This is just a poem that I wrote after sitting quietly in my thinking chair... Funny how regrets can be vomited up gracefully... Enjoy!


My pride has ruined me

Be it a curse or something worse

It has disintergrated into silent blasphemy

It has exalted my competitor and abused my paramour

He shall look upon me in favor nevermore

My ever so loyal Inamorato

He brought me delight in an incomparable way

Like those cold days of winter I wish he'd stay

My dearest companion how I miss him so

My ever so passionate Inamorato

I loathe the day I allowed this indecisiveness to grow

To atrociously splinter and singe my soul

To pull me a part and to impair my heart

My beloved why have I recked us so?

My ever so loveing Inamorato

Lips like roses that drip with seduction

Eyes like the raging ocean that awaken sunsual emotion

Hair like ravens that flutter around your cheeks

I craved your incomparable caress most

My ever so disirable Inamorato

I'd wish you happiness but we both know how frivolous I can be

I'd tell you to find some one better but I'll hope you'd always favor me

I'd tell you to raise a family but I cringe every time I imagine her happy

I can be so petty and I can be so selfish I'd rather kill you than to share what was mine

But if I do recall at one point you found that to be just fine

Please if you ever loved me dont let this go

My ever so devoted Inamorato