Wheel of Fortune,

Relieve me of emotion.

Life's greatest lie,

Fate's best illusion.

Happiness is but a tool,

To fuel Fate's design.

A tool to keep the wheel spinning,

Despite your already determined demise.

Happiness allows for the existence of hope,

The basis of all emotion.

Hope produces the illusion,

Of cheating fate's resolution.

Hope convinces you

That there is reason to your misery.

Hope convinces you,

That one day you won't feel lonely.

Why let it exist?

Because it is also the ultimate punishment.

There is no greater everlasting sorrow,

Then one filled with hope.

Sorrow made from thinking,

That there's a way to win.

Sorrow made from wishing,

That the pain will end.

A wise man once sung to me:

"When we learn how to fly,

We forget how to walk.

When we learn to sing,

We forget how to talk.

When we find what we want,

We forget what need.

When you find who you are,

You'll forget about me."

Fate is always there,

Sealing your eyes to me.

To blind you to my presence,

To steal away my happiness.

I once thought I could be happy,

If I found happiness in the simple things.

But there is nothing fate cannot take from me,

Nothing that won't leave me behind in the end.

I was kidding myself,

Believing I could achieve victory.

I'm void of good qualities,

And not on fate's A-list.

I'm but a masked, invisible man,

Who'll never tell a soul.

Who wants to hear a worm,

Complaining that he's small.