Breathe into my soul,

I'm giving you control,

Of all the pain inside,

You're giving me new life,

You never leave my side,

You'll never say 'goodbye'

I'll never let myself forget,

The night you held me while I wept,

This world is desperately aching,

But my heart, it's still breaking,

How can I show them Your love?

If I'm not perfect enough,

Please help me to begin,

I need to show them the grace within,

They need to know what they're missing,

Please help me show them that you're forgiving,

You're so wonderful,

You love the unlovable,

Everyday I want to thank you,

Thank you for everything you've lead me through,

Lord with you,

There's nothing I can't do,

Please help me live out my dreams,

Even though they're all crazy schemes

Lord, your love knows no bounds,

Your grace, and mercy just astounds,

Your love is so satisfying,

I want you to be my everything.