The Hunger Game

After a challenge, are you?
A small yet risk filled game?
Good! So listen close
And I'll tell you the rules.
All you have to do is
Make the life and
Death choices.

Find a hot place
And get some dirty water.
You mustn't turn your
Nose up at it
Or you'll lose the game for sure!
But even if you drink it,
You run the risk of defeat.

Enjoy the ground rice you get
For breakfast.
Maybe for lunch
Maybe for dinner
… Or maybe not.
Count anything else as extra.

And when does the game finish?
It doesn't. It's endless.
And for the ones who win?
It's hardly a victory.
All they earn
- or rather, all they keep -
Is their life.

Get some rest,
For tomorrow we play again.
Are you ready?