Pain from the 'Beloved'

Seven o'clock, daily beating,

Suffering misery,

At the hands of her love,

If this the war, where is the Dove?

Six o'clock hourly beating,

Black, blue bruises. Fresh scars,

Tender pounding, death threats,

Karma, time to pay off your debts.

Mum he's driving you insane,

But denial and pain,

That makes you stay loyal,

Anything and his blood will boil.

He's punching, your bones crunching,

Enough, enough! I scream.

Mind has eluded him,

Hit, hit. Another broken limb.

Madness, chaos, anarchy,

Pull him away too late,

Bloody pulp was my mother,

Hit, punch, kick him into cover.

The deed is done, enough I said,

My handiwork is seen,

My monstrous father, dead.

I've lost my dad because I lost my head.

The cycle has finished,

Another begun, stop,

Don't let it manifest,

End the cycle, ignore the rest.

A funeral, all in black,

A heavy coffin lay,

Sorry for your bereavement they said,

We're not, he's better off dead.