The Demon Queen

"Wow, twenty four years ago was when Lucifer invaded this dimension. Can you believe it?" said my brother Austin with a smile on his face. It was a beautiful day with few wispy clouds in the sky. We were in a huge grassy field with green grass growing as far as you could see in each direction with mountains in the distance.

"That war would have seemed like a short one for humans but it was one of the longest wars we've had in a long time. It seems like it was only a few years ago, man, time goes by so fast. I hope we hit him hard enough to keep him down there for a few eras. Of course, with our luck, he isn't going to stay down for even half that long."

"It got a little a fuzzy after I helped you guys past those demons. I forgot to thank you, Austin, for absorbing that Black Fire for me. I was sure your sword was going to shatter when it turned black for a second."

"No need to thank me Brea, if it had shattered I would have found another sword for myself anyway. You're like a sister to me; I would have defended you with my own body at any cost."

"Awww that's sweet Austin, you're like a brother to me too. I hope this day never ends."

"Ok guys let's go before our luck ends, I see some black clouds past those mountains over there. I have a bad feeling about them, they don't look natural."

"I trust Mitchell on that one; you don't need second sight to know that those clouds aren't natural." I said.

"I don't need a fucking fag backing me up Pierre!" Mitchell said with restrained venom in his voice.

"Whoa, I was just agreeing with you Mitchell, don't get mad at me."

With a horrified look on her face Brea said, "Mitchell! Why can't you just accept that Pierre is gay? There is nothing wrong with that. You should be ashamed of yourself, archangels are not supposed to judge based on orientation."

In a quiet voice Mitchell said, "Don't defend him Brea, he shouldn't even be allowed to live."

"What is wrong with you Mitchell?! I don't even know why I'm still friends with you. Pierre is not going to change just because you don't approve of his orientation."

Brea and Mitchell kept arguing the whole way back to the house. Since Lucifer invaded, I haven't been very comfortable discussing anything with Mitchell. Most of the few conversations between us invariably turned into a heated argument over my orientation between Brea and Mitchell, and invariably Austin would step in and somehow stop the fight. It was a very depressing time.

When I woke up the next morning I felt a presence. I went downstairs cautiously and found a girl looking at the pictures hung on the wall. She had long blond hair and deep blue eyes that lit up when she saw me.

"Pierre! I'm your half sister, Heidi. I know this is sudden and I apologize for that but I wanted to see you."

"I don't have any relatives but Austin. You should go before he gets down here; he'll attack before you can move a muscle if he sees you." She looked disappointed and sad when the words came out.

"Austin already knows me. I found him feeding on a human a few years ago. I introduced myself to him and we talked for a while, I'm surprised he didn't mention me to you."

A quick look at her memories told me she wasn't lying, which irritated me. George and Austin walked in laughing together and stopped in their tracks when they saw Heidi standing by the table. Austin was the first to speak.

"Heidi, what are you doing here, I thought you were in California."

"You know her Austin? How about introducing me to this pretty lady?"

"This "pretty lady" is my half sister, George."

"…I'll be upstairs if you need me."

"Your friend is kinda cute Aussie. Mind telling me which room is his?"

"His room is three doors down on the right side of the hall; don't go in the room across of his, that one is Mitchell's room, he's about ready to explode right now."

I watched her go up the stairs and turned to my brother when she reached the top.

"Why didn't you tell me about her Austin, I thought we swore not to keep secrets from each other? Now we have to look after her too."

"I met her before that, and I didn't tell you about her because she was doing something important in California after I came back. She told me she had to investigate some there; she wouldn't tell what it was. Since she's here that must mean she's done investigating it, we should ask her what it was now."

I silently accepted his excuse for not telling me. If he did tell me about Heidi, I would have impeded her investigation by giving her a surprise visit. We found her flirting and laughing with George when we opened his bedroom door.

"Heidi, we want to ask you something."

"Can't it wait? I just got here?"

"Now, Heidi, we want to ask you about California."

"Okay, I'll be right back George."

"We want know what you were investigating in California, and why you wouldn't tell me what it was."

"I was investigating Lillith and some entrances to her world near San Diego, Los Angeles. I also found exits that I didn't expect to find, I destroyed the exits quickly though."

"Why were you investigating Lillith and the entrances to her world?" I asked amazed that she could have pinpointed exits and entrances so accurately and then destroy the exits so quickly.

"I was investigating that because I knew she had something to do with some of the "natural disasters" that devastated some of the major cities in various places of the US. The "natural disasters" happening at the same time was too much of a coincidence to me, the fact that I thought they were coincidences is incredible since I don't believe in coincidences."

"Makes sense to me. I'm going upstairs to check the cameras for something. Don't bother me." That wasn't all I intended to do, I also intended to search Mitchell's, George's, Brea's, and my memories for important details about the past few decades.

I decided to search Brea's memories first. It took me an hour and a half to untangle her memories, and then another hour and a half to watch them, pause, and then rewind some of her memories. Watching anyone's memories is like watching a movie where you can pause, skip, and play them, and then zoom in or out of the picture however you pleased to. I don't watch other peoples' memories very often for two reasons: the first is that I don't like poking around another person's private moments, and the second reason is because I feel the emotions that the person was experiencing. I never found anything important in Brea's memories.

After Brea I moved on to Mitchell's memories, as I was watching them from my room I found a memory that I didn't think belonged to Mitchell. The memory took place thirty one years ago before he met my brother. It was in a high school locker room. Everyone but Mitchell and a few other boys were done showering and dressing. Mitchell was looking around the locker room afraid of dressing in front of other boys in the open, he knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help feeling self conscious about his body even though he knew that he had no reason to be ashamed of his perfectly fit body. He confirmed that he alone in his row of lockers and quickly got dressed. After putting his gym shorts and shirt back in his locker he closed his locker. He was getting ready to leave when he saw another boy getting dressed who was just as muscular and athletic as himself. He was admiring the boy's body when he quickly looked away and thought to himself, "No! I am not attracted to him! I can't be, I'm an Angel, he's a human, and we're both guys. I'd become what is frowned upon by the bible and the public." He replaced his thoughts of the boy's beautiful body with how hot Ashley was no matter what she wore. How she demanded the attention of everyone in the room no matter their gender preferences, and how beautiful she looked when she was smiling in the sunlight three days ago.

I broke away from the memory and found Mitchell standing my bedroom door looking like he was deep in thought.

"I'm sorry Mitchell, I shouldn't have been nosy. I should have-"

He interrupted me and said softly with a subtle hint of sadness in his voice, "I was confused after that day happened. I liked girls, but I also liked a guy. It's taken twenty nine years just to accept that I'm bi. That guy you saw in my memory was openly gay; the other students gave him a hard time because of it. I don't hate you; I respect you in the highest regard for being able to admit what you did before Lucifer and his demons came out of the dimensional door."

We went on talking until we saw the sun waking from its slumber; it was nice being able to talk without secrets. We even laughed at stupid things. Occasionally, we laughed so hard, it was hard to breathe. It was the best time I had with Mitchell in nineteen years.

I was hunting alone looking for someone to feed on since I hadn't had any blood for a few years. I heard a female crying and naturally, I was drawn to the sound. I tracked it down to its source, a woman of about 22 years sitting a few feet away from a man lying on the ground who looked to around 25, barely out of college.

In between sobs she said, "I- I don't know wuh- what happened, please help."

I quickly put my coat around the man and picked him up saying, "Tell me what happened so I can help."

She had calmed down enough by this point because she said, "We were walking back from a restaurant when someone attacked us. I panicked and I must have passed out because that's the last thing I remember. When I woke up, I found Josh just lying there next to me. He's still breathing but his heart sounds really weak. I noticed burns on his hands."

"Ok, I'm going to bring you and Josh back to my house so I can examine him and find out what happened while you passed out."

I helped the woman up and learned that her name was Jadah Meyers; I led her back to the fairly new Ferrari I used to get to the city. We drove in silence listening to the radio and watching the sun as it painted the sky before it slept.

I finally got the courage to ask her what her relationship with Josh was, "So um, what's between you and Josh? Are you two together or something?"

She blushed and said, "There's nothing "special" between us, we're just really good friends."

"How long have you been friends with him?"

"Two years, we met in college. He was a Junior and I was a Freshman. He was showing me around the college and we became friends just like that."

"Must be nice to be able to make friends just like that..."

"Yeah… So what's your story? When did you decide to become a doctor?"

"I'm not a doctor, but I specialize in healing people. You'll see when we get there. Too much to explain right now. We're almost there anyway." She stayed silent with confusion on her face.

Fourteen minutes later found us back at the house. I rushed to get Josh into the house letting my inhuman speed take over. I told George to help Jadah into the house. He silently nodded and sprinted over to her knowing that it must be serious since I brought strangers to the house.

I laid the man down and examined his ribs, chest and head looking for anything serious. I looked for a few minutes not finding anything before turning my attention to his hands where the burns are. They didn't look too bad; the burns didn't make it past the outer skin, just first degree burns. Why would be unconscious with nothing but first degree burns on his hands? I resorted to looking through his memories.

His felt empty compared to Mitchell's, who was the youngest of us. I found the memory I was looking for: I started out at the time where they were having a late lunch just talking about the big movie role Jadah had just landed. After that conversation, they moved on to random topics and laughing at the people in the café while receiving weird looks from them. After eating and talking, they paid the bill and took a walk in a park still laughing and making funny faces at each other. After a few minutes, a guy confronted them holding a dagger with a serrated edge about three inches long demanding that they give him money. Josh adopted a defensive stance the way he had been taught while Jadah started panicking. I could see something glowing in her hands. A bluish white flame was developing around her hands. In less than second, the small flames became large frantically dancing pillars of flames that engulfed the attacker and grazed on his hands before reaching the hands of the attacker. The pain in his hands were excruciating, he instinctively grabbed his hand and bent over accidentally touching the flames with his head. The pain he felt was too much to handle and his body shut down. The attacker was instantly reduced to nothing. Even his ashes were consumed by the flames. She shuddered and the flames on her hands receded and wrapped around her protectively and she fainted.

I pulled away from the memory and asked her if she could produce the flames I saw again. She said she didn't know she could until now. She was concentrating really hard on her hands without success.

"I'm sorry, I can't do it."

"That's ok; I need to tend to take care of Josh. I need everyone but Jadah to leave the room."

Everyone left the room and I was left with Jadah and Josh. I started the process by placing my hands on his chest and siphoning the life force of the insects and plants around me and channeled their life force into Josh. Feeling the death of anything living is not pleasant at all. Unfortunately, my ability wasn't helping him at all; his body was rejecting the life that was being given to him. So I did the one thing that I knew would save him. I Turned him. Since I was half vampire, I figured that biting him would do the trick, so that's what I did. I bit him directly on the vein on his arm and his body reacted immediately. I could smell the adrenaline rush through his veins mixing with the venom I injected much the same way a snake injects venom through their bite. I pulled away and watched as his body made some adjustments to ensure his survival in the new life I had given him. After a few minutes, he his eyes fluttered open and he tried to say something. It came out as gibberish and then he went to sleep.

I told Jadah I'd be back and went to tell the others that Josh had made it and would be more like Austin, Heidi and I. They were all relieved to hear it, especially Brea. She's the mother figure of the group.

Twelve hours later, Josh woke up. I woke Jadah and told her that he was awake. I got up and told the others. Jadah was giving him a huge hug.

For the first time, I actually looked at them. Jadah had straight, long brown hair that slightly curled at the tips. With brown eyes Josh had short black hair and warm brown eyes that seemed to have irresistible magnetic quality to them. His and Austin's eyes both had strong effects on people. The difference was that Austin's eyes can be cold and intimidating while Josh's eyes were kind and welcoming and looked incapable of glaring. Everyone seemed mesmerized and drawn to his eyes which I'm sure unnerved him a bit. I only noticed I was staring when he started blushing which made him look adorable. I asked him a question and he answered with an almost coherent sentence. He seemed to be regaining his speech skill a little slower than his motor skills.

He was already talking by the end of the day and we asked more questions before explaining to him what happened. I explained that the only way for him to survive was to become a Vampirikó Àngelos (Vampiric Angel or a Vampire/Angel hybrid) and explained what the situation concerning Lilith is. He took it all in calmly, most likely analyzing everything we said. He asked for a few minutes to absorb everything and we all agreed that he needed time to swallow everything.

A little more than half an hour later he came out of the room with a dazzling vibrant smile and asked "So tell me, what are you guys?" gesturing at Brea, Mitchell, George, and Heidi.

Everyone but Mitchell told him what we are. Mitchell stood up and revealed his wings. We were all dumbstruck at how amazing they were. The wings were a fiery red, yellow, and orange perfectly imitating a dancing flame. His wing span was almost twice his height. His appearance had changed too. He now had a golden toga with a design of white sun rays going across it. A tattoo of a cross appeared on his arm as well. He smirked when he saw our expressions and returned to his human form. After I recovered from my stupor, I remembered that I needed to see what would happen to Josh in the sunlight. I asked him to put his arm in the sunlight and he did. He hissed in pain and jerked his arm out of the sunlight while symbols started etching themselves into his arm. They continued to etch themselves into his skin for another minute and faded into his skin. Interesting as it was, I felt guilty for not warning him there might be pain. I decided it was time to explain some things to him.

"I apologize for warning you about the possibility of pain. Those symbols were written in the language the angels use. To humans, it'll just look like a random verse from the bible."

"I forgot to ask, since I'm now half vampire, will I stop aging or will I continue to grow?"

"That is a very good question, considering that you are the first of us to be made and not born. In the past, angels have fallen in love with mortals and produced humans who are half angels, many of their offspring were famous, although one of the parents are always hidden from history to keep the existence of angels a controversial subject for humans. Leonardo da Vinci, King Arthur, Einstein, Elvis (and getting into some of the more recent demi angels) Jesse McCartney, Taylor Swift, Jack Black, Justin Bieber, and many more actors/actresses, geniuses, and many more are examples of what most of their offspring can potentially become. Heidi, Austin and I are the first of our race. Since we were conceived by a combination of two very different races, our DNA is different and many times more complex than both vampire and angel DNA. We are biologically programmed to stop aging when we reach our physical peak. Since you have already reached your physical peak you probably won't age anymore."

I suddenly remembered my hunger when I felt sudden sharp pains in my stomach. I also remembered that Josh hasn't had any blood yet either. I offered to take him out to the city to find someone to drink from. He refused saying that he didn't want to kill anyone. I told him that I would be there to supervise his feeding and that the humans that he fed on wouldn't feel any pain. He thought about it and agreed, but only because he needed the blood. Josh and I decided not to use the car this time to get to the city, instead we ran to the city.

It took us only a few minutes to get to the city. Once we got there, we slowed down to the speed of a walking human. I quickly located a family sleeping in a hotel and told Josh to drink from them for a few seconds. He nervously bit one of their wrists and started drinking. He gave a satisfied sigh as his thirst was being quenched. He drank from each human for a few seconds -much shorter than I thought he would -only enough to give them headaches in the morning. I also found a group of humans to drink from. I gave each human we bit a drop of my blood to heal them and prevent them from Turning. As each drop of blood hit the bite marks on each human, it made a quiet hissing sound and the wounds closed quickly. After I had healed the humans, we decided to stay in the city a little while longer to watch the sun set. We found a tall building and ran up the side without damaging the windows. After we reached the top of the building, we sat down on the edge and felt the warmth of the sun caress our skin while it got ready for its slumber. We talked for a few hours until the moon was shining directly in front of us.

On our way back to the house, we ran into a vampire who introduced herself as Bubbles, which made sense because she had a very bubbly personality. She had hair that she wore in a style much like Katniss did in The Hunger Games, braided and hanging on her shoulder. Although her eyes were unnaturally icy blue, they certainly weren't cold. In fact, they were very warm and full of life; almost childishly so. She reminded me of Brea and we were instantly friends. I asked if she wanted to meet my other friends, she said yes and we hurried home to introduce her to the others. Unsurprisingly, she quickly made friends with everyone at home.

We spent all day the next day, deciding on what we would do with Lilith. Just as the sun started going down, we decided to just go directly to her and confront her. We had to fill Bubbles in on the situation and she immediately wanted to help. I suggested that she spread the word about Lilith and her Demons and hunt the Demons down. She saw the importance of hunting Lilith's Demons and agreed. We said our goodbyes, not without tears and she ran off. We headed to Nebraska in search of Lilith where Heidi said she might be.

A few months later, we pinpointed her approximate location in a building unprotected in a building full of humans. We all listened for heartbeats that weren't beating like a human's would while searching the building together. George found an irregular heartbeat in a room on the top floor. She looked nothing like a Demoness at all. In fact, if we weren't listening to her heartbeat, we would have mistaken her for a human. She was standing at a table with a lot of car parts on the table.

She turned around happily, although her aura flared a blood red suggesting a brief feeling of blood lust. She addressed Mitchell flirtatiously throwing herself at him while receiving dirty looks from everyone. "Mitchell! How have you been doing, I haven't seen you since you were a baby. You were such an adorable little boy back then, I didn't have the heart to kill you or your mother while she giving birth back then. I'm happy I didn't, you've grown to be quite a man."

She shamelessly threw herself at Josh and a flash of pure hatred ran through me. That whore better keep herself away from him.

She must have sensed my anger because she turned to me and said, "I believe I struck a nerve. Is it jealousy? I didn't think you swung that way Pierre. Oh my, it seems Josh has some feelings for you too. I think I'll postpone destroying your hopeless group. You two clearly need to talk. I may be the Demon Queen, but that doesn't mean I have no sense of romance. Now go before I change my mind."

A second later, we were separated into different rooms. Josh and I were in one room and the others were in another room. I looked at Josh and he had a swirl of colors in his aura. We started talking and lost ourselves in the conversation. I realized that Josh was slowly moving closer to me and he finally kissed me. It was a soft kiss that had no traces of lust; instead I felt nothing but his deep love for me. I returned the kiss with the same amount of love if not more. A few minutes later, I pulled back for air with dazed look on my face. A few seconds later, Lilith called us back and we found ourselves back in her room.

"I've decided to play a game with you guys. You five will be fighting one of my Demons who has five lives. You will each fight it individually. If all five of you win, I go back into one of my worlds, although my Demons will stay here. If you happen to lose and he has at least one life left after all five of you have fought him, you will be completely wiped from existence, and nobody will remember you except for me and a select few. Sound like a deal?"

Brea spoke up and asked, "How can we trust you?"

"You don't trust me? How about this: I swear on my existence that I will not cheat." After she finished her oath, a golden chord wrapped around her raised right hand binding her to her oath.

We reluctantly agreed to her game and she clapped her hands and she jumped up and down like a child who just found out that they got free tickets to Disney World.

"Go through that door and there will be a room for you to wait to fight the Demon. If anyone dies, I'll be sure to inform your friends. To keep things fair I have made adjustments to the fighting room to change according to the fighter's strengths and weaknesses. You may only kill him once; it wouldn't be very fair if one of your friends would have to fight me."

Mitchell was the first to fight the Demon. We waited for a days waiting for him to come out of the fighting room. On the fourth day, he came out bloody and barely conscious. I rushed to his side while looking for someplace to heal him. I spotted a room full of plants and brought him in there laying him down on the floor with a makeshift blanket from the closet in the room. Heidi went in next and she came out a little less bloody and less conscious than Mitchell had been when he came out. She took six days to fight the Demon. Austin chose to go in next. He went in cautiously and the door that was made of an unidentifiable metal alloy slammed shut. He came out the next day unconscious with huge scars everywhere. Brea went in and it took her a week to come out of the door. She had burn marks on her skin and a few scars, nothing I couldn't heal. George went in with s mask of confidence and came out in a coma with numerous scars on his everywhere, although they weren't as big as Austin's were. Next was Josh's turn, he was the one I was worried about the most. He just came into the supernatural world a about seven months ago.

Three weeks had passed and he still hadn't come out of the room. Lilith hadn't come to tell us that he died so I found little comfort in that. While I was waiting for Josh to come out, Brea woke up from the sleep I induced and I started sobbing. She came over and held me asking what happened and I told her how long Josh has been in the room fighting the Demon. She whispered that Josh was one of the best and fastest learners she had ever encountered and that he would come out alive. It took me a few hours to stop crying and fell asleep from exhaustion. After what felt like a minute, Brea shook me awake and told me excitedly that Josh had come out of the room. He had a few minor bruises and some cuts on his body that I quickly healed. After that I insisted that he sleep while I fight go in and fight the Demon.

I came out of the door to see Pierre sleeping. When Brea saw me she woke him up excitedly telling him I had made it out. He practically tackled me and I almost fell over. I gave him a huge grin that could have rivaled the Cheshire Cat's grin. We held each other for a few minutes and he healed my cuts and bruises and insisted that I sleep while he went to fight the Demon. The moment he mentioned the word sleep, I was instantly hit with a wave of exhaustion. I teetered a bit but Pierre caught me before I could fall, he carried me over to a couch and I fell asleep almost instantly. I had enough time to really look at the room we were in before he got to the couch. The couch he was carrying to me was the one closest to the door, there were three other couches forming a perfect square with a round glass coffee table in the middle. Each one had five seats and a red color that contrasted with the walls that had a grassy theme to them, the ceiling which looked like a blue sky with some clouds in it.

A few days later, I was woken up by the excited sounds of the others and saw Pierre standing there with a tired look in his eyes. He seemed to be unscathed though. When he saw me, his eyes lit up and he tackled me again. Lilith came out announcing that we had won with an annoyed look on her face and she opened a portal to one of her many dimensions.

We all went back to the house Pierre had here in Nebraska in an Audi A3 Sportback car. Brea drove and Pierre and I sat in the back of the car with Pierre resting his head on my chest listening to the others singing at the top of their lungs to the song playing on Brea's iPod, which was The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes featuring Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

About three and a half ours later, we got back to his house. This one looked exactly like the previous one we had stayed in. Pierre was sleeping so I carried him to one of the rooms and set him on the bed. He stirred a little and I got into the bed with him feeling a bit tired myself. He mumbled something that made me smile, "I love you Josh."

"Love you too Pierre, goodnight." And I drifted off to sleep with him curled up into a ball with a smile on his face.



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