"Dude, you best not live on this street..." I exclaimed before I had chance to control myself as he turned me onto what had been dubbed as billionaire lane. It was well known that only the rich and famous lived on this street. There was the hotel owner, the lawyer to the rich and famous as well as the mobster that I had been worried about back at the club being associated with Dawid. This was definitely not a street I ever thought I would find myself on.


"Because I don't even have the credentials to be cleaning your bins after bin day let alone..." The rest of my complaint was silenced by Dawid looping his finger into the hoop of my jeans and pulling me against him, his other hand taking hold of my chin as he pressed a hard kiss against my lips. It felt almost punishing and I would be lying if I did not say that I think I growled against his lips, pushing my chest further up against his to keep the contact going.

Breaking off the kiss, Dawid's eyes looked almost black as he stared into mine. I could not work out whether it was lust or resent at what I had just said. "I don't care if you only have thirty pence to your name, Euan. I brought you here because I want to spend the weekend with you. You liked me before you found out my family had money so how you feeling now?"

I knew that he was challenging me and I could not help but bite my lip as if making it look like I was considering what my answer could be. I might have gone on too long for him to have believed I was seriously considering leaving because Dawid just laughed and dragged me back against him, a brief kiss being pressed against my lips as he took hold of my hand and led me up the path to the house on the end towards the front door. Honestly though, his family having money did not bother me.

"Would it be a stretch to assume that your father is Ewan..." I started to ask but a voice from the kitchen stopped me from completing my question.

"Son, my clubs must be slipping if you're back this early."

"Dad, you know I love the nightlife but my friend and I decided to check out a different scene..." Dawid explained with a laugh as moved through the house, his hand keeping a tight grip on mine causing me to wonder if he was starting to worry that I would bolt through the doors again. Honestly, I was starting to feel tempted and I could feel that uncomfortable sensation stirring in my stomach. "Dad, this is Euan with a u. Euan, this is my Dad, Ewan."

"But I'm with a w." There was the affirmation that I was waiting for that Dawid's Dad was indeed the nightclub owner and supposed mobster, Ewan McIntyre. The man rose from his seat at the kitchen table and walked round to us with his hand outstretched. Forcing a smile onto my face, I accepted his hand and shook it. "What do you do Euan with a u?" Like Father like son, I thought with a wry smile before accepting the proffered chair that Dawid had hold of across from where his Dad had been sat. Despite his age, Ewan McIntyre was still a striking man with auburn hair starting to grey, piercing green eyes and a face untainted by wrinkles but I suppose he did live it easy.

"I attend university. Languages."

"He wants to be a translator, Dad. He knows Polish better than I do." Dawid piped up from the other side of the kitchen island where he was in the fridge getting two bottles of beer out.

"Now that I seriously doubt but I bet it's great that you can finally speak to someone in your native tongue," Ewan said with a smile, the pride apparent in his smile as he turned back to focus on me. "His Father and I tried to learn Polish but with our busy lifestyles it was hell on earth but thankfully Dawid was more interested in learning a Glaswegian accent rather than us learning Polish." He laughed and I could not help but smile with him. "He never picked it up but he did learn a soft burr so he didn't stand out too much against his sisters who do have a heavy accent."

"I swear to God, Ronan has the worst accent in the world if you ever meet her." Dawid said handing me a bottle of beer before sitting in the chair next to me, his hand resting against my thigh and giving it a quick squeeze before looking back at his Dad. "Where's Father?"

It was this that reminded me that Dawid's parents were famously gay. I mean, Ewan was a mob boss and Stuart was a homicide detective turned house-husband. They actively promoted equality in Glasgow and, despite his sexuality, Ewan remained one of the most powerful men in the city. This was obviously the reason as to why Dawid was so confident in himself and why Ewan was so at ease with him just bringing a man home and sitting him down in the kitchen. I also could not help but wonder how often he did it but this thought was clouded over by the nasty thought whispering away at me that my family would never be this comfortable with me. The mere idea of me bringing a male home; let alone some male I met in a bar; would go down in flames. They had never really voiced their disappointment of my 'lifestyle' as they referred to it but they did try and change the conversation straight away – no pun intended. It rarely got to me. I did pray that one day they would accept any man that I decided to share the rest of my life with me but I would not push them. It was just seeing family circumstances like this that made me wish mine were different.

"Your uncle phoned with an emergency of the female kind so he dashed off to save the day while I stayed home to look after your younger sisters but don't worry about me crashing your night. This old fogie is most definitely off to bed in the next ten minutes. I was just catching up on my emails." He said indicating the laptop that had laid neglected since they had walked in only a few moments ago. Shutting down his internet provider, he logged off the laptop and smiled over at Dawid. "Did you go into the back office for me?"

"All sorted," Dawid promised with a smile without going into details before accepting a kiss to the top of his head from his Dad as he bid us both goodnight with a twinkle in his eyes as he told us both not to do things that he would not do. I just smiled awkwardly, turning to look at Dawid but found his lips attaching to mine as a response to his Dad's statement. His hand came up and curled around my cheek as he teased my lips with a hard, bruising kiss before taking my bottom lip in between his teeth and nipping it harshly. "You were quiet."

"Would you believe it if I said I was shy?" I teased back pressing a haste kiss against his lips, my hand reaching up to squeeze the hand curled around my cheek. "Or maybe I don't have a teasing relationship with my parents like you obviously do with Ewan?" I commented honestly knowing that Dawid was probably used to people saying that his relationship with his Dad was different.

"Well you best open up because you are my prisoner for the next forty eight hours and as much as I want to keep you chained to my bed for all that time my parents are really fussy about having one shared meal every day so you'll be joining in." He promised me and before I could answer, he squeezed my thigh before grinning at me. "But first I think we need to move to my bedroom to start your imprisonment." He teased and took my hand, pulling me in close against his chest again and kissing me as he led me through the house again.

I did not have time to tell him that it was not imprisonment if you were a willing captive.

AUTHORS NOTE: So I know that this is a long overdue update but I have been surviving without internet (I cry, I cry) and I actually lost all motivation for this story – as you can tell by this update – but I hope that you will all bear with me as I find my swing at writing again. As you can tell this is going to be my first attempt at 'M' rating so that will be happening next chapter. This is scary ass short which I'm entirely sorry about.