Their Best Newscast Ever (R)

Elisa Hardy and Storm Charette met Freshman year when they joined the A/V Club at Hillsboro High. They apprenticed together, learning how to use the equipment, starting out as tech reps and camera operators for the "Hillsboro High News" and other closed circuit school programs that were posted on the school website and e-mailed to subscribers.

Elisa's goal was to be the news anchor senior year and she worked hard as an underclassman to learn the ropes, establish a reputation, and do what she needed to do to climb that ladder, including whatever bone Mr. Oakes the A/V Advisor and the senior producer threw her way. Elisa grabbed every human interest story, fluff piece and other pap she could just to get camera and face time.

Storm told Elisa that she definitely had the talent to be the anchor senior year.

"What do you mean by talent?" She asked suspiciously.

"Well, the looks, obviously," Storm admitted.

She got mad and punched him in the arm. "I don't want to be just another pretty face."

"I know, I know," Storm laughed, rubbing his arm. "Look, most of the female anchors are airhead bimbos who can smile pretty but that's about it," Storm said. "You definitely have the brains and the talent to leave all of them in the dust"

Elisa knew that Storm was right. Freshman year she watched Sally Gustafson co-anchor the news. Sally was the stereotypical blonde bimbo with the big breasts who got the job because it was clear everybody was going to watch. Sophomore year Felicity Fontaine got the gig, a beautiful girl who could barely read her own name off a cue card and Elisa cringed whenever she watched Felicity on camera. To make it worse, Felicity mispronounced Elisa's name every time Elisa had a piece aired. Elisa's Junior year, Jessica Morrison had the anchor job. Jess was attractive but she lacked spontaneity or the ability to ad lib and she was often left floundering on camera if her co-anchor Jake Turner threw her an unexpected question or anything happened off script.

"Jessica is a moron," Elisa complained to Storm who laughingly agreed as they watched her flub through thirty-seconds of pain when the newscast ended short and Jake tried to engage Jess in light banter until the credits rolled.

Storm had also paid his dues through his first three years in the A/V Club. He wrote copy for most of the first two years and then he got the sports anchor gig junior year which was a big scoop. Elisa was happy for and proud of her friend but she was admittedly jealous of him beating her to the big time, although Elisa substituted for Jessica on occasion.

Although Elisa and Storm teased each other unmercifully and were also flirtatious on a regular basis, they really were "just friends" (at least on the surface). They both dated other people through high school and they were quick to critique each other's choices. It was clear that the two were attracted to one another but they decided not to mess up their A/V chemistry by becoming romantically involved.

Elisa and Storm did spend time together outside of the school's media center. They often watched the Hillsboro High News together and critiqued the anchor's performance privately. They also watched cable news and the nightly news together frequently to watch the techniques of the professionals and they became pretty good critics of what to do and what not to do while behind the anchor's desk.

The anchors for senior year were traditionally named at the end of the senior team's last broadcast. Those juniors interested in the anchoring gig for senior year had to apply by April 1st and Advisor Oakes selected the finalists the day before the final broadcast.

Mr. Oakes called Storm and Elisa into his office that morning, informing them that they were the co-anchoring team for Senior Year. Elisa was so excited that she gave Storm an unexpected hug.

"You two have great chemistry on camera and off," Mr. Oakes told them. "I think you make a great team and its going to be a fantastic senior year."

Jake and Felicity introduced Storm and Elisa as the new co-anchors at the end of the last show for the year. Storm and Elisa walked onto the set holding hands and waving to the camera. Jake was gracious and good natured but Felicity looked uptight and uncomfortable trying to ad-lib with her replacement Elisa.

Elisa couldn't wait for Senior Year to start. She had worked hard for the opportunity to be an A/V Club leader and now she was co-anchoring the news with Storm, a guy she got along with great and actually liked a lot (but don't tell anybody).

They were a hit from the start and Elisa enjoyed each and every one of the forty news shows she did with Storm, as well as the half-dozen specials that were added to the production schedule. Bruce Leighton was an excellent producer and Claudia Daniels a hands on director and the weekly Hillsboro High News was a successful venture senior year.

Elisa and Storm had developed an outstanding on-camera presence and relationship. They had the ability to easily interact, to ad-lib with sincerity and humor, and they enjoyed an uncanny ability to pick up on a certain momentum during the broadcast or a similar mind set if they were conducting a live interview.

Mr. Oakes said they were his best co-anchoring team in years and Elisa was especially proud of the work they accomplished. She was convinced that it was the strength of her work at Hillsboro that got her accepted into Green College's Media Studies program. Storm, meanwhile, was accepted at UMASS Amherst's Journalism Program.

The year seemed to fly by and before Elisa knew what happened, it was time for Mr. Oakes to be selecting her and Storm's replacements for the following year. Elisa didn't want the end of the year to come and when the week of their final newscast arrived, Elisa was in mourning. Storm was much more resolved about the end and he spent the last few days congratulating and stroking Elisa for the great year she had.

"You were the perfect anchor," he told her. "You had a terrific stint. You were a hit, a star, and a celebrity. You were smart, sassy, probing and complex. You raised the level of your position to the next level this year. Be proud of what you did here."

"I don't want it to end!" Elisa sobbed.

"I know," Storm replied with sensitivity and understanding.

It was Sunday night. Hillsboro High was dark and empty except for the anchor set in the media section for Hillsboro High News. Storm used his pass key to get him and Elisa into the studio to do some private and uninterrupted voice overs and other final editing for their farewell video, mostly their favorite moments, bloopers and stories from their four years with the A/V Club.

When they were done with the final touch ups, Elisa sighed with sadness and slowly left the control room, walking onto the set of the news show.

"God, I'm going to miss this," she said.

"Me too," Storm said through the intercom from where he still sat in the control booth.

He booted up the cameras and watched her image fade onto the monitors.

"We had a lot of fun, didn't we?" Elisa asked as she took a seat on the anchor desk.

"We did," Storm agreed, watching from the huge window overlooking the set.

"What are you doing in there?" She giggled.

"Admiring you," he answered, watching her on all the monitors. "You are a natural on camera," he said.

Her eyes sparkled with glee. "Thanks."

"Do you have any final thoughts?" Storm asked, still looking through the larage window and watching her on the many monitors.

"I already put them on our final farewell," she said.

"Well, do you have anything else you'd like to say?" Storm asked. "Or…" He teased.

"Do?" She giggled, glancing up at the control booth while shading her eyes from the bright studio lights he had flipped on.

"Do you feel…" Storm asked.

"I always feel like I'm alive when I'm on camera," She revealed. "It's the best feeling in the world as far as I'm concerned."

"Don't forget, we're all alone," Storm reminded her.

"Yeah? So?" She asked with confusion.

"Well, I just meant in case you wanted to… anything."

"Like what?" She frowned.

"Oh, I don't know," Storm smirked. "Do you have any on-camera…fantasies?"

She laughed. "Storm!"

"Just wondering."

She rolled her eyes. "What? You want me to do a striptease or something?"

"Only if you wanted to," Storm replied, grinning.

"This is pretty stupid," she said, leaning back on the anchor desk.

"If you say so," Storm replied. "But this is your last chance to do anything in front of the camera," he advised. "Anything daring. Anything different. Anything you want."

She stared at him with disbelief but after a moment a smirk formed on her face. "Anything?" She asked with excitement in her voice.

"Sure," He smirked.

"Are we rolling?" Elisa asked.

"Yep," he grinned, glancing around to make sure the equipment was engaged.

Elisa scooted behind the anchor desk and put the mike on her tee shirt while turning on the lap top computer on the side of the anchor desk.

"Good evening Hillsboro High," she said. "I'm Elisa Hardy, your news anchor. Storm Charette has the night off. Tonight. we are doing a special report on nudity in the news. Our top story comes from Texas where a naked woman nabbed an intruder in her house and shot him. It seems that when the woman had just gotten out of the shower when she heard a break in so she hid and when she saw the intruder, the naked woman jumped out and karate-chopped the gun from the man's hand, picked it up, and shot him in the leg." She looked into the camera. "Well, that's one tough naked chick and one awesome way for her to realize her superpower: if she's always naked, she can fight crime effectively!"

Storm laughed from his place in the booth, using the automated robo equipment to keep the cameras on her.

"In our second story, a woman model was arrested for posing naked in a New York Museum which is pretty ridiculous when you consider the amount of nude art that exists at museums," Elisa reported. "It sounds to me that that the woman's behavior was 100% fitting of her environment as it was not pornographic in the least."

Elisa looked at her computer screen again. "And, in our third story, a naked woman jumped into a man's car and refused to leave. The man drove to the Police Station for assistance but while he was inside, the naked woman sped the hell out of there. She was later found a block away laying naked in the backseat and needed to be clothed by officers."

Elisa stared in the camera. "And now, for our final naked story, this news anchor will be performing the rest of this news report… the nude."

Elisa stood and Storm kept the camera on her, not quite believing she'd really do it in front of him. He felt himself getting excited.

"Tonight's probing question is: "Is there such a thing as good nudity'," Elisa asked the camera. "God created our bodies in His own image which was good. In Genesis, it is said 'And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.' In Psalms, David says 'I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.' So Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and their eyes were opened. The first thing they saw was their nakedness which was said to be good and yet they covered it up. But it would be completely inconsistent for God to create Adam and Eve nude and then for that nudity to be bad. God asks how Adam knew he was naked with the obvious connection 'have you eaten of the tree whereof I commanded you that you should not eat?' God nowhere condemns nudity. In my study of nudity as discussed in the Bible I find no commands against simple basic nudity so I have come to see that nudity is a non-issue and is allowable to humanity as culture, climate and conditions allow. Nudity is in itself not evil or bad it is natural and neutral. Nude is not lewd. Allow me to demonstrate."

Elisa pulled her tee-shirt off over her head and Storm almost fell out of his chair. Then, almost in one motion, Elisa unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Storm felt his heart race and his throat go dry as he zoomed in on her breasts which looked inviting and tantalizing under the lights.

"Are my tits lewd?" She asked the camera.

"They're beautiful," Storm said to himself.

She unsnapped her jeans and pushed them to the floor, along with her panties and she stood nude in front of the anchor desk, holding the portable mike in her hand. Storm stood up to ease the boner that had formed in his pants.

"Is pubic hair natural?" Elisa asked her pretend audience (although she did have an appreciative audience of one).

Storm zoomed in on that area for a moment and she turned to show him her buns.

"Is my fanny part of the natural order?" she giggled, glancing over her shoulder and shaking her long brown hair in a seductive manner.

Storm zoomed out and then put the camera on automatic as he abandoned the control booth and ran onto the set. He tore out of his clothes in a matter of seconds and walked nude onto the set, watching as Elisa's eyes went wide as she saw him approach in the raw.

"That's a very interest report, Elisa," Storm said, grabbing the other portable mike from the anchor table. "But would you say that nudity is a gateway to sex?"

"A gateway to sex!?" She laughed. "You mean like is pot a gateway drug?"

"Yeah, sort of like that," Storm agreed with a grin.

"Well, it all depends, Storm," Elisa answered in her professional anchor's tone of voice. "I mean, if I was touch you in a seductive way – perhaps like this….." She reached out and rubbed the tip of his half-masted penis with her finger. "That might…..stimulate you."

'Yes, as you can see, I have become hard," Storm replied, glancing down at his now completely hard self. "And I suppose if I was to kiss your neck like this…." Storm leaned in and laid his lips on the side of her neck. "It might make you excited as well."

"Why, yes, it might," Elisa acknowledged with a small moan. "And the way one might be able to tell is if the nipples go erect."

Storm glanced down at her breasts. "Yours look hard to me!"

"Of course, I would have to concur with your observation," Elisa remarked. "It helps to be naked if one does want to have sex."

"Yes, Definitely," Storm replied before sucking her face off.

Elisa gasped and returned the kisses with gusto.

"Do we want to demonstrate to our audience at home how to have proper sex, Elisa?" Storm asked.

"Well, we could review the basics," she replied. "How much time do we have?"

Storm burst out laughing and kissed her some more. "As long as we need," he replied.

"Sounds good to me." She returned his kisses.

Elisa glanced at the monitor underneath the camera and saw that she was sitting spread eagled on the anchor's desk revealing herself for Storm (and the camera) to see. Storm's dick was rubbing against her thigh and she took a long look at his great butt on the screen.

Storm continued to kiss her and she sucked his tongue into her mouth while moaning aloud. He pushed her back onto the desk gently and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he moved closer to her waiting center. They kept kissing.

"So, for our audience at home, this is what we call foreplay, correct Storm?" Elisa asked, looking into the camera.

"Yes, I would have to say that this is foreplay," Storm replied.

His hands were all over her now, running up and down her ribs and across her front but staying away from the promised land.

"Some at home might think you are teasing me," Elisa said.

"Well, you know, foreplay has no limits or bounds," Storm replied. "Some like the foreplay more than the actual act."

"While others like to cut to the chase," Elisa replied. "Especially when they're on a hard and uncomfortable anchor's desk!"

Storm laughed while his hands moved up to her breasts. "Okay," he said. "You definitely want to move to your partner's most sensitive and erotic areas to speed up the process," Storm said. "Experts say a woman's ear lobe (he kissed her ears), her neck (he kissed her neck again), her breasts (he moved his mouth down to her breasts), and her nipples (he tongued both of them) are the fastest way to get a woman wet."

"I would have to agree with that assessment, Storm," a breathless Elisa responded

He used his hands to push her breasts together while he kissed them. "You really are the prettiest and sexiest anchor we've ever had here at Hillsboro High News," Storm said.

"Yes, I imagine I am," Elisa replied, watching the monitor as he took in her naked body underneath him.

"Now, let's show our audience at home how you can satisfy a woman even if you don't have intercourse," Storm said as he slipped off the anchor desk and onto the floor on his knees, sticking his head between his co-anchor's legs.

He slipped both his hands underneath her ass cheeks and lifted her off the anchor desk before stuffing his face into her pussy as if he was eating a watermelon.

"Oh!" Elisa yelped with surprise.

"This is what you call oral sex," Storm said, turning briefly to the camera. "Informally, it's called eating a girl out."

"Oh my God!" Elisa yelled, banging her head back against the desk top as he again stuffed his face into her twat.

"And, while giving her pleasure down there, don't forget her other zones," Storm continued as he reached up with one hand and cupped her breasts, while keeping her ass turned up with one hand high enough to insert a finger into her butt crack, causing Elisa to scream out with pleasure.

"Forget all that," Elisa pleaded. "Just show them how you fuck me." She turned to the camera. "Now, girls, if your lover has a dong the size of this guy, you're going to be okay."

"Some girls like to return the favor to the guy before going all the way," Storm said, also to the camera.

"Oh, yes, there is sexual etiquette to consider," a breathless Elisa agreed, pushing Storm away from her pussy.

Storm stood and Elisa dropped to her knees, taking his penis into her mouth.

"Of course, if you read Cosmo you know how to do this already, right girls?" Elisa said, glancing at the camera. "But allow me to demonstrate the basics."

Elisa proceeded to lick the tip of Storm's penis as if it was a lollipop and then she began to suck his head as if it was a popsicle before she licked her tongue down his underside before taking him into her mouth and sucking him off.

"This is what oral sex for the guy is," a panting Storm said. "More commonly known as a blow job."

Elisa let his dick fall out of her mouth and she stood while continuing to rub him with her hand. "Some girls suck the guy off until he ejaculates. Some spit it out, others swallow. And then there's the trusty and reliable hand job that I'm demonstrating now but we'd better not bring Storm to his climax because we don't want to leave a mess on the set."

"You're kidding, right?" Storm groaned.

"Sorry," Elisa smiled as she let go of his dick but gave him a hearty kiss in compensation.

Storm pressed his body into hers and he turned so the tip of his cock rubbed against her puubs.

"That really feels great," Elisa giggled. "Girls, I have to tell you, I'm all hot and bothered and ready to fuck!"

Storm took her breast in his hand and rubbed it with appreciation before gently pushing her back onto the anchor desk again.

"We're not really going to do it, are we?" Elisa whispered nervously.

"Do you want to?" Storm asked softly, almost in a stage whisper.

"Yes," she said. She turned to the camera. "Now girls, you definitely want to be on the pill for this part and if you have any doubt about your partner's history, you'll want to insist that he wears a condom even if you are on the pill."

She turned and looked Storm in the eyes.

"I've only done it once," he said quietly.

"Okay," she replied. "Me too."

They couldn't help but grin at each other before Storm leaned down and began kissing Elisa again. As they kissed, Elisa felt the tip of Storm's penis at her entrance. She lowered her hand and held on to his cock, positioning him right at the opening of her vagina and then she felt him ease into her.

Elisa gasped into Storm's mouth as he filled her and they continued to kiss passionately
"You feel so good," Storm whispered as he began to slide in and out of her.

Elisa met Storm's rhythm, breaking the kiss as her mouth was agape but there was no sound coming from it. They stared passionately into each other's eyes, forgetting about the camera or the reporting while kissing each other every few seconds. Storm's thrusts grew in both pace and intensity and Elisa responded with high pitched cries which turned into moans as she happily accepted every thrust.

Elisa felt Storm's hands roam across her ass cheeks as she sucked on his wet tongue until she began to feel the onset of her impending release as her orgasm surged within.

"Ohh god Storm, I'm so close," she moaned.
"Go ahead," he encouraged.
Elisa ground her body against Storm's hips as a sensationally warm feeling sparked through her.
"Oh God! Oh God yes!" She gasped as her body shuddered and she moaned in ecstasy even as Storm continued thrusting with intensity and she could tell by the look on his face that he was close.
"Go ahead Storm, cum in me," Elisa pleaded before kissing him on the lips.

Storm grabbed her ass hard with both hands underneath her and thrust hard.
"OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh!" he groaned aloud.
"Yes, that's it," Elisa moaned as she felt his penis empty inside of her.
The Storm was finally over as he calmed his hips to a rest as they lay sprawled on the anchor desk with him on top of her. His tight grasp on her ass eventually loosened and she smiled at his panting face.
"I hope I didn't hurt you," he whispered while caringly rubbing her butt cheeks apologetically.
"I loved it," she replied.

She pushed him off of her and she stood with her back to the monitor, looking over her shoulders at her ass on the camera monitor. "I'll probably have love bruises there tomorrow!" she giggled, checking out the red marks on her ass.
Storm climbed off the anchor desk and wrapped his arm around Elisa's waist
"That was amazing," he said happily.
Elisa kissed him on the cheek while basking in the afterglow of their first time together. "So, how did you like this particular newscast?" She whispered into his ear as she draped her arm over his shoulder.
"Best one yet," he grinned as he held his hand close to her breast. "Do you want to watch?"

"Before we erase it you mean," She said with wide eyes.

"Yeah, before we erase it," he sighed.

They cleaned the love juices off the top of the anchor desk, dressed and went into the control room. Storm took a seat in the director's chair and Elisa sat in his lap as he hit 'replay' on the console and they watched themselves in their memorable newscast.

"I never imagined myself in a porno before," Elisa said with embarrassed fascination as she watched herself fucking on the five monitors.

"I prefer to call it reality TV," Storm grinned.

"I would say that's our best work yet," Elisa said with a smile, kissing him on the cheek again.

"Yes," Storm agreed, leaning over to the erase button. "Too bad nobody will ever see it."

"But I'll never forget it," Elisa replied as she watched him hit 'delete'.