Moonlight Musings

Night falls softly upon my tired head,
in my mind the day that was clear as the stars in the sky.

I should be tired but a moment of wonder strikes in me instead,
Hoping that the feeling from within me will never fly.

The day was normal nothing standing out on the paths I was led,
But still a day I treasure and wonder at with a sigh.

For that's the day I have finally realized what I've
guarded deep within and all that I long for will soon materialize

A smile passes my lips because although I'm not
supposed to know after an elaborate evening you will propose

How can I adequately describe our courtship so filled
with flowers and romance and long walks together in the sand

Your laugh, your gaze the unbridled passion in your gaze
how can it be that everything I feel you feel the same

The time now draws near for my prince charming will soon be here
My horse and carriage are ready oh dear my legs are unsteady

Anticipation, excitement and nervousness jumbled together
make me let out the sigh I'm holding deep inside

What a marvelous ending my fairytale will be
for me and my real life Mr. Darcy.