myself in similar clothing, my shirt and pants being a deep rosy brown with maroon sewing. As I threaded my boots, Kyri came up behind me and began brushing through my green hair the color of healthy meadows, her own like the almost blue glaciers already braided. As we headed into the kitchen, an aged woman stood above the stove. She was lean with gorgeous silvery hair and soft, shallow wrinkles set in her skin. She looked over her shoulder with her bright brown eyes at us and smiled dazzlingly, "G'morning girls! Did you have a pleasant night?"
"Somewhat, Okahan*," I said sitting down at the table.
"Another night for a nightmare?" she asked. Kyri and I both nodded. "Well then you better eat up! You have to get your energy from somewhere!" She set down plates of eggs, ham, and local nuts and berries. I dug in savoring the food I've loved since childhood.
"Good morning!" a man burst in, bellowing happily. His green eyes eagerly looking at the food on the table. He was well-built for a man deep in his years, a few wise looking wrinkles in his tan skin dyed from long laborious hours in the sun and black hair graying at his temples. He stomped over behind us and stood between me and Kyri. "How are my two favorite girls doing this lovely morning? I have a few favors to ask of you for today."
"We are always fine when we can help replenish the earth, Otohan," Kyri and I smiled.
"Good, good. We'll set out right after breakfast."

Otohan, Kyri and I set out, hiking across the low mountain range a few dozen miles from the village. "Mrs. Reeta said that her and her husband's house was just a few more miles this way. She was hoping to revive her field though there's a wilting forest along the edge that could use some help," Otohan filled us in on today's job.
"How long will we have before sunset? We'll need a few hours to return home," Kyri asked, walking beside me.
"There'll be around five hours before we'll need to head home. If you two need longer than that, Mrs. Reeta has offered to let us stay the night. Her three sons will relinquish their room if need be."
"So the sons are there? Will they not disturb us?" my voice grew sharper and darker.
"I warned them all that you two were not to be disturbed in the slightest. I shall keep them in the house," Otohan promised. Kyri flipped up the hood of my emerald green kreen*, embroidered with maroon flora, her own midnight blue hood with a sliver stitchwork starscape already up with her white-blue hair already tucked out of sight. As she tucked my own hair away, she said
"Young men like to look at women closely. We have to hide our hair extra well today." Her teal eyes were strong and cautious.
"Wouldn't want to cause any suspicions, now would we?" I smiled.

"You must be Kreegon! Pleasure to meet you! My wife told us you'd be coming today!" Mr. Reeta bellowed, clapping Otohan on the shoulder.
"Right back at you, Reeta!" Otohan returned the friendly gesture. I always admired Otohan's friendliness with strangers. The large farm-hardened man turned to us.
"It's a pleasure to meet you ladies," he smiled offering his hand. I shook his hand and smiled.
"Now why don't we head inside? I'll introduce you to my boys and then you can get cracking!" He said leading us into the small farmhouse, calling in his sons on the way. We entered the humble yet cozy kitchen where Mrs. Reeta stood cooking. She turned around and welcomed us as we entered the room.
"Let's move to the living room. I'm sure you're tired of walking from your long journey. I'll get some cookies," she ushered us into the large room, suited with simple blue furniture that complimented the white floral walls and a lovely stand up piano. Kyri and I gingerly sat on a sofa, looking down in attempt to de-emphasize our odd eye colors, as Otohan lounged in a chair. The Reeta family followed us into the room, the Mr. and Mrs. sitting in their usual chairs as the boys scattered the room, one leaning on the door frame, one perched on the window sill and the last on the piano seat. Mr. Reeta stood and announced
"Mr. Kreegon and daughters, these are my sons, Kraig, Caleb, and Louis," pointing to each in accordance. They all had similar dark brown hair and dark sun-kissed skin. Kyri and I nodded in acknowledgement. Otohan stood as Mr. Reeta sat back down.
"I am Orion Kreegon and these are my daughters, Desa and Kyria." We stood and bowed, eyes closed. Straightening up, I said
"Please pardon our rudeness. We should really get to work as soon as possible." As we walked into the kitchen, I noticed the sons' eyes looking us over attentively. Disgust and anger built up in the pit of my stomach. I'm sure the earth would be much more appreciative of your attention than we, I thought. As Kyri grabbed my hand and squeezed it, I could feel her trying to calm me down. We smiled to each other before leaving the house. We traveled well into the middle of the large field.
"This looks like an even point," Kyri said, flipping down her hood. A gust of wind swirled around us. "Ah, the mountain breeze is truly fresher than that in the village. Though it sadly lacks its needed oxygen." I smiled a bit at the slightly green grass around my legs.
"I must admit, those humans do take good care of their field." My slight smile melted into a frown as I knelt, putting my hand to the earth. "But she still screams with the pains of her wounds."
"Then we shall relieve her pain, if only for a moment," Kyri smiled at me. I smiled back and popped up with a renewed energy.
"Shall we?" My left hand held her right as we flattened our other palms together. In unison we began, "Born of the earth and sky, we are nature's offspring and healers. We call upon her wings together to mend this land in her well being. With the wind of your breath and the water of your tears, we do heal your suffering." Separating our palms, we turned back to back. Power collected in our hands, a soothing heat warming our fingers. Silver collected at my fingertips, condensing into liquid. The silver on Kyri's fingers formed powder. With quick agile movements we circled each other, me down close to the earth where the silver droplets fell, Kyri up high blowing her silver glitter into the breeze. With a sharp hand gesture, the silver traveled out. From then, we began to dance around each other, not touching but feeling together. With my senses, I could feel my water being slowly imbibed up by the field. (Kyri feels the field breathing in her oxygen). I could see the grass stand stronger and greener. From the corner of my senses, I could feel the small forest reaching for our power. Kyri, reading the same desperation, took my left hand as we dashed closer, continuing our dance, till the forest filled with energy again. As our dance ended, we stood back to back yet again.
"One wound healed and soothed," Kyri said.
"She smiles upon us in a moment of gratitude," I respond.
"Shall we head back?" Kyri asked. I glanced at the sky.
"I'd rather not but it's almost time to head home."
"You just don't want to see those sons again," Kyri smiled.
"Exactly. The trees are much better companions," I laughed as we started heading back.
"But you have to admit, they are among the ones with at least a taste of sympathy for plants," Kyri smirked.
"I don't have to admit anything. They would still rather gawk at us then tend their crops," I huffed, earning a knowing laugh from my sister.

*Otohan/Okahan: Mother and Father

*Kreen: a hooded robe with wide-cuffed sleeves; made of a light sturdy material made for withstanding movement and weather; has simple patterns; a common clothing article (though Desa and Kyria's are more intricate and higher quality than most)