During the twilight of night in a secret gathering,
You were shamefully betrayed by your brother and friend.

At some time after midnight you were apprehended

Just as you always foretold and predicted.

For blasphemy you were charged proclaiming yourself God

It was not long at all before a judgment was called.

You're then brought before Pilate as well as King Herod

False testimony already having been taken, your face even slapped

A crown of thorns on your head and a scarlet robe covered your back.

Despite no clear crime being committed

A ruling was made and a final verdict given.

Having been found guilty of all charges presented

The crowds shouted that you be crucified to all those in attendance.

In spite of all this you did not once object

Like a lamb to the slaughter this punishment you did freely accept.

The reason is simple and not hard to forget

For you already knew punishment for the world's sin had to be met.

Man's relationship with the Father was broken and damaged

Sin was too endless and yearly sacrifices unholy and blemished.

As kinsman redeemer your shed blood was required

In order for sin to be absolved and our souls be acquired.

After the punishment had ended and your body lay broken

It was then laid to rest in a tomb with a stone covered opening.

Three days later something marvelous occurred

The stone had been rolled over and an empty sepulcher was seen

From your grave you have risen a sign that must be believed.

You're presently seated at the right hand of the Father

Where you reign as King forever known as I AM.