The Vilagent

The Mysteries of Haunted Hill

Book 1: One Side of A Story

Chapter 1: Prelude and Entries 1-6

I will haunt this house, that is on a hill above the town. Those wretched things shall pay. Anyone who gets in my way will suffer. I won't stop at anything.

Everyone shall suffer the same fate as my family did. Only then shall I rest. Only then...

Entry 1: October 12th, 1813 Dear Diary,

Last night I didn't sleep well. Frederick was in trouble. He had snuck out and stayed out until really late. Father and mother were not pleased.

Mary hasn't been feeling well lately. I hope she gets well soon. Victoria hasn't been doing to well at school. She's only fourteen and already she is thinking of boys. That wouldn't be so bad, but boys are all she thinks about.

Mother and father are worried. They are pleased me, and William aren't the same as the rest. We've always tried to please mother and father. We'd never do anything to hurt them.

Entry 2: October 14th, 1813 Dear Diary,

Today I had a horrible dream. It was very disturbing. There was this creature chasing me throughout the house. I was so scared not just for myself, but for my family too. There was no way to escape. I felt very frightened and trapped. The thing, the creature almost caught me. That's when I woke up.

I'm not for sure why I dreamed it. What could have caused it? I am not the type to read horrifying romance stories, or as they call them sometimes, gothic novels.

My sister Victoria does like that kind of mindless reading. She has tried to tell me bits and pieces from the novels she was reading, but I never listen. I don't know how she can read such things.

Entry 3: October 15th, 1813 Dear Diary,

I had that dream again. It was even more terrifying last night, than the night before. I just don't understand why I'm having such dreams.

I haven't told anyone about the dreams. I don't think I should. Mother and father have enough to worry about. Frederick is sneaking out at night still. Mother and father aren't for sure what to do. I feel so sorry for them.

Mary is feeling better and should be out of bed in a day or two. William is coming home for a few days. I have missed him so much. It isn't the same without him.

I just started reading "A Midsummer-Night's Dream." Mary had read it recently and said I should read it. I don't think it's that great. Mary usually has more sense, though, maybe I shouldn't judge it yet. I'm not that far.

Entry 4: October 18th, 1813 Dear Diary,

I am almost done with the book "A Midsummer-Night's Dream." I was right; it isn't very good. I don't like that the fairies cast a spell on Demetrius. It wasn't fair that he had to stay in love with that girl. What if he was meant to fall in love with someone else, later in life? Now he has to stay with Helena.

I can't believe Mary would like such a thing. She should and does know I don't like things like that.

Entry 5: October 26th, 1813 Dear Diary,

William is home. Oh, how I've missed him. He looks healthy and well. He looks like he gained a few pounds.

He's been telling us about his classes and what he's learned. Mother and father are proud of him and so am I. He's been telling me about some of his friends. And one that's like me, he says, though, I doubt it. Will's a good judge of character, but I can't imagine anyone like me.

Everyone seems to have less sense. William's the only one who seems to truly be mature and understands how I feel and think. I don't know how I survive when he's gone.

Entry 6: October 27th, 1813 Dear Diary,

William and I went down to the old Dismal Swamp. He had been wanting to see it. William seemed changed after we left and started home. I asked him if anything was wrong, but he didn't answer. I wonder what caused it?