What will you do if I told you I loved you?
Will you turn away and not reply or
Will you wholeheartedly return the sentiment?

I would not be surprised for I feel the same
Just merely been biding my time waiting for the perfect day

What will you say then if I told you
my heart beats faster everytime you walk by
Will you delay your stay and come closer to feel
or Will you be like the others who inch away, day by day until finally gone

I'd smile and say that I must stroll near you
Every moment I can so as to hear the cadence that appears when I am near you
Never would I do that, why would your thoughts go that way
Who were those fools that would hurt you in that manner

What will you do if I confessed that I dream of a future together you and I
Romance and sharing and laughter for all time
Will you end things and break my heart so

Why would you even think that?

Instead these palms would grasp your sweet face so our eyes connect as I say to you

Have more sureness in what I feel

When have I given you cause to feel that way my dear?

What will you do, if I declared these things I hold deep inside
Would you despise them or me for voicing them so freely

Certainly not, not you or what you feel nor would I walk away or even ignore them
Just merely look into those big dazzling eyes and show you with my heart
and my kiss that you are mine continuously and permanently.

When we break apart and the moment has ended
Your kiss, your touch, your gaze has finally given me the courage
To verbally express what my heart has long safeguarded

A knowing smile crosses my lips as I turn to you and say
You have taken my breath completely away
You my love are a dream come true and in my heart will always remain that way