I know I was warned to stay away
Unfortunately for me it's easy to say
But much harder to do
I've gone so accustomed to our long chats
How can I ever say goodbye to that
I know it may be difficult
For I am under heavy scrutiny
He's taken to watching everything I do
Even my cell phone has been confiscated too
While it pains me to have behave so secretively
It's the only way I can think
Not to terminate this innocent friendship
I'll be careful during our late night talks
My new private email will surely help a lot
We can also email while I'm at work
Nobody watches me there
What I do doesn't even warrant a look
Private messages will be another communication
I'm not comfortable being under strict attention
So long as you are willing we can keep this relationship open
Even while my freedom little by little gets broken
In the end it is best that I don't protest
To have any moment I can with you, it's no contest
The time has now come for he's fast asleep
For us to be able to talk somewhat freely
This time with you I treasure the most
On no his eyes fluttered open
No wait he's turned over, boy that was close
It is now time for me to bid you goodnight
We'll talk again tomorrow and the day after that
As much as you want to for as long as it lasts.