I've been with him together for so long

This relationship is the only one I've ever known

Yet how could I have missed the clues

About who he is and what he's about

I don't feel loved I'm not sure he even cares

He doesn't even know me like I want him too

After being together so long

Isn't he supposed to know me by now?

Yet we've been together so many years and still

Doesn't know my order for Chinese take out

He doesn't know I like beautiful sunrises and sunsets

I thought I told him all of this when we first met

After all this time he doesn't have a clue

I like my morning coffee with four sugars not two

It's enough to make me want to scream and cry

I just scratch my head and keep wondering why

After all this I still remain by his side

It doesn't make me any less upset

I'm just not sure what to do next

Until I'm sure what I am supposed to do

I'll sit here and wait hoping one day

He will soon change too.