Dreams Broken, Sadness Unspoken

When we first met there was so much promise
Your humor among many things we had in common
Lately it seems that fire's died out and we're drifting apart
You've never disclosed what your heart truly feels
I just need to know that you're in love with me head over heels

I still want flowers, passion and romance
Walking hand in hand along the white sand
I've never stopped dreaming of any of that.

You've said you love me but your actions don't express it
When I press you for more to please be specific
You simply ignore me or tell me quit it

You've already said expressions of passion aren't your thing
But what can be wrong in telling me why
My simple chaste kiss leaves you tongue tied.

Our courtship was open ended the wedding so rushed
All romantic ideas and notions rudely crushed.
All these things I knew that I wanted have long since been forgotten.
When was it that things became so rotten?

Perhaps it was when I finally realized
that all of my dreams were not meant to be
I'll never get flowers or go to the beach
Your eyes will never tell me what your heart
feels when sitting next to me.

Now that I reflect on the time that has gone by
Is it time to part ways and say goodbye
Some days I want to quit and at the same time
My spirit pleads and implores that I stay and commit.

Up until now these things that I miss never mattered to me
But I realize now not everything is happy
No matter how much I want it to be.
As I lay here realizing these dreams are now broken
I cry deep inside while outside the sadness I hold remains unspoken.