A blinding brilliance invades my eyes to look into yours,
Wonder, compassion and compulsion running free.

Your smile, your gaze, even the lift of your brow

Makes this heart flutter about.

Despite of all this I can clearly behold

The way your eyes shine when you look at her

Will there ever come a time when you'll look at me that way?

Her beauty and poise has consumed your attention

During our meetings your thoughts in deep meditation.

While I sadly look on grateful that I have some measure of your concentration.

Dare I say it, dare I confess, what this heart deeply protects?

Perhaps I should not for our friendship means too much for that.

What if she finds out she'll despise me for sure

Sisters don't betray sisters no matter who for.

So for now I'll guard my secret far deep inside

As I await patiently for these feelings die.