His eyes fixated on the door…So many others there were in the narrow halls. So many doors with colors more appealing and with whispers of temptation, that seeped from their alluring worlds of laughter and drink. There were doors with food, cakes and sweets. Oh, such a deliciously tempting fragrance that watered his mouth and drew him near, but not now. Now his eyes locked on this door, this old and broken door with no color but the coals of fire long extinguished and the life of stone. Only this door spoke to him in tears and screams, but beyond it laid truth behind the hazy vision consuming him.

Behind this door was a monster of a man with a nauseating blur of a life. Behind the rotting, chipping oak of this forgotten life was a family. There was a beautiful woman, whose face was melted away by years, and decades of tears. Whose heart had been shattered, both body and mind disfigured by a prince held under a life altering spell, who was trapped in the iron grasp of a mistress deemed Addiction.

There were children, one old enough to know what was happening. One that was drowning in his own confusion and suffering as he saw this monster, day after day, after painful day, strike his mother with closed fist and heard the shriek of her pain with every powerful blow from this stranger.

Behind this door was an escape from all that as well as the pin point accuracy of what had been done. It was a dark little room where he would be held against Temptation's alluring whisper and hidden from her sister, Addiction. Through this door Temptation could follow, she could pull at his ears, whisper words of want, of pain and pleasure into him, but he would not be able to give in, or give rest to the swimming beast inside him and break free from the binds that held his mind from her reach.

Behind this door was hope, and was new life, a chance, slight as it was, to redeem himself in his children's eyes. With only one step into the unknowing darkness he could save the ones he loved most from this beast that lurked in his heart, and disperse the dark clouds that gave need for drink. When he walked past the strong beams of this weak, dilapidated door there would be irons bars locked around the monster that slowly took over his body and in the darkness he will once again become whole.

His eyes fixated on the door, this old, chipping oak that would alter his life forever. Slowly he reached for the cool silver of the handle, feeling the many years of abuse, the painful daggers of screams, all fill him up. He had to face them now. The moment he walked through that door he had to admit to all the pain he had caused and to all the suffering he cast upon those he loved most. He turned the handle and pushed open the door. Before him the darkness became grey, and the grey formed to shapes, to people and chairs and four walls. He walked forward to these blurred shapes, took a seat on one of the gray shaded chairs. Images became clear, people, colors, a floor wooden and firm.

"Welcome to AA." Said the man beside him with a smile.

"Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?"