So I was just wondering

What if the colors we see through our eyes are actually different compared to those that others see? For example, what I discern as blue would actually be perceived as yellow in the eyes of another. But since he was just a little boy, or she a little girl, they have learned to call it blue.

But then what if one day I went blind, and just for argument's sake , one of them decided they would donate their eyes to me? Would then everything I see now become absurd? Would I see blue where I once saw yellow? If I received the eyes of another animal, would I be able to see beyond the spectrum of colors known to man?

What if these things we call ghosts are actually visible, but not to the human eye? Would the world then bend into a fish eyes view? Or a kaleidoscope like with bugs?

What if we took it one step even further? What if we could splice human genes with animals, would creatures like minotaurs, lycanthropes, lamias, and others take life? And would we be able to live with them? Share the world that we have for so long claimed to be ours, and ours alone?

Would this create new friction like in the movie District Nine, or will we be able to put our differences aside? Peace! A dream so long lost to us! At last? Is that what it takes to obtain world peace? Is that what it takes to save this world?

If so then perhaps I should halt my dream of becoming a psychologist and focus on this instead. Is there someone out there, anyone out there who could answer my questions?

But perhaps this cry for help will only get lost on the great plane of the internet. A silent shout for help drowned in the sea of pages of FictionPress… or will it be heard and acknowledged by some, or perhaps even just one?

Well, I was just wondering and perhaps that's all it will ever be…