This story is not your ordinary fiction story. This story is based on a true story. This isn't one of those boring romance stories where you can expect what can happen next, no, this is a story that goes like this,

One day, a girl named Kate went to her first year of high school. She had long light brown hair, which everyone wished to have, she had hazel eyes and she could be one of the tallest girls you could ever meet at the age of thirteen. Just like the other 200 students that were starting high school with her, she was nervous.

When she turned thirteen in late December, her mum told her to wish for something very special, something very important, that she wishes to have or experience. Without a doubt, Kate closed her eyes and wished for a boyfriend, she wanted to experience what it felt like; she wanted to be one of those few lucky girls that had a boyfriend. But since high school was about to start and she will be meeting many new people, she thought that this was the right moment, she was completely sure she will madly fall in love with somebody.

Many days passed which then turned into weeks, the first day of high school finally arrived. That morning, she took extra care with her hair and her appearance, after all, who doesn't want to set a good first impression to the teachers and students? Kate began to get even more nervous and more excited as she approached her new school. With a deep breath, her mum and herself stepped through the school gate. The school was massive! Kate was speechless.

'Hello! You seem lost, you must be an 8th grader?' asked a kind teacher. He was greeting everyone that came through the school gates and had the biggest grin on his face. Kate immediately though they will get along.

'Um hey, my name is Kate and yes I'm an 8th grader,' answered Kate with a smile.

'Well hello Kate! I hope you like your new school! Over there is your 8th grade quad, you will be spending there your entire year 8, so you may proceed over there for starters.'

'Kate, don't forget to be a good girl and I will pick you up after school so don't go wondering off. Good luck honey!' said Kate's mum and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

'Bye mum,' waved Kate.

Kate walked over to the grade 8 quad and discovered some of her classmates from her primary school. But she was especially glad to see her 2 best friends, Lynette and Sue. Lynette was short so she had to look up at Kate to see her. She was also very skinny and came from the Philippines. Sue was about 15cm shorter than Kate and came from Thailand. Both the girls had long hair just like Kate.

Kate ran up to both of her best friends and gave them each a hug. This was going to be a great year, she thought.

10 minutes after her arrival, the first bell of the year rang, all the new students gathered around in their quad for the principle's announcement. The announcement took forever. The principle kept on rephrasing everything she had said earlier, about how she wishes that all the students will have a wonderful time and a great year.

After that, everyone were sorted into form classes where the teachers would take the roll to see whose here or absent. As Kate looked around the classroom, there was no one she knew until her eyes stopped on a girl with braided hair. She must have had about 20 of those in her hair! But the braids wasn't what Kate was excited about, she was absolutely sure that that was her best friend from year 3. When Kate was in year 3, she had 2 best friends, Vicky and Vanessa, then all of them moved to different schools and they haven't seen each other since.

'Vicky!' said Kate to a girl sitting near her.

'Huh? Kate? Is that you?' she replied.

'Yes it is me! How great to see you! Who knew we would see each other again after so many years, it has been forever!'

Vicky was just speechless. The girls were so happy to see each other again. Though the next siren interrupted their conversation, it was time to go to her first lesson.

Surprisingly, Kate had no trouble finding her classes. The day started off with Woodwork, then recess. After recess came Society and Environment and after that, English. Then came lunch and another lesson of English. To top it all off, the last lesson was Science. Though Kate was told off by her new teacher at the start for having a drink outside the classroom while the actual teacher was running late, straight away Kate knew she didn't like her or Science.