Stream of Conciousness | Vision Collection
What Is the Vision Collection? It's a collection of small snippets of scenes that come to mind. They have no correlation to one another, completely unorganized and written on the fly. This is to be used as a tool to aid in my growth of writing, and as a tool to help get creative juices flowing.

Vision 3 – Reversed Dreams

I was floating in what was best described as stygian space, without discrimination. I couldn't see, feel, taste, nor smell anything. The only thing I could hear, were distant, heralding trumpents. What were they heralding, I numbly wondered, quickly noting the tone of depression and hopelessness, as if time had forgotten all about it.

I couldn't even twitch, let alone blink - were my eyes even open? My breathing was nearly non-existent. I couldn't be dead either - I can feel my heart beating, if only slowly.

It was soft, extremely subtle at first; and it seemed very...unstable, for lack of a better term. But soon it grew and intensified. The trumpets were getting louder and louder, to a cacophony of overwhelming anxiety and despair. My breathing was becoming even more shallow, my heart rate increased rapidly, and the light only intensified.

My mind became enthralled with panic; what the hell was going on?! With a very sharp gasp of air, I bolted upright, only to be pushed down by several pairs of strong hands and pain washed over my senses. I percieved several loud, audible voices, all indeciferable. Cold air graced my flesh, and my eyes were open - only to be snapped shut again to avoid the blinding lights; willing myself to be taken again into the forgiving depths of inky blackness.