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Ramblings of a Crazy Lunatic

Dear reader, if you came across this,
I advice to read somewhere private
I don't want my conscience tainted
If someone caught you red-handed

You see, there's something wrong with the others
They just don't know how to give up giving presents
Even if they know there's nothing left to be done
They just go and do something and now they're gone

Don't they realize it's no use at all?
Things like miracles are just imaginings of the soul
There's no such thing as this being they call "God"
Who forgives anyone who asks and finds those who are lost

I was once lost,
But did He ever find me?
No, He didn't;
I was left to defend me

Love, hope, luck-
seriously, what's wrong with people?
Do they really think that this kind of things
Exist in a world where there is no such thing as peace?

Ha! As if! There's no such thing!
There's no such thing! There's no such thing!
Delusional, mad-
these lot are all raving lunatics!

I'm the only sane person here-
Oh, yes, I am!
If I hear you say otherwise
I'll cut your throat wide open!

I mean, what's the point in living now,
When all you're living for has already gone down?
What's the point in trying at all,
When you'll just fall and fall and fall and fall?

These people are crazy
I try to tell them the truth
But they just shake their heads and look at me
With those sad, pitying looks

I tried-oh, dear me, I really tried
I tried telling them the truth
But they suddenly threw this nonsense at me
And said, "We're doing this for the greater good."

See where I come from now, reader?
See how twisted they are?
See how they used these beautiful words
And wove so beautiful lies?

They're all crazy;
That you must know
They're all twisted beyond repair
Not even a hundred doctors could heal them at all

I'm not mad, not even close
Dear reader, you must believe me
I'm not crazy at all!