Chapter 35: Entries 163-166

Entry 163: September 5th, 1816 Dear Diary,

Mary and David are back from their honeymoon. I wrote them about Elinor and asked them to come home. It was hard on me having to ask them to come back where it is dangerous, but mother needs them and I felt I didn't have a choice. Just as soon as I can, I'll make an excuse and get them away from here again. Only this time for good.

Not much has been happening around here, it is oddly quiet. There haven't been any deaths, even with me and Frederick not going out into the woods. I have been mostly staying in my room, wondering who's going to be next? I know I shouldn't think about that, but I can't help it. It is hard not to, now that I realize that this is completely real. The Vilagent are coming for us. Every single one of us, and there is no escape.

Even knowing their weakness, how can I hope to destroy them? I don't even know how many there are, and even if I did, they have survived this long. I just don't know what to do! I won't stand by and watch my family die, but I don't know how to stop it. I am helpless.

I wish Jeff were here. It's only been about a month since I found out that he was killed by one of those things. I wonder how Frederick knew that? I will have to ask him.

It seems weird to me, that about a month ago I was completely clueless about the Vilagent. And now I know so much about them and am scared for not only my life, but my familys'.

Entry 164: September 9th, 1816 Dear Diary,

I finally got around to asking Frederick how he knew Jeff had been killed by the Vilagent? He said he knew because, "The marks on the body are the same kind that the Vilagent make. They like to rip open their victims. That and He was one of the familys that condemned the witch back in 1704. That is why his sister was killed."

Then thinking about something, he asked, "Why did you believe me when I first told you about the Vilagent? And now, why do you trust me so much?" "Well, first of all you are my brother," I answered. I thought about it for a minute, then decided to just tell Frederick, "And I had seen the Vilagent before that night we saved that girl together. I saw one of the Vilagent the night Amelia Nelson died." *

Frederick stared at me for a minute to see if I was joking with him. He must have seen I was serious, because he just said, "That it explains some things." I looked at him, then said, "What do you mean?" "Well, afterwards you were different and you had this scared look about you. I couldn't figure it out. Now I finally understand. Did you ever tell Jeff?" he asked me. "No. I just couldn't tell him," I said this sadly.

Frederick must of heard the sadness in my voice because he told me, "That is probably for the best. He wouldn't have believed you." he said this last part because of the face I made at him. "Maybe not, but he had a right to know, and maybe it would have saved his life," I said back. "Not necessarily and even if it did, it only would have been for the time being. There is no escaping the Vilagent, without leaving the town," He said this gently, but with some force, trying to get through to me.

"Then we could he could have left town," I said, getting angry. "You know he never would have left without you and you would never have left without us. There really is no escape for us," He said. I finally get why Frederick has given up hope. I did at that moment too.

Entry 165: September 15th, 1816 Dear Diary,

I had told Frederick I wanted the diary back and he gave it to me later that day. I have finally gotten to read it. It tells all about the building of this house and the beginning of this town. It also talks about the witches trial, burning, and her curse. It talks about the first deaths, about lots of familys leaving the area, even those not cursed.

It talks about fathers' great, great, great-uncle Lew finally deciding to sell this house and about the Drakesons. ** In the end fathers' great, great, great-uncle Lew knew he was going to die, that's why he sold the house. Before he died he made sure his family was safe in Avonmore, Pennsylvania.

I guess aunt Nancy liked it there, cause she has always lived there. A pain goes through me as I think about her. I wish I could see her, but I will not leave my family, not even for a day. I will never see her again.

I will never see William or Beth again either. Now I am very glad they left for North Carolina. Though I am not on good terms with William, I would not wish this fate on him, and especially not sweet Beth. I really wish I had made up with William before he left. No matter what he's done, he is still my brother and I will always love him, as my brother and nothing more. I realized a long time ago, I never actually loved William in the way to marry him. He shall always be my brother and that is it.

Entry 166: September 18th, 1816 Dear Diary,

We all woke up this morning to the sound of mother screaming. She had the feeling something was wrong, and so couldn't sleep. She got up and went to each of our rooms to see if we were all alright.

When she reached jacks' she found him not breathing. She went to see if she was imagining it, but when she got closer she saw blood. He had been ripped apart in bed. Since he didn't talk very much and had trouble making sounds, he didn't even scream.

The Vilagent will pay for this. I will make sure they do. I won't stand by and watch as my family dies one by one. I will die first.

* Chapter 16

** Chapter 12