….this week hath truly been most distressing. We find ourselves at war once more with the Baverrian kingdom. I cannot but fear for your safety. The King feared my sorrow and asked me to stay as the leader of the castle's guard whilst the other knights go off to war, I was horrified but told him that if he truly wished me to assume this duty I would. Thankfully he understood that I said that out of duty, and told me that if I wished it, he would allow me to fight on the battlefield, if I could bear it. I told him yes, and that I was grateful for his kindness to me in giving me a way to avoid the battle, but that my honour would not allow me to avoid battle unless my King so ordered. I am now in the tent, writing this letter. We arrived two days ago and began preparations then. My heart beat fitfully when I heard that the Black Knight lead the charge yesterday. The King has decided that we are to attack him tomorrow. Jon, forgive me, my love, my honor will be void if I do not participate in this battle, or even if I do not give it my all. I will pray for your safety during this dreadful battle and I believe that the Lord will grant your safety so that you may read this letter. I wish the tension between me and the other knights were less. Forgive me love, if I ramble but I fear if I think too much about tomorrow my faith will falter. Meeting you in battle as an enemy, we both knew this day might come, but I never thought it would be so soon. During our travel here I argued with the other Knights. Many of them feel that it would be best if I had stayed behind at the castle. Kreeta told me that there was no need to wring my heart out worse than it has been, and then he insulted you dreadfully. Were we not comrades-in-arms on our way to battle I would have called him out then but I could not remembering your last words to me. Oh my love, being unable to protect your honor rips my heart to pieces. I know you wished me not to feel the strain of defending you of all the court believe but it does not feel right to be unable to stand up for the man I vowed my everything to. Oh love, when will this awful time be over? I overheard Listra, the young new female Knight, speaking to Logoth.
"She is so cold, like an Ice Queen. I bet she doesn't even care that we're going up against her own husband."
Oh, Jon, I miss you so. Even Logoth... Logoth believes you to have betrayed us. His reply was far more cold than I have ever heard him speak,
"He was a Knight who betrayed us all. She is right in demanding to hold battle with him. If she did not, I would question her honor, also."
I wanted to cry, oh Jon, I know I promised you I would be brave, but Logoth, Logoth should know better than even I. Jon, I pray this war will end soon.

Serrah Kosherr

King's Knight of the Realm