The City Of Endless Time

"I was falling."

This is a world where time can no longer flow freely. A place where nothing is born and nothing dies. Existences forever keep their growth still, unchanging. In this City of Endless Time.

"This City used to have seasons you know? The budding flowers of spring, the fox showers of summer, the falling leaves of autumn and the dancing snow of winter. It used to have day as well as night, the altering of the sun and the moon. Perhaps never again shall I see the beautiful sunsets by the shore. Or the peaceful fields bathed in the moonlight. All lost in the past, time gone forever and that which we cannot return to."

"People I can still see, frozen in their last tasks, I witness death and life, joy, sorrow, all in a moments time before that fateful day so long ago, or maybe just mere moments past. Which I cannot say because time has forever halted its course in this City of Endless Time. Does time truly have no grasp in this City or is it because it has forgotten of our existence? Then can I safely say that we were only living on borrowed time and that it has returned to collect its belonging? Nothing makes sense anymore."

"Sometimes I worry that I will forget. Time truly is a thing we must fear. It can grind even the greatest mountains into dust. Our human memories that last only a lifetime stand no chance against it. Can I forever remember the time when I used to play with friends, perhaps in sandboxes, on swings, in the snow, in the rain? It seems I have already forgotten my own childhood and those faces of the ones I love. I tremble before its might but cannot do anything more than to continue living. An existence that holds no meaning in the City of Endless Time and frozen moments of despair."

"It is said that time heals all wounds, but how can it heal me if it no longer moves. I live at the mercy of its whims. Cowering and fearing the day it takes all of mine. The young and the old are nothing but droplets in the river of time they can't stop its flow, not even all together. Nothing can stop it, except itself. Then I ask myself : why did it stop for this City, or did it do it for me? What does it want from me? From any of us?"

"Does it seem strange? Here I have all the time in the world to think, yet none to act. One is powerless without the other, I cannot change anything, even if I desired to do so. The feeling is familiar: that helpless feeling that we often get in life before those great natural beings Life, Death, Hope, Despair, Time, Destruction, Creation. It makes me feel like I am nothing more than a grain of sand on an infinite beach."

"I suddenly recalled all the memories of my past, as if it was returned to me. All of them flashed in front of my eyes and at once I cried, laughed, felt sad, happy, angry, bitter. All these emotions, I thought I would never feel anymore. Those feelings I once had, perhaps that I still had. But I had long since locked them up inside of me. Time was running out"

"I only asked myself one question."

"What reason do I have to continue living, if it is what I am truly doing? I have no future to look forward to. No present to revel in. No past to cling to. No dreams I can dream. A still life is one that does not exist. I once said that in life the only certainty is death. Who knew that time had always been so important? Sometimes you have to lose something to realise its worth and never take it for granted. Time is truly of essence in life, because that is the reason we move on and keep on living. The reason we leave our past and look to the future. The reason the present moment only comes once. The sole reason we treasure our lives is not death, it is Time. But mine was up. It's time for others to live, learn, grow up and

And with that the hands of time resumed their incessant and constant course. Slowly at first then faster and faster until it had caught up with its usual pace. And as one all the hearts beat like clockwork in this City Of Endless Time. No one else seemed to realise that for a moment of eternity, time had halted its course. For me and for all those it cried for. To show its sorrow.

'''I hit the ground and Time stopped again in that instant, this time forever. Time would never move for me again.'''


This article was loosely based on ideas I had when watching the animated series Clannad and Clannad After Story. Please pay attention to the punctuation in the last part if it confuses you.