Yay, an new story involving Aria and the Nassicus brothers, as I haven't been on here in a long while, since the document manager was playing up, but hope people enjoy.

Listening to the song The Great Divide by the Mclaine Sisters made me think of this, as it's about siblings.

Bronx and Izz learn they have an new baby sister, Aisha meaning they get to be big brothers, but meaning changes like splitting their time between Aria and Earth but their human friends will help them adjust and show how great siblings can be.

It was nidnight in Psammeadis in Aria, as Morgaine the Queen of Psammeadis and Bronx and Izz's mother were feelihng odd, as magic glowed in her snail like eyes, but her husband heard the sound of an infant Psammead crying as he ran into the infirmary, but saw a silver grey furred infant Psammead in her silver grey furred arms, but it was a girl.

"She's beauitful, my Queen.

What's her name?" he asked her.

Morgaine smiled as the young infant looked up at them innocently, as the Queen of Psammeadis smiled, knowing an name.

"Her name shall be Aisha, my King.

Bronxias and Izzard will be happy, having a little sister." she said.

"That's a great name, my Queen." he told her.

He then saw his older sons in the human world, with their friends, knowing that they would be surprised, finding out they had a little sister.

He would summon them later, to meet Aisha.

"You're so dead, Izz!" Bronx yelled.

It was now Autumn in the human world, but in the Robert's house, both Bronx and Izz were rough housing and had broken one of their Queen's scluptures rthat she'd made at the art program, as she was in her and Izz's room working on a jewellery masterpiece, but had heard something smash outside, opening the door.

Her dark blue eyes widened, seeing her clay sclupture of the castle of Latanis in pieces, and both Bronx and Izz chasing after each other, as she was a little upset, making the time out sign, as both Psammead males stopped dead in their tracks.

"I can explain, Your Highness!

I was playing baseball, and it hit it.

I'm really sorry, Your Highness." Izz told her.

The purple red haired girl suighed as she cleaned up the mess, but slammed the door, as Izz was banging on the door, but she put her music on, as Izz's bat like ears drooped, as Bronx clapped his brown grey furred hands.

But they then saw a portal to Psammeadis their home in Aria appear, as they wondered what their parents wanted, as they went through but the portal closed after they had went through.

They then appeared in their parent's throne room, but heard crying as it was an infant, making both male Psammeads in awe seeing Aisha in Morgaine's silver grey furred arms, but both Izz and Bronx smiled at their new sibling.

Aisha smiled at her big brothers, as she wrapped a small silver grey furred finger around Izz's, which made him smile.

Morgaine smiled at this, as it was cute.

"She likes you, Izzard." she said.

Bronx and Izz's snail like eyes widened hearing that, knowing that Yuri was their adopted sister, but was with ninja Psammeads now in Aria.

"Yes, her name's Aisha.

I know you two will be good big brothers to her, right?" she said.

"You can count on me, Mom.

But not sure, about Izzard.

He did break something our Queen made, which was important to her." Bronx said.

Izz growled, preparing to fight, but knew they'd set a bad example to Aisha, but knew that Ashulu and Tiana would be happy meeting Aisha soon, as there would be a party.

"We should go now, Bronx.

Our friends will be worried, about us." Izz said.

"Portalus Openus." Bronx said as Arian magic emitted.

It created a portal leading to Earth as they went through.

Morgaine was calming Aisha, after the portal closed, as she missed her brothers.

Carley was in her room, working on jewellery, as Ogre Child was with her, but knew she was upset about the sclupture being broken, but knew it was an accident, as she was explaining things to the dark blue skinned female Star Ogre.

"Maybe Bronx and Izz are back, by now.

Wanna go have fun, in Aria?" she asked her.

The purple red haired Queen of Aria nodded in reply, putting her craft stuff away, knowing that Tiana liked making jewellery too.

"Portalus Openus." she said as powerful magic emitted.

It created a portal leading to Latanis, as they went through but the portal closed after they went through.