I love you, I love you.

What is that phrase to you?

Friendship? True Love?

Or someone's who just kinda cute?

Do you really love me?

I really doubt you do.

No one could love me,

I'm the saddest man you knew.

Too full of self-pity,

Too full of sorrowful muse.

Not enough hot Asian, Mexican, Indian

Not enough tool.

Let's be honest here,

Just tell the truth.

No girl wants this,

I am too little of a douche.

Too many emotions,

And baggage to boot.

I'm no one's type,

I'm such a fool.

The moment I was born black,

My choices were few.

Do sports, be Christian,

Or no love for you.

If I had a do over,

I hate anime, writing, and games too.

I'd be strong, a douche,

The dream guy to boot.

Then I'd follow the rules,

Be my parents tool.

Make everyone else happy,

Instead of me the goof.

Would I be happy? Would I be me?

Of course not silly goose.

I'd be just what they want,

The ultimate trophy guy.

I rather be loved and fake,

Then me and invisible.

Because me is a paradox,

As you already know.

And I know what you're thinking,

What you're going to say.

That I am loved,

And many would be happy to have me.

Well by the Wheel of Fortune,

Let me pensively say,

If anyone would love to date me,

Why won't YOU stay?