Please pretend as much as you can
that we never loved.
Help me forget all the happy and
sad times that we never spent;
remember the times before you met me that
you might have forgotten what it was like.
Take me apart, throw me away—
including all the moments we had together;
those pretty, fond little things
even though blurry from here,
(maybe it's because these watery liquids
are getting in the way of my vision)
I still remember it clearly.
But please, just please,
pretend that we never loved.
Throw the beautiful memories,
ugly and the bad,
the sweet and bitter,
all the things we had.

Just within my grasp,
it was just a few more seconds—
you were…
just so close to me.
I stopped my hand from reaching out,
because right now;
we're complete strangers,
aren't we?