Remember me
…or just don't forget.

If snow fell in our home-town,
maybe they'd remind you how
much of a crybaby you are.
Maybe it'd tell you not to cry,
and caress you, like how I would if I could.
The snow might make you remember
the things you don't want to,
and perhaps you wished it to be just
a dream.

I wanted to hold you tighter,
closer, but my voice was failing me and sometimes,
even though you make me worry
so damn much, you coming to save me made me happy.
To know that out of the millions people in the world—
cursing, jeering and hoping I was dead,
there was still you, my little brother.
To see you struggling, with every breath you could,
to save me… someone with evil blood running through his veins.
You still loved me through it all, didn't you?

I didn't regret anything so…
don't cry.