Whatever the world may come to be

Fateless I lie chained.

What stirs in the loss of my sanity

Fateless I live on.


I cannot see.


Qez is my name.

And what kind of name is that? For someone like me, a boy locked to the binds of a fateless life. Who I am. What I was. When to be. Am I a light in the midst of darkness or a black spot in the heart of day?

Care not to ask. Strange things find me, when all I want is to be simple. To be Qez. Not Qez.

Someone is controlling me…

I open my eyes. All is black. I've always wanted to know what colour my eyes are – maybe brown. Maybe grey. Or maybe – just maybe, green. And maybe that's too much to ask of. But I'm sure, even if my eyes were once coloured, the living darkness would have rendered them black by now. Black, like the life I would live if I had one. A fateless life. I feel so heavy, like I'm sunken to the very bottom of the universe…

But there can't be a bottom. Nothing is really that small, is it? Then where…

Open your eyes, Qez.

They are open.

Open your true eyes, and see.


Open your eyes, Qez!

I've never felt this way before…who knows enough to call my name?

I have to know. Is this a dream? But it always is. So…?

I open my eyes. I open my eyes. I open my eyes. I open my eyes. I open my eyes. I open my eyes. How many times?!


The darkness comes crumbling down. It grows lighter and lighter, and I feel…lighter. The noise. The silence. My ears are buzzing -
I am free.