This is a dialogue between two very close and lively friends of mine. I decided to start transcribing them after I became fascinated with the fervor in which they talk about the smallest things in life. It may be critical. It may be random. But it always brings me a smile.

Here is what transpired this time…

The Dad Vengeance Quest

King: I wish I had a Dad Vengeance Quest when I was like…20.

Lance: (Laughs) What do you mean?

King: I don't know, I just feel like I've done nothing with my life.

Lance: And that relates to that…how?

King: Think about it: every time you watch an amazing show or play an amazing game, the story is usually along the lines of "This boy must go on a quest to avenge his father and uncover the mystery of his family" or something like that. It's always epic.

Lance: Yeah?

King: I've never done anything like that. Those guys are always focused, almost to a fault. They have a true sense of…purpose. I envy that.

Lance: What, are you just some aimless sap floating around in the world.

King: Well I'll tell you something: *takes a breath* Yes I am.

Lance: (Laughs)

King: (Laughing) I mean, I have a general idea. I want to live in Japan, I want to write, etc. But I don't have a specific duty that I feel, at age 20 or 21, I should have.

Lance: You sound like you're going through a mid-life crisis.

King: I always felt like I'd die young so…yeah. (Laughs)

Lance: You're only 21, dude.

King: Still, don't you ever feel like the crap we do day in, day out is a little trivial?

Lance: Of course I do, but that doesn't have anything to do with going on a "Dad Vengeance Quest".

King: I just feel like I should be doing something more epic.

Lance: So you just want more excitement in your life! (Laughing) That doesn't mean you have to do something ridiculous, like having your father die to go on an adventure!

King: But to be fair, my dad's kind of a dick.

Lance: That's not the point! (Laughs)

King: I'm just saying dude. Aside from adventure, look at some of the most important people who had their dad killed.

Lance: (Interrupting) I don't think anyone successful has had their dad killed. They might have been killed, but…

King: (Ignoring Lance) Bruce Wayne. Dude. Batman had his dad killed. Look at him! He's a billionaire!

Lance: Again, he didn't have him killed. Also, both his parents were killed.

King: Dammit. Who'll do my laundry, then? There goes my adventure.

(Lance shakes his head)