The eerie night faded away into a glorious shade of orange and pink.
The cold satellite retreated in a confident sink.
The day had rose, and the sky glimmered,
But the lonely star could only shiver.

It burned a thousand suns, it incinerated all,
If the barrier was lost, all life would fall.
But it took a lot to stand on its own,
Even though it was nearly full grown.

The rock at night wasn't alone, accompanied by the stars,
And its reach was much closer to Mars.
During the night where the living slept,
The rock knew that the stars had become adept.

Adept to its appearance, however troublesome,
They gave it a special warmth that could be given none.
Even the Sun, no matter how much it burned,
The lonely star knew the tables had turned.

It was the Sun's job to provide a perfect day,
But all it wanted was to fly away.
Fly away into the dark abyss,
That most called space, it is hard to miss.

"Forever Alone" was the Sun's nickname,
Which in response, hung in shame.
The Moon partied all night with the constellations,
While the Sun got pissed in agitation.

Then came a time where it wanted a hug,
But the Earth said, "Nope" and called it a thug.
It hugged it anyways, because who'd stop a Sun?
You're probably now pissed that I ruined the fun.

I can't rhyme for shit,
this came out of my ass.
The fourth wall is broken,
And my house is filled with gas.

I'm not lying, the Sun came too close,
And its awful smell is burning my nose.
Remember the guy who would never shower?
That was the Sun's smell at this lovely hour.

The world went boom, because I'm a dick,
So go ahead and begin the nit-pick.
Don't ask why I wrote this, you won't get an answer,
I can't think of a rhyme, because I shouldn't be writing a poem.


... Oh yeah, and the Moon got drunk. Better watch those tidal waves.