Authors Note:

I know, I know. I really shouldn't be starting another story (no matter how small I imagine it will be) but I had this idea bouncing about in my head and I wanted to write it so here it is. It's going to short; hopefully really short; and I may even be brave enough to make it 'M' rated.

This story is for my lovely friend, Melissa (fellintothemoon) for always pushing me to write and for sharing my love for slash.

Many thanks goes to my friend Ali (Mr Ree) for proof reading this for me. All mistakes are mine. And on that, please enjoy!

[When In Vegas]

"Well really, we're in Glasgow but that doesn't seem to deter my friends. Oh no. Apparently they were going to give me a weekend to remember. Should I be worried?"

"Will you fucking smile?"

Rolling my eyes, I forced a grin that literally could have stretched from ear-to-ear to appease my best friend before returning to my sullen self again as I hopped from foot to foot. Seriously, when my friends booked this weekend away to Glasgow did they forget that it's fucking freezing in September after sundown?

"I mean, it's not as if we've spent all our hard earned cash on this little getaway."

And what my best friend meant by that statement was she had explained to her parents that I was down in the dumps with my life so therefore she needed some cash to make me feel better. Don't get me wrong, I love that Melissa has wealthy parents but sometimes I wish they would tell her no. If they had said no, I would be wallowing in my own bed right now with my CSI box set, my oldest pyjamas and so much ice cream I'd keep Ben and Jerry's open for another year. But no, I'm freezing my behind off outside McIntyre's – Glasgow's most exclusive gay nightclub.

"Did I say that I wanted to come out this weekend?"

"If you mention your plans of getting shitfaced on ice cream and watching Grissom one more time I swear to God Grissom is going to have a crime scene here to investigate."

"He's a fictional character?"

"Well your death won't be fictitious," Melissa mumbled as she turned away from me, her jaw set firmly which was a clear sign that she was pissed with me. I could understand why. I was being a cock for no apparent reason.

Sighing, I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her temple. "I'm sorry, M. I don't mean to sound so selfish." She was being a good friend. She had given me a week of depression and now it was time to get back on the 'horse' and party like there's no tomorrow.

"I just don't want you to be depressed any more, Euan." She sighed, twirling around in my arms and pressing a kiss to the centre of my chest. Melissa has always been shorter than me, even when we were younger, and she neatly folds into my arms as if the space there was made for her. It was shame that I was gay and that she was madly in love with her boyfriend, Freddie or I'd marry her immediately.

Melissa was a stunning girl with luscious brown hair that fell in thick natural waves down below her shoulders. With naturally tanned skin, she always looked like she had just stepped out of a tanning salon and the tan just emphasised her stunning hazel eyes that glittered thanks to the gold flecks. She may have been from money but she never allowed that to show. Tonight she wore a chain supermarket little black dress with sky scraper heels and wore little make-up because she didn't need it.

It had been a long time since we had been out as a group so I knew that she needed it just as much as I did. The same could probably be said about the others in our small little group of five. Smiling, I pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

"I promise that tonight is going to make me the happiest I have been in a long time," I said with a smile before pulling her closer against me. "Actually, Grissom might have a case tonight when I turn into a fucking ice statue." Melissa just laughed loudly as she pulled me tight against her again, stealing my body heat while I stole hers.

"Euan, how many times have I told you about man handling my woman?"

"Freddie, how many times have I told you that I am going to steal your woman and convince her she loves me before we run away to Gretna Green and get married?"

"Several, but I never listen." He grinned as he joined the hug, the heat making us all happy as the final two members of our group stepped forward.

"Dudes, stop keeping each other warm when we're all freezing our bollocks over." Cantley, the third and final male member of our group, teased as he moved closer to us. "Could we not have just got drunk in the hotel room?"

"No!" Lois shouted as she stepped forward. "We're here to find Euan a man."

And there it was. The awful truth of why we were standing outside the city's most exclusive nightclub. I should have known it. Melissa had told me ever since my jerk of an ex-boyfriend had dumped me for a woman (I know. It confused me too) that I should get back on the horse and allow myself to have a string of affairs that meant nothing but pleased me sexually. Truthfully, that wasn't me but at the same time the idea sounded nice.

"What if Euan doesn't want a man?"

"You better want a man. I'm hanging at a gay bar for you, man." Cantley pointed out with a grin. He may sound homophobic and totally displeased with the idea but he wasn't like that at all. Cantley was the first one to find out I was gay and had been the one to push me out of my metaphorical closet. "Is it true that straight girls hang out at these places because they think it's safer?"

"Yeah, so don't ruin that for them, pervert." Lois teased bumping hips with him. Everyone knew that Cantley was the womaniser of our little group. I say it had something to do with the auburn hair and killer ocean blue eyes but the girls always say it's because he's training to be a Doctor so therefore he's intelligent and extremely sensitive. It was all bull because he was constantly loving and leaving them but it never seemed to bother them or him so who was complaining, right?

"The hell is taking so long man?" Freddie said taking air from making out Melissa, something they had been doing since I broke free from our group embrace, and checking out the length of the queue.

"I bet the place is actually empty. Did you know that they just keep you queuing up so you think the place is busy?" I pointed out, stating the fact from a crime novel I had read recently. I didn't know if it was true but I felt like saying it any way.

"Well it's working. Dude, I want to get my drink on!" Melissa called out at the bouncer that was standing at the door. He just smiled at her before removing the rope from the entrance and letting the few people in front of them in.

"Hey, we might just make it in before midnight."

"I bet I can get you in right now," a voice said from behind me causing all five of us to whip around and see a man standing behind me.

Sorry, did I just refer to this beautiful creature as a man?

No one this handsome was a mere mortal. Staring at him, I took in his dark brown hair that shaved over one ear but grew longer on the other side with a side fringe fell into crystal blue eyes that made you feel like you were drowning. The ear that wasn't hidden by hair was decorated with multiple silver earrings, a cuff connecting the top ring to the lobe. Wearing a pair of purple skinny jeans and a tight white tee shirt, you didn't know where to look without looking like you were staring. Every muscle line and defining curve was accentuated by the outfit.

"Em," I said forgetting for a few minutes how to compose a sentence before Melissa elbowed me in the ribs. "Sorry. How can you get us in right now?"

"Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?" The nameless stranger said with a wink before taking my hand and leading me to the front of the queue. Before he could drag me away, I quickly grabbed Melissa's hand and a chain was formed as we moved together. "Ralph, is he in?"

"Of course," the bouncer, or Ralph as our stranger had just called him, nodded before looking over the stranger's shoulder at us. "Friends of yours, are they?"

"Yes." He lied through his teeth and the bouncer just shook his head before moving the rope. "Try your best to behave."

"Don't I always?" The nameless stranger teased before leading us all into the bar. Turning to look at us, he smiled. "I told you I'd get you all in." And like that, he was gone. I just stared after him, my jaw ajar as I admired his prettiness before turning back to my friends.

"So who wants a..." I saw them all staring at me, a plotting glint in each of their eyes and wide smiles on their faces. "What?" I asked even though I knew I would be terrified of the answer.

"We found your guy."

Just as I thought.