So this a creepy story I came up with... It's also based on a dream I had.

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I woke up groggily only to find that I was being led into a cell that was pretty much made of padding. Scared, I turned to the person who held my arm, 'Where am I?' The woman was stern looking, she had dark hair and eyes, but when she glanced down at my face her expression was soft. 'In Herrington-Side Institute.' She told me and I balked. An institute? I wasn't insane or sick, so why was I here? Better question yet would be how did I get here?

The woman opened the reinforced steel door wider and gestured for me to enter. I dug my heels in and shook my head, tears forming in my brown eyes. 'N-no. I'm not sick!' 'Fern,' I shook my head, that wasn't my name, why was she calling me that? 'My name's Katie, not Fern. How did I get here? I'm not sick.' The woman gave me a worried look, but gently pushed me into the padded cell. I didn't fight, just went with it, because this wasn't real. It couldn't be, I was dreaming, and this was just my subconsciousness being a bitch, surely.

'This isn't real… this isn't real…' I chanted in my corner of the cell. 'This is real, but only so long as you're dead in the other world.' I paused in my sob-chanting, and looked over to the other side of the cell. A girl with pitch black hair sat there rocking back a forth with her eyes closed. She was beautiful, and had one of those full body harnesses on that wrapped her arms over her middle to keep her from harming herself and others. I wiped my eyes with the back of my white sleeve, 'W-what?'

The girl sighed and opened her eyes to glare at me with eyes almost as black as her hair. 'You're dreaming.' She said simply and began her rocking again. 'If only I were as lucky.' She muttered softly to herself. I licked my lips nervously and got to my knees. 'What do you mean? Can't you wake up too?' The girl shook her head, 'No,'

I crawled until I sat a few feet from her, and waited for her to say more. She eyed me cautiously before she spoke. 'I'm dead in both, and I can't leave. Neither the one upstairs,' she jerked her chin upwards, 'or the angel down there,' she gestured to the padded floor, 'want me.'

She shrugged, 'No one in this world can see me, ergo why they put you in this cell with me.'

I nodded as if this explained everything and sat back on my butt. 'So how come I can see you?' The girl frowned and bit her lip, when she released it, it was bleeding. 'I don't know, maybe it's because we're from the same world originally?' She pondered, then closed her eyes again, the frown still in her features. 'No,' she said to herself, 'it's too simple an answer for it to be right in a world as twisted as this.' I considered this then frowned too, 'So this place is a sort of Limbo?' I asked her and she nodded; the blood from her lip oozing down her chin. 'So you came from Earth?' I asked again and she nodded again; a small smile etching itself on her face. 'They call us Ferns. Don't ask me why, I don't know.' 'So that's why she called me Fern… huh.' I said, remembering how the woman with a stern face had called me Fern as if it were God's own truth. 'Who?' The girl asked, and I lost my train of thought. 'Umm… she didn't tell me her name, but she had dark hair that came to about here,' I motioned just above my shoulders, 'and she had brown eyes. She brought me here.' The girl nodded. 'I know her, she's nicer than the rest of them.'

We lapsed into a comfortable silence, not at all how it'd been a few minutes ago.

'So,' the girl said and opened her black eyes, 'what do you call yourself?' I sighed in relief that I knew the answer to the question she asked. 'Kate, but my family and friends call me Katie.' I paused and pushed a stray lock of black away from my eyes. 'What's yours?' I asked and she shrugged, 'When I remember, I'll make sure you're the first to know.'

I gasped, 'You forgot who you are?' The girl shook her head, 'I forgot who I was.'

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