Is it easy
to let go of you
like you've never stepped
into my life?

Is it okay
to forget all sad memories
and also the happiness
just to kill off the tears?

Is it a path to walk on:
To stumble into the emptiness,
find comfort in the loneliness—
and letting nature run its course?

Trying to fill up my schedule,
making myself busy not to think about it,
yet sometimes I stop to think,
then I think I have to stop.

And I sleep all the time,
because I hoped everything would be how it was
and I'd wake up to your smiling face but
I can't walk away from here.

Sometimes I'm hoping it's just a nightmare,
maybe I'm wishing it'd go by with a pinch.
But no, no, no…
I knew.

I knew you were gone,
and it's my fault you left.
I was a selfish fool,
I'm the one to blame.