Locked In

Clare walked down the toys aisle frowning at what she didn't want, giving a loud "hmmmmm" at what she considered having, and an idiotic smile at what she really wanted. Isabel groaned in irritation as she followed the non-decisive girl. They were roaming around Target for an hour and a half looking for something that Clare wouldn't clarify to her. Why was she even here in the first place?

"Clare," she started, "why am I even here?" Isabel sulked, she could've gone to Forever 21 or something.

Clare looked at her with an incredulous look as if she were stupid. "I asked you to come because Lauren was babysitting her siblings, I wouldn't even bother to ask Sasha or Peyton, and then the last person I could ask was you. You like shopping so I don't see why you're complaining." With that she continued scanning her eyes across the shelves.

Isabel frowned (which was quite rare) in thought. Clare did have a point, but Target of all places? Why were they here late at night? It was almost closing time!

The loudspeaker of the store turned on and a voice vibrated throughout the whole place saying they were closing. Clare hurriedly found what she wanted, which was a stuffed toy of a mermaid-ninja-cowgirl warrior, and scurried off to the cashier within a few seconds.

Isabel stood stupidly blinking. Clare wanted to get a stuffed toy? They were here for an hour and a half to get a stuffed toy. She didn't even know that they sold mermaid-ninja-cowgirl warrior stuffed toys. Didn't Clare make that up? That was a bit strange… She stared at the toy and swore that it blinked when the lights when out. She hurriedly fast walked down the aisle (bumping into things obviously) and shouted her friend's name.

"Clare! Clare!"

She collided into someone and unceremoniously fell onto the ground with a loud thud. She shrieked and was suddenly calmed down when she heard Clare.

"Isabel, it's just me for God's sake!"

She gave a sigh of relief. "Anyway, what happened when you scurried off?"

"Well I found no one at the cash register then the lights went out."


"Calm down, Isabel. Just call someone with your phone," Clare suggested. "Besides, don't you think it's pretty cool that we can hang out here all night?"

"No," Isabel said flatly.

Click! Click!

Both of their heads snapped towards the noise. It sounded like someone with heels walking.

"What was that?" Isabel squeaked, not really wanting to know.

Clare shrugged. "Probably someone else in the same predicament as us. Here let me get my flashlight."

"You have a flashlight?"

"Duh, you never know when you might need it." She turned on the flashlight and flashed it where they heard the clicking sounds. They didn't see anyone.

"What the heck, there's no one here," Isabel remarked. "I'm going to call Lauren."

Clare face palmed. "She doesn't have a phone, neither does Peyton. Besides, Lauren is technologically challenged."

"Oh yeah… Dang, Lauren must be infecting me with her memory loss."

"Just call Sasha and put her on speaker."

She dialed the number and the phone was picked up on the third ring.

"Hey Isabel," Sasha said. "You need something?"

"Well, we got locked in Target near the Memorial mall."

"You what?! Wait…we?"

"Yeah, Clare's with me."

Clare laughed. "Hello."

"This is no time to be laughing!" Isabel exclaimed.



"You dimwits, you should've called 911, not me!"

Isabel and Clare went silent. They looked at each other then back at the phone. Sasha was right. Why didn't they think of that?

"You're right…," Isabel admitted.

"Of course I'm right! As much as I'd like to help I don't have any special equipment with me that could get you guys out of there. What's that clicking noise?

"Hmm, that's just some other lady in heels who's in the same mess as us," Clare explained.

Click! Click! Click! Click!

"Doesn't sound like it."

Isabel raised a brow. "What do you mean?"

"They sound too light."

"Are you suggesting its someth-" Isabel suddenly shrieked and jumped into Clare's arms, which brought the both of them down on the ground. Her phone clattered to the floor and skidded a few feet away from them.

"Get off, Isabel," Clare whined.

"What happened?!"

"Something touched my foot!" Isabel yelled.

Clare flashed the flashlight on the floor, scanning like a search light. She passed over a small figure then immediately went back to it. She gave a horrified look with mouth agape. She tried forming words while Isabel screamed.

Before them was a demented Barbie doll. Half of its face was melted and its right eye was missing on that side. It was wearing heels with one of them broken and had unruly blonde hair.

"What's going on?!"

The demented Barbie doll walked up to the Isabel's cell and pressed the 'end' button, cutting Sasha's worried voice off. Behind Barbie, a whole army of demented dolls and toys came up behind her. Some were crawling because they had a leg torn off.

Isabel and Clare screamed and ran as fast as their legs would allow them.

Sasha stared at her phone with a deep frown on her face. Isabel wouldn't just cut her off like that. She heard her scream and it seemed like she dropped her phone. That was all she could tell. Luckily, they put me on speaker. Why did the two of them go out so late?

"What's wrong, Sasha?" Lauren asked.

"What that Isabel?" Peyton asked immediately afterwards.

They were all currently at Lauren's place in the backroom. Sasha's parents were at a dinner while Peyton's were at a party.

"Isabel and Clare are locked in Target."

"SAY WHAT?!" Lauren and Peyton exclaimed.

"The dimwits called me instead of 911."

Peyton face palmed. "Of course."

"They put me on speaker and I heard clicking sounds then Isabel screamed saying something touched her foot. After that, she dropped her phone and I was cut off."

Lauren and Peyton froze and looked at each other.

"That doesn't sound too good," Peyton said.

"I have a bad feeling about all this," Lauren stated worriedly. "I'm going to have to tell my mom so she can call Mrs. Strauss and Mrs. Ingram."

"I'll call 911 for them," Sasha said, dialing the number.

"Those idiots…," Peyton muttered while rubbing her temples.

Isabel and Clare wore plastic camo army hats they found. They smeared black paint on their cheeks and were behind a huge wall of stacked flour and barbed wire at the top. Inside their little fortress they had food they took from the food section, Nerf guns with extra ammo, plastic light sabers, rubber balls, crowbars, and building blocks.

"Clare, do you think the traps we set will work?" Isabel asked hesitantly, wielding a crowbar. Her hands were sweaty and she kept wiping them off with her denim shorts.

"Yes, I'm sure," the shorter girl reassured, carrying a Nerf gun with a searchlight.

Both of them shut up when they heard that awful noise again.

Click! Click!

Clare loaded her gun. "Let's do this."

Isabel gave an audible gulp as she set down the crowbar to throw the building blocks. There was no way that this was really happening. She really couldn't process the whole thing. She only thought of it as a nightmare that she couldn't wake up from. She instinctively threw a few building blocks when Clare yelled to fire. With a loud clang, she heard some plastic toys crack as the building block made contact with it.

"This is fun!" Clare shouted as she shot every toy she could with her awesome Nerf machine gun.

Isabel threw more building blocks, varying from throwing to smashing. Within a few minutes, all the toys were down. "Did we win?" she asked slowly.

Clare jumped, pumping a fist in the air. "Oh yeah!"

Isabel's eyes widened when she saw the toys slowly get back up. "Uh…Clare…"


"I think we should run."

"Huh?" Clare turned around to see all the toys up and running. They started infesting the fortress and jumped on the both of them.

"I thought you said the traps would work?!" Isabel exclaimed while strangling a stuffed animal.

"There were supposed TFU!" Clare was cut off as she was tackled to the ground face first.

The both of them ripped off the toys and jumped out of the fortress and sprinted down the aisle with Clare's flashlight leading the way. They tripped on some wire and were immediately in the air caught by a net. Some mangled bears came to view and cheered by jumping up and down with straws (spears to them).

"We're going to die!" Isabel cried.

Clare glared at the stuffed bears. "I'm never going to buy a toy again. I swear when I get home I'm going to throw away all that I have!"

Suddenly, the locked doors of the store exploded open. Men from the fire department came with the police trailing behind them. The paramedics rushed in with medical kits. The toys dispersed and hid from their view when they just arrived.

When Lauren told her mom what happened, all of them were literally thrown in the car after Sasha finished explaining what was happening to the police station. They drove to Target that was on Memorial. They could see the fire truck's lights all the way from the highway. They pulled into the half empty parking lot. The tired group got out of the car and met with Clare and Isabel's moms.

While the moms were talking and shouting at the cops, Peyton, Lauren, and Sasha pushed through the small crowd of people and found Clare and Isabel wrapped in blankets sitting on the ambulance. They looked as pale as ghosts. They didn't move or talk for awhile when their friends appeared before them. The two were still wearing the army helmets, but the paint was wiped from their faces.

"You guys okay?" Sasha asked with a worried half-smile.

"We were extremely worried!" Lauren exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. "What happened?!"

Clare slowly turned her head at her. "I'm never going in that store again."

Isabel was still looking at the ground. "I never knew toys were so evil."

"Are you telling me they were alive?" Peyton asked skeptically.

Clare nodded her head slowly up and down with wide eyes. "They're alive alright."