The holidays began creeping in and there was still no sign of Steve planning to ask Kate out. She eventually lost hope and tried being harsher on him; after all, this was what he deserved.

When he came up to hug her she would just stand there as he put his arms around her. He would then ask what the problem is, Kate wanted to say that everything was the problem but she just said nothing. When he tried locking his hands together with hers, she would try to escape but at least Kate discovered his hands were quiet rough

'On Monday, all of the 8, 9 and 10 graders are invited to come along to a reward excursion to a water park, please hand in your permission slips as soon as possible,' said Mrs Vilacci.

Kate thought this was a great idea and she couldn't wait. Then she heard Dave call out to her from the back of the classroom.

'Hey Kate! Are you going to the water park?' he asked.

'Yes,' Kate answered.

'Ok cool!'

Then Dave faced Steve who was sitting right next to him and whispered to him that Kate was coming to the water park, Kate heard it clearly but the guys thought she didn't. She already knew where this was going.

On Tuesday, Lynette felt extra sick and Kate felt really sorry for her because on the next day she was going to travel out of the country, to Asia for a long holiday. In a way, Kate was kind of jealous.

When the last bell for the day rang and all the students were allowed to go home, Kate spent some time with Lynette as they walked to the school gate. Kate was really sad that her best friend was about to leave for a holiday. Not minding that Lynette was sick, Kate gave her a long hug and that was when they said their goodbyes.

On Friday, Steve came up to Kate during lunch.

'You're going to the water park right?'

'Yep, are you?'

'Nah, just going to chill out at home, but I'm coming on Tuesday, for the last day of school.'

'Ok I'll see you then.'

And with a smile on each others faces they went in opposite directions.

Monday came and Kate discovered she had a sore throat, but she couldn't tell her mum otherwise she wouldn't let her go but she was really looking forward to it. Somehow something was telling her that she caught Lynette's flu.

As soon as she walked into the water park she completely forgot about Steve. It was massive. There were two long water slides, a large pool with different water depths, a canteen and a large grass area. Kate had so much fun that she forgot about her sore throat.

On Tuesday morning Kate didn't feel that well but she thought that she had to go to school for her last day of grade 8 and she really wanted to see Steve again before the holidays. When she got to school he was no where to be seen, but they didn't have any classes together for the first half of the day so she thought she will see him later.

As every hour passed Kate felt more and more sick and started to regret coming to school. She still hasn't seen Steve and he was marked absent off the roll. Kate got a head ache and decided her whole day was wasted, she tried pulling through the pain just to see him, but he never showed up.

On the last lesson of the day their teacher made them do work. Kate was going to run out of the classroom any moment. For the whole day, all the teachers let them do whatever they wanted to and now, for the last lesson of the year they have to do work on digestive system.

After a painful lesson, the final bell finally rang and Kate was delighted that she has successfully completed grade 8. She burst out of the classroom to find her friends and say goodbye to them. It was sad to see everyone hugging and saying so many goodbyes.

Kate left the school and was on her way to her bus stop. She turned around to have another peak at the school and all the happy students. All the memories of grade 8 burst into her brain and the highlight, Steve. She remembered all the good and bad stuff, but at that time the bad stuff didn't seem to matter.

She was going to start her holiday off with being over Steve. Kate was happy about that. She smiled to her self and jumped on the last bus she will catch home for that year.