It was during the spring of her eighth year that she was taken away from her family. The dreams started long before, but it wasn't until spring that the injuries started. All her parents knew was that she would be asleep, alone in her room, and when they woke her up the next morning they found cuts and bruises all over her body. Now, her parents did the right thing. They had the doctor take a look at her, and he concluded upon examination that these injuries were not self inflicted. He told the parents that if she had scratched herself that there would at least be a trace of blood under her nails, which he found to be clean and in fact, he thought that the injuries resembled those from an animal attack. But they checked the windows and doors, and all of them were closed firmly. It was then concluded that the only ones within the house were her parents, and she was soon removed from their custody.

At first, she stayed at the hospital for a few nights. No more injuries occurred. Then they moved her into foster care, and at first, for a long while, no more injuries manifested themselves onto her body. A few months would pass before she woke up from a nightmare, screaming and flailing on her bed. Again, she woke up scratched and bruised, with no way of determining that it was self harm, after all. Over the years she was moved from place to place, with no explanation given to her injuries. Within herself, she knew the truth, but even from a young age, she knew that it was too crazy for the adults to believe. If she spoke of madness, then that's what they would think of her. Simple madness.

Ten years slowly passed. The girl lived her life with the bare minimum amount of sleep needed. She's managed to obtain a mediocre education even with the constant moving by homeschooling. She was smart, but no one ever had much time to teach her when there was something she didn't understand just by reading it in the books. In truth, she wished that she could attend college now that she was eighteen. But she doubted that she could get into even just a community college with what she currently knew. Aside from that, she also knew that she'd be moving again. She no longer had a place at the home for children she currently lived at, but due to her situation, they told her that she'd be transferred to somewhere else. To a place for other people like her. She asked what type of people she was like. The only answer she got was, "People who can't function on their own."