This poem is a thank you to a new dear friend
Who I began chatting with one day simply by coincidence.
I was tired and bored from watching Big Bang in syndication
When on the internet I saw a forum reserved for Fan Fiction.
I took a quick glance and was instantly entranced
With every single fic that I glanced.
Then one day I noticed a title "Elliptical Threads"
I just hoped my dear heart wouldn't be turned into shreds.
The subject said it was about Leonard in the year 2024
Since he's my favorite character I thought I'd give it a go.
Sometime thereafter I couldn't put my phone down
Even when my eyelids were closing and the battery died out.
By the time I had read the last chapter I was weeping and bawling
And finally had to accede no more forestalling he's owed review
For all these emotions Slightly of Key had put me through.
After days of proofreading and much hesitation I typed
My long winded comment satisfied it wouldn't even matter
So I immersed myself more in this fiction forum
and posting reviews so much that my fingers were sore.
It was then Slightly Off Key began a new Big Bang Theory project
Winding Road it was titled arranged like a Season 6
I thought I should give it a try at least for some kicks.
It's amazingly written and well thought out I'm still not sure why
These Big Bang writers have passed his work by.
It was after a comment on this new latest thread when I see
A private message, a new PM from Slightly Off Key.
Only this time I finally typed back a quick reply how
I still watch the show's greatest moments that feature Leonard and Penny.
We email each other several times a day and now with his help
I'm writing so many poems that his blog has on display.
Now I'm finally home from a long day at work
Typing a new private message to my buddy "Slightly Off Key".
He has since responded and I should be asleep
But I don't really want to start counting sheep.
After one hundred emails having been sent back and forth
I regretfully depart as my eyelids are strained and I'm yawning a lot.
Our long chats have been varied from Tunes to TV
He'll even share new chapters from his thread about Webb and Kacey.
It's now two weeks later and who could've foreseen that a new friendship
Would've grown out of a silly comment left on a FanFiction forum.
And now as you see this poem must end
All about my new mentor and interesting friend.