The Philosopher

(This is another one of my fics that I feel fits nicely in this 'collection' of thoughts, it's not written in the same style though so please do tell me what you think of it!)

I'm the Philosopher. Or at least that's what "They" call me. Who are "They"? Oh nobody. Just the entire world, is all.

"Do I have the right to exist? "

I've often thought about such things while contemplating the infinite night sky so full of stars, wishing that I had been born one of them. And I've also thought to myself : Why is it that we find the most peace when we stare at those far-away stars, when all of our problems are right here on Earth? Is it because we are always running away? Or is it because we have no choice but to run away?

I've often been told that the brightest of people tend to hold the world in a pessimistic view. Is that because they have seen it's true face? Or is it the opposite? That they have seen the ugly facade their entourage has put up for them?

Yes the masks that we put up in place of our true selves clearly express the hypocritical and deceitful nature of us humans. That game called society that is at the same time our creation and master has enslaved us and bent us to its will. The trap that we had set up and those rules that we had imposed now locks us up in the stiff expression of our fake selves. That hideous thing we call social appearance. It sickens me.

And yet in the midst of all this revolting performance, some still have the nerve to aim for perfection. "Perfection". Yet another invention by the highest in social standings but otherwise the lowliest of the human condition. Where did they see perfection to aim for it? Who are they to decide for us what is in the right and what is in the wrong? Are they gods? Hardly!

Ugh! It irritates me to no end to see these passerby's idling to no avail. Carrying on with their lives free of worry, restriction and responsibility. "Responsibility". There's a lovely word. It chains you down with the heavy burdens others impose on you, under the excuse that it's your duty. The way I see it, it's just another way for those cowards to throw the blame on you. Of course it always falls on the shoulders of the likes of people such as myself, who can, and I quote "stand to do more for the society that has given you birth". And who ever asked me if I even wanted to be born onto this ugly world.

The world is divided into two factions : those with power and those without, those who win and those who lose. And somehow, we all end up losing in the end. And this infernal game is not determined by how much we have gained but by how little we have lost. And there's no easy way out, because everyone ends up so indebted that they end up paying the loan the only way they can: with their lives. And who knows? Maybe that won't even be enough.

Of course there are always those who defy the system and claim to fight for freedom. "Freedom". What a bitter word. It's so close yet just out of reach. Cruelty verbalised. Haven't those fools realised yet? Nothing in this world is truly free, even the birds are chained to the sky, and our very own lives are chained by death. That is the cold hard truth.

Ah, why am I even wasting my time with you. You're not even listening anymore are you? Then let me ask you a question, if you will permit me.

"Are you truly alive? Have you found that thing for which you were born? Is there a purpose for your existence?"

Because for me there is none. "They" call me the Philosopher because "They" think that I can provide them the answers that they seek. The truth? I can't. I only tell them what I see. I cannot help them any more than getting them started to think. The rest really, is all up to them. In my time I had seen many types of people. Enough to make me want to die.

But I feel much better now, since you had the patience to listen to me. Perhaps I have helped you clear a few things too? Perhaps you have found meaning behind these hollow words?

Well, what can I do about it? This is my job when all is said and done. Just keep in mind, sometimes you need to take action if you want something to be realised. Whether it be your dream or just some act of kindness you do for your friends the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And remember, one man with courage makes a majority.

Well I hope I could be of some assistance. If I could help even just one person, then waking up today would have been worth my while. Until next time then.

"Yes I have the right to exist, as do you and everyone else in the world. Because even if we ourselves do not deem us to be important, somewhere out there somebody will have been glad we were born. And in this intricate world, our every action will have made an impact on someone life, even if indirectly. So never throw out your own life as if it were nothing but trash because one man's garbage is another's treasure. A human life is more essential then we can ever describe with words, because to be alive is a miracle and there is no one in the world who can replace you. You are unique and special. And nothing will ever change that. Be yourself and be thankful for everything you have even if it isn't much, because for others you may very well mean the world to them. And I for one don't want to live in a world without you, whoever you may be."

(Please keep in mind that I myself am not speaking. The person telling this story is but the narrator: a figment of my imagination. And please don't take this too seriously, after all, this is only a story. And if it seems that I am targeting somebody specifically, I'm sorry. That was not my intention. And PLEASE enjoy this piece and not mind me so much. I'm not the main focus here. YOU are.)