Alice's Big Swimming Pool

Alice was a little girl who lived in a very pretty, but small house with her Mummy and Daddy.

One of Alice's favourite things to do was go swimming, and so every day of the summer Alice's Mummy walked with her around the corner to her Grandma and Grandpa's old wooden house.

In her Grandparent's backyard was a big pool, with a twirling waterslide and bouncy diving board. Alice dreamed of going down the slide and jumping off the board, but she was afraid of the deep end.

She had gone in the deep end with her Mummy before, but in the deep end the water was darker than in the shallow end, and it was always freezing cold.

Alice was sure that a monster sat at the dark bottom, keeping the water cold while it waited to scare little girls just like Alice.

But today was going to be different, and Alice was going to beat the monster and make her Mummy and Daddy proud. Today she was going to jump off the diving board, and twist down the twirling blue slide.

When she got to her Grandparent's house she was already in her purple and blue swimsuit, and when Mummy was ready they climbed down the pool stairs. The water was very warm and nice, and Mummy was happy to swim anywhere with Alice.

"Mummy, can we go in the deep end please?" Alice asked.

"Of course we can sweetie!" Mummy smiled and put her arms around Alice, and they began to float into the deep end.

At first nothing bad happened, but after they had gotten to the middle of deep end Alice began to notice strange things. The dark cloud at the bottom of the pool began to swirl, and she felt something tickle her foot.

"Mummy, I think I want out for a minute." Alice whispered into Mummy's ear, her Mummy quickly swam to the side and lifted Alice out of the pool.

For ten minutes Alice walked circles around the pool, looking for any signs of the monster. When she saw nothing, she decided it was time to try the diving board.

The board felt rough and sandy on her feet, and now the edge seemed higher than she had remembered. "It's time to be a big girl and face my fears!" Alice said to herself, and waiting right below was Mummy with her arms out, ready to catch her.

1…2…3! Alice leapt into the water with a giant SPLASH! Closing her eyes and plugging her nose, she landed right in Mummy's arms, and no monster had scared her so far.

"I'm trying to slide!" She cheered hugging Mummy, who was laughing and smiling.

Alice counted each step she took on the ladder, and at the top she had counted seven. Mummy handed Alice a bucket of water, which she poured down the slide to make it slippery.

1…2…3! Alice twisted down the slide, and before she knew it, she went flying into the dark cold water of the deep end.

When she was in the water, she felt something wrap around her ankle.

"The monster, it's got me!" Alice screamed.

But suddenly she was being lifted above the water, her legs being held tight by someone's hands!

"Daddy!" Alice cheered, Daddy was giving her a piggyback ride to the shallow end!

That night Mommy and Daddy were so proud of Alice that they made her favourite meal for supper, and promised to take her to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow.

As Alice ate at the table she began to wonder what kind of monsters could live in the lake, but she stopped and decided to just wait until she found a real one!

The End