The Call Of The Galaxy

by Lord Byron Sandowski

4:50 PM, Earth time, Location: planet Bacharius. Location: Ashtar Galactic Command headquarters. Admiral Vrillon just arrived. "I want a meeting held right now", he orders his secretary, Ms. Zax. "Right away, Admiral".

Later, in the meeting room. "Men, we have observed the small planet known as Earth for countless millenia, and we have found that location full of war. We need to send a message to the people of Earth". "But, sir", one of the members of the council adds, "Last time we did that, they almost destroyed our diplomats! We can't take our chances with another incident".

"Dully noted", the admiral said. "But, perhaps they'll listen this time?" "How, sir?", the council member asked. "We can use our latest invention. The signal broadcaster." "Great idea, sir". "Men, get to work!", the admiral ordered.

5:01 PM. Location: Earth. A married couple are watching a news broadcast on Alliance Central Television, when suddenly, the audio cuts out. Then, a voice begins to speak: "People of Earth, i am called Vrillon of Ashtar Galactic Command, with a special message. For far too long, we have observed your planet, and we came to the conclusion that you should end all wars on your planet. We have determined that you are entering the next solar age, the Age Of Aquarius. This is your planet's last chance. If you do not cease the fighting, Ashtar Galactic Command will not be held responsible for its actions. That is all. We will now return you to your regular broadcast." The audio suddenly returned. "Honey, what was that about?", the wife asked. "Must be a prank, or something", the husband said. "I'll call the station and have them investigate".

He picked up the phone, and dialed the station's number. "Hello, is this Alliance Central Television?" "Yes, it is, sir", the woman on the other end replied. "I'd like to report a prank that was pulled on the news we just watched. Did someone jam your signal?" "No, sir", the woman answered, "No one jammed our broadcast". "Then, where did that strange voice come from?", the husband asked. "I don't know, sir. We'll investigate".

6:03 PM. Location: Alliance Central Television. Inside the control room, a group of people investigates the recent news broadcast. "We looked and looked, but we couldn't find a source of the intruding signal.", the men said. "We think the source is located somewhere else". "But, where from?", one of the men asked. "Damn it, man, i just told you! I don't know!", the technician angrily replied. "Sir, you might call me crazy, but i think it came from space... probably?". "You are crazy, you idiot!", the technician yelled. "Everyone knows that aliens don't exist!"."Sorry, sir."

6:30 PM. Location: Planet Bacharius. Inside the Ashtar Galactic Command headquarters. Admiral Vrillon is pleased with himself. "Fantastic job, men! Now those Earth people will think about our message for a while." "Sir, what if they find out where it came from?", a man asked. "Don't worry, sir. We cloaked our signal", Admiral Vrillon responded.