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No Regrets

Linder stared at the package on his front step. It was a small and wrapped in brown paper with his name on it. It was obviously delivered by hand since it had no address on it, just his name. Linder knew that the package wasn't from Mark or David since he knew their handwriting and it wasn't anyone else's handwriting that he was familiar with. Unsure of what to do with the package, Linder picked it up and carried it into the house.

After dropping his bag in his room and grabbing a drink from the fridge, Linder sat at the table and stared at the package in front of him. Deciding that it was better to know what it was before mentioning it to anyone, Linder tore the package open. Linder was confused when all he found was a cassette with the words 'play me' written on it.

Glad that his parents still had an older stereo in the kitchen, Linder popped the cassette in and hit play.

I never thought I could be so bold

To even say these thoughts aloud

I see you with your man, your eyes just shine

While he stands proud and walking tall

That look you give that guy

I want to see looking right at me

If I could be that guy instead of me

I'd never let you down…

Linder recognized the Eels song; it had been popular over the summer and was on the radio a lot. Who would give him a tape with a song on it? If the tape was for anyone else, Linder would say that it was a love song from an admirer, but Linder doubted he had any secret admirers. Was it a joke, or given to the wrong person? No, it couldn't have been given to the wrong person since it had his name on it and was on his front step. Linder puzzled over it for a while more then decided to ignore it. Linder walked to his room and put the tape in one of his desk drawers. He opened his math textbook and started his homework.

Linder stopped and stared down at the small package on the desk chair.

David, who had been walking behind Linder and had narrowly avoided knocking them both over when Linder had stopped, asked, "What's up Linder? Everything okay?"

"Uh, yeah. It's nothing" Linder replied.

Linder picked up the small package and sat down at his desk. Linder had planned on quickly throwing the small package in his backpack before David could notice it but the zipper on his bag jammed. Linder put the package down on the desk to struggle with his bag.

David dropped into the seat behind Linder and noticed Linder struggling with his bag. "Need some help with that Linder?"

"I've got it. It's been jamming a lot lately. I need to get a new bag." Linder replied as he finally got the zipper to open.

"Hey, what's that?" Mark asked noticing the package on Linder's desk "Is it from Mark?"

"Um, no." Linder said, "It's nothing important."

"Where'd you get it? Who's it from?" David questioned Linder.

"It's nothing David," snapped Linder. "Just drop it."

"Okay. Sorry." David said.

David sat back and looked carefully at Linder. Linder had been acting strange the last few days and David didn't think it had to do with school or Mark. This wasn't the first package David had seen Linder try to hide. Linder had gotten one in his locker the day before and had looked a bit panicked when he first noticed it. David wondered if he should corner Linder into a conversation about it or just ignore it. Maybe he'd talk to Wasso about it tonight and the two of them could figure out what to do.

Linder dropped back in his chair and closed his eyes. He knew David was curious and Linder wished he hadn't snapped at David. Linder was so confused about the packages. After the first one at his house, Linder had found one in his locker, in his gym bag, in a jacket he had left behind in class and now in English class. All of them were tapes and all had the same song: That Look You Give That Guy by the Eels. Who was leaving them for Linder and why? Linder rubbed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Linder had a headache and was having trouble sleeping because he kept thinking about the tapes all the time. Maybe he should talk to David about it. Maybe David would have an idea about what to do.

Linder and David arrived at their lunch spot before Mark and Wasso. Linder stopped in shock a few steps away from the small garden area. Another package with his name on it lay where he normally sat. David noticed Linder stopping and followed Linder's gaze to the small package on the cement bench around the garden. When Linder didn't move, David walked forward and picked up the package.

Holding it out to Linder David said, "Here Linder. You should put it away before Mark shows up."

"Y-yeah, y -y-you're right." Linder stammered holding a shaking hand out for the package.

David watched as Linder dropped it in his bag with the one from English and while Linder closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Look Linder. I know you don't want to talk about this, but if you need help with anything…if anyone is bothering you, you can tell me. I won't tell anyone else, not even Wasso if you ask me not too, but maybe I can help"

"No," Linder said looking at David, "It's nothing like that. It…it's...hard to explain. Maybe…." Linder sighed, "Can we talk after school?"

"Of course," David said, "Do you want me to tell Wasso that we have an essay or something to write?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Ok." Linder said looking a little bit less freaked out.

"Smile Linder, here comes Mark." David warned as he saw Mark and Wasso turn the corner towards them.

David grinned at Wasso as he walked over and gave David a small nudge on the shoulder. The two of them sat down on the stone benches and David handed Wasso the bag with the food in it. As Wasso pulled out food, David watched Linder and Mark.

Mark had pulled Linder into a hug and rested his chin on Linder's shoulder, closing his eyes. After the two of them broke apart, Mark sat down on the bench and pulled Linder down to his side. Linder curled up against Mark and opened his juice. David noticed that while Linder was snug up against Mark, Linder wasn't looking at Mark as usual. In fact, Linder was looking everywhere else but at Mark. Maybe there was more going on than David had thought.

Turning to Wasso, Davidd quietly asked, "Is Mark okay? He looks a bit off today."

Wasso glanced at Mark, "I think so. He mentioned he was a bit tired. What's up with Linder though?"

"What do you mean?" David replied hedging the question.

"Look at him," Wasso said nodding his head towards Mark and Linder, "He's practically ignoring Mark and looks ready to bolt the second Mark lets go."

"Oh. I'm not sure. But… Ah, crap, I…I shouldn't be telling you this. But Linder's been finding packages left for him all over the place. I know of three but from his reactions, I think there's more. Shit. I said I wouldn't talk to you unless he said it was okay. Um. I said I'd tell you we had an essay or something to work on. I'm going to talk to him after school about it. And, ah, Mark doesn't know anything about it, so please, don't say anything."

Wasso discreetly grabbed David's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Don't worry David. I won't say anything to Mark about it just yet. But if it's something that's going to hurt Mark in any way, I won't stay silent."

"I know. I just hope that it's harmless, whatever it is." David said, "I'm glad it's not me getting something from a secret admirer. Not that I'd ever have to worry though, you'd know who it was before me and they wouldn't have a chance."

"Damn right." replied Wasso, "I'm not worried though, no one else would be able to keep up with your hormones. You can barely keep your hands off me during the day and can't keep off me at night. No one else would be able to handle the amount of sex you need."

"I need, huh?" David said with a laugh, "You're the one who can't keep their hands off of me."

"Sure kid, whatever." Wasso said with a bump of the shoulders, causing David to fall over.

David laughed as he sat up. Leaning close to Wasso, he whispered, "Who's been crawling into whose bed at night lately? It hasn't been your bed. You can't get enough of me, and you know it."

Wasso raised one eyebrow at David, "Your room is further from your parents than mine is. If you keep showing up in mine, they'll catch you and then where will you be? In deep trouble and locked in your room every night. I think you'd die from lack of sex."

David punched Wasso in the arm. "Whatever. You'd perish before me."

Wasso grinned and threw his empty sandwich bag at David. Grabbing David around the neck, Wasso pulled him in close and pretended to give David a noogie. David rubbed his head against Wasso's chest and sighed with pleasure. Wasso released David and the two of them spent the rest of lunch enjoying each other's company.

Linder watched David and Wasso out of the corner of his eye. The two of them were flirting and goofing around. Linder was still a bit amazed at Wasso and David. They seemed to be completely different and yet, they looked so happy together. Linder still got a bit nervous around Wasso, when there was no one else around, but Linder was starting to see the kind side of Wasso. Linder was starting to see why David liked Wasso. But they were still a strange couple.

Linder snapped out of his thoughts when Mark shook the arm he had slung around Linder's shoulder. Linder looked up at Mark and couldn't help but bask a little in the smile Mark gave him. Linder could feel Mark's love in the smile and see tenderness in Mark's eyes.

"What you thinking about, love?" Mark asked.

"Oh. David and Wasso actually." Linder admitted.

"David and Wasso? Why?" Mark asked.

Linder laughed a little at the puzzled look on Mark's face, "No reason really. I just noticed them flirting."

Mark hugged Linder closer. "That's the first time in a week I've heard you laugh. I've missed the sound."

Linder laid his head on Mark's chest and hid his frown. "I'm sorry. It's just been a long week."

"I was thinking the same thing. I haven't seen you much this week, you've been so busy and I'm hoping that we could spend some time together tonight."

"Sure, sound's great" Linder replied before remembering the packages, "But…"

"But what?" Mark asked.

"Ah. I have to work with David a bit after school..." Linder trailed off.

"No problem, I get it." Mark said, "You didn't know about my plans for tonight so you already made plans. That's okay. I'm sure we'll get another chance soon, hopefully, if you can find time in your busy schedule."

"No. No." Linder said fearfully, "I can cancel with David. I will. It's alright. We can do whatever you want. Really. I didn't mean it like that. I want to spend time with you. I do. Really."

Mark closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry Linder. I over reacted. How about this? You do what you need to do with David after school and I'll head home and take a nap or do homework or whatever. You can come over when you're done and we'll just relax and watch a movie or something."

"Yeah." Linder said relaxing against Mark. "Sounds good."

David spotted Linder waiting by the gate after school. He glanced over at Wasso. Wasso had already spotted Linder and nudged David's shoulder before walking off.

"See ya later kid. Hey Linder," Wasso said as he passed Linder on the way out the gate.

Linder shyly nodded at Wasso and watched him walk away. Turning to David, Linder shifted nervously.

It was obvious that Linder wasn't sure what to do, so David started walking towards home. "I thought we'd go to my place. Wasso's heading to the garage and my parents are out. There'll be no one around to interrupt or anything."

"Okay." Linder said, falling in beside David.

The walk to David's house was quiet as Linder was obviously too nervous to speak and David decided he'd keep quiet until they got to his house. Once at home, David led Linder through the house to the kitchen. He nodded Linder towards the table and got out drinks and a pack of chips to snack on.

David sat across the table from Linder and let Linder take his time before talking. Finally Linder got up and grabbed one of the packages out of his bag.

"Here." Linder said shoving the package at David.

David took the package and ripped open the brown paper. He looked at the cassette then looked up at Linder with a curious expression.

"They're all like that." Linder explained, "And they're all the same song."

David got up and got the old cassette player out of his room. He plugged it in and popped in the tape. As the Eels started singing, David wondered if Linder knew who was giving him the tapes.

"Do you know who they are from?" David asked giving into his curiosity.

"No. There's never anything on them other than my name." Linder said, "There's no clue as to who's been leaving them. I've gotten six in total now, that's including the two from today. This is the first time I've found two in one day."

"Where was the first one?"

"On my front step at home, then in my locker, then my gym bag, then in my jacket pocket after I left it in math, now English and lunch."

"Wow." David said, "Someone's obviously trying to get your attention."

"But why?" Linder asked, "Why me? Why always the same song? Why not tell me who they are and what they want?"

"I don't know Linder." David replied, "Maybe they are just too scared to say anything to your face. Maybe they don't know any other song that expresses how they feel. Maybe they're scared of Mark or one of his friends finding out. Not very many people would admit their crush on someone who's dating someone Wasso hangs out with, not to mention that Brute and Nick are around sometimes."

"Crush? You think someone has a crush on me?" Linder asked bewildered.

"Linder, it's obvious someone does. The lyrics are all about wishing they could be with you instead of Mark. The entire song is about liking someone." David explained.

"What do I do?" Linder asked close to panic.

"First off Linder, relax. It's obvious that whoever is leaving these for you is too shy to do anything else. It's obviously someone from school and even if they know where you live, they've only gone there once when no one was home." David said gently, "For now, I'd just ignore them. But, I will tell you one thing: I think you should tell Mark."

"Tell Mark? I can't tell Mark! It would kill him." Linder cried.

"Linder, if you don't tell Mark and he finds out, he'll think there's something to these tapes. If you tell him now, before he finds out himself, he'll know you don't like it and you have no idea who it is."

"No. I can't tell him. I'll just throw them all out and throw out any new ones that come along." Linder decided.

"If that's what you want to do, that's fine. I still think you should tell Mark but you know him better than I do. If you think he couldn't handle it, then maybe you're right. Just, be careful. Let me know if you find out anything, and let me know if this whole thing is getting too much for you. I'm sure we can work something out so whoever this is leaves you alone."

"Okay." Linder replied.

"Come on, let's get you on your way. Wasso told me Mark said you were heading to his place after we 'finished our work'. I know you'd rather be with him than me."

David held the door open for Linder. Linder looked up at David and suddenly gave David a hug. Squeezing tightly, Linder said. "Thanks David. Thanks."

David was a bit surprised at the hug but managed to return it. "It's no big deal Linder. You're my friend and so is Mark, I want you guys to be happy."

"Thanks David. And, I'm sorry. I mean, I know you liked Mark first. I know we hurt you when we got together. It was mean of us, especially me since I knew. I don't think Mark ever knew, but I did. I was mean. I'm sorry." Linder said quickly before he fled out the door without looking back.

David stared at Linder's retreating figure. David was completely shocked at Linder's confession. David always thought that neither Mark nor Linder knew about his crush on Mark. Since Wasso, David hadn't even thought about how he once liked Mark. Why would Linder say all that? Why now? David closed the door and puzzled over everything as he waited for Wasso to come home.

Linder knocked on Mark's door and jumped in surprise when the door opened right away. Mark grinned at Linder as he shrugged into a jacket. Stepping outside, Mark closed the door and grabbed Linder's hand.

"C'mon Linder," Mark said pulling Linder down the walkway, "Dad decided he wanted to cook for the kids so we're going out for dinner."

"Won't your dad mind that you're not there for his cooking?" asked Linder.

"Nah, he told me to take off and have a busser's holiday with you." Explained Mark "How about Dine Downtown?"

"Sure, I could go for their burgers. Hey, did you bring any quarters with you?" Linder responded.

"Of course. Would I go to Dine Downtown without change for the best jukebox in town?" Mark said grinning at Linder, "How'd the essay go?"

"Huh? Oh, with David. Better than I thought." Linder said.

"That's good."

"Yeah, it is." said Linder smiling at Mark.

Mark and Linder sat at a window booth in Dine Downtown. Dine Downtown was a local spot and a favourite of Mark and Linder's. The restaurant was fashioned after the diners of the 1950's including colourful booths, a jukebox and an old fashioned soda fountain.

After ordering burgers, Mark shoved some quarters at Linder so he could put some music on the jukebox. Linder loved the jukebox with its mix of classic songs and new music. Mark always laughed at him but Linder enjoyed debating over the choices to find just the right mix of songs. After a bit of thought, Linder went with Elvis, Janis Joplin, the Kinks, the Pixies, Madonna and the Flaming Lips.

Grinning happily to himself, Linder started back across the diner to his table. Linder heard the click of the jukebox starting and wondered if Mark would enjoy Jail House Rock as much as he would. Linder stopped in his tracks when he heard the beginning of the Eels instead of the King. Panicked Linder looked around the diner trying to see if anyone was watching him and trying to figure out who had chosen this song. As his gaze passed Mark, Linder saw the look of bewilderment on Marks face and realized he must look strange standing in the middle of the diner turning in circles. Taking a deep breath, Linder forced himself to smile and shrug at Mark as he walked towards the table.

"Are you ok?" Mark asked Linder as he slid into the booth, "You looked like you were having a panic attack or something for a minute."

"I'm fine." Linder said blushing just a bit, "I just thought I had heard someone calling my name but it must have been my imagination."

Mark laughed and reached across the table to hold Linder's hand, "It was probably a secret admirer of yours and I should be jealous."

Linder laughed a bit nervously and hoped Mark didn't notice his hands becoming clammy with sweat.

"There's no way I'd have a secret admirer." Linder said, "I'm nothing special, most people probably don't even know my name."

Mark smiled gently and squeezed Linder's hand. "You're special to me Linder."

Linder awarded Mark with his first true smile of the day. "You're special to me too."

Linder paced the front porch as he waited for David to open the door. Someone had put the Eels on the jukebox three times during his dinner last night with Mark. Linder hadn't seen anyone special using the jukebox but it was not an easy thing since almost every diner there put on a song or two they liked. Linder's morning had started off with a surprise as well. When he opened the door to head out to school, there was a red rose tied with a bow and a note that said "You're the reason I smile".

David opened the door and stepped outside with Wasso. Seeing the look in Linder's eyes, David turned to Wasso and quietly said "Why don't you head over to Mark's and tell him that Linder and I will see you guys at school."

"Ok" Wasso said eyeing Linder just a little. Wasso bent down to give David a quick kiss before striding off down the street.

"You all right Linder?" David asked, "You look a bit worried."

"I don't know if I can take anymore David. Three times last night. Three times! Then the flower. How am I supposed to deal with flowers?" Linder rushed through the words, "I don't know how Mark never noticed I jumped whenever the Eels came on last night. Three times! It had to be someone at the diner, but I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Three times and now a rose!"

"Linder! Calm down. Take a deep breath" David said gently grabbing Linder by the shoulders so he'd pay attention. "Breathe Linder, breathe. Start at the beginning, I didn't get much sense out of what you just said."

Linder took a deep breath then started over. "I went out to dinner with Mark last night at Dine Downtown. While we were there, someone put the Eels on three times. The first time started just after I finished selecting my own songs on the jukebox. I almost fainted when it started to play. By the third time I wanted to stand up and scream for whoever was putting them on to leave me alone. Then this morning, this is on my doorstep." Linder shoved the rose at David and watched nervously as David read the attached note.

Whistling softly, David murmured "Man, someone really likes you. I'd be flattered if someone went through this much trouble for me."

"Flattered? Ha." Linder sneered, "I should be flattered that someone is trying to break up Mark and I?"

David thought for a moment before saying anything. "For some reason I don't think they are trying to break up you and Mark. I think they'd be more direct if they wanted to achieve that. I think maybe this person is just letting you know that they are out there."

Linder opened his mouth for another sarcastic retort then closed it with a snap. What if the person was just letting him know that there's someone out there who liked him? Linder didn't even know if this person was a boy or a girl. If he kept ignoring the things that were left for him and showed no signs he even got them, maybe this person would leave him alone. It must be obvious that Linder was happy with Mark. It was obvious, wasn't it?

"Maybe you're right David. I should just ignore it all. I can see how you think it's flattering but I love Mark and I don't want to be with anyone else. I wouldn't leave Mark for anything or anyone – not even you." Linder said.

"What?" David asked staring at Linder with wide eyes. "What did you just say?"

"Huh? I just said that I love Mark and would never leave him for anyone else." Linder said confused.

"No. You just said you'd never leave Mark for anyone else, not even me." David told Linder.

"I did?" Linder said with a blush. "I, uh, I'm not sure why I said that. Are you sure I said that?"

David looked at the blush on Linder's face and decided not to leave it alone, he wanted to know what Linder meant by that.

"You did say that Linder. Why would you say that?"

"Um. I-i-it's nothing David. I-I guess it's c-c-cause you're my best friend and all…" Linder said obviously hedging the question. "Come on, we're going to be late for school."

"Linder, I know I should drop this but I won't. You've been with Mark pretty much from the moment we met. Why would you even think of me?" David said taking a seat on the front steps and grabbing Linder's arm so he had to sit beside David.

"Look, it's nothing. It's no big deal. It's just…just…well, I knew you before I met Mark." Linder said looking away, "I've known you for years."

"You have?" asked David, "Well, I guess we must have had other classes together but I don't remember meeting you before Mark introduced us."

"Well, err, you never noticed me before that I guess. But I noticed you. I've always noticed you, ever since fourth grade." Linder said uncomfortably, "Look, can we just forget this and go to school? We're already late."

"No." David said, "I can't just let this go Linder. You're my closest friend other than Wasso. Now you're telling me you've known of me since the fourth grade and you make it sound as if you liked me or something."

Linder stood up and walked to the end of the porch, looking over at the neighbours dog, he quietly spoke, "I did David. I liked you for years. In the fourth grade, you pulled Jim Cora off of me when he was beating me up. You saved me even though you got hurt badly. I liked you for years after that, before I met Mark."

David got up and walked over to Linder. "I remember that. I remember I pulled Jim off some kid. God, I got my ass kicked that day. I ended up with ten stitches and still have a scar from that. That was you?"

Linder turned towards David, not quite able to meet his eyes. "Yeah, that was me. I followed you around for months after that but could never get the nerve to talk to you. I wasn't really surprised that you didn't recognize me when Mark introduced us. I was so embarrassed that day. Here I was with a guy I was starting to really like and he was 'introducing' me to the guy I'd had a crush on forever. I could barely talk and I'm sure my face was bright red."

David smiled, "Yeah, it was. I thought it was just because Mark was holding your hand. God how I hated you in that moment. Heh, sorry about that."

Linder looked up at David's face and smiled back, "Yeah, that glare you gave me sure scared me for a while. I couldn't talk to you for weeks after that glare."

David shrugged, "And now look at us. Two best friends in amazing relationships with other guys talking about a crush between them."

Linder blushed again, "I can't believe I said that. I planned on never telling you about my old crush."

David gently took hold of Linder's chin forcing Linder to look at him, "I'm glad you did. I'm sorry I didn't know about it before. I'm sorry I never saw you."

"It's not a big deal," Linder said blushing even harder, "It was all a long time ago now."

"Yeah, I guess it was." David said quietly, "But still, I'm sorry."

Not letting go of Linder's face, David leaned down and gently pressed his lips to Linder's. David backed off just a bit and let go of Linder's face. Looking in Linder's eyes, David tried to figure out why he had done that.

Linder looked up at David. He could still feel the gentle pressure of David's lips against his. Why had David kissed him? Linder couldn't help but feel a response to David's kiss; he had imagined it so many times over the years. Linder could see the puzzlement in David's eyes but he also saw something else – a kind of recognition of a moment missed.

Not allowing a chance to think, Linder gave into the slight yearning inside of him. Linder stepped up to David, wrapped his arms around David's neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Linder kissed David with all the old feelings and desires and urges he'd had throughout the years. Linder felt David's shock at the kiss but didn't back away. Linder put everything he had into the kiss and felt David give in.

David's mind went blank as Linder reached up and pulled him down for a kiss. This was no gentle kiss between friends, this was a real kiss. David felt a small yearning and couldn't help but give in to the kiss – Linder was just too good at this. David shut off his brain and returned the kiss has hard and deep as Linder gave him.

When David started returning the kiss, Linder felt something snap loose in his mind. Linder tightened his hold on David and deepened the kiss. Linder wasn't sure who groaned first but he couldn't help but gasp as David's hands ran down his back to his hips. Linder instinctively moved so that they fitted against each other as David's hands gripped Linder's hips and pulled him close.

Linder felt David rub against him as David broke this kiss to press his lips against Linder's neck. Linder let his head drop back, giving David easier access to the most sensitive parts of his neck. Linder gripped his hands in David's hair and groaned as David nipped at Linder's earlobe. Pulling David's head up by the grip in his hair, Linder captured David's mouth again. Linder shifted his stance so that he had a leg between David's and rubbed up against David letting him feel Linder's erection.

David groaned at the feel of Linder's erection against his own. He gently bit Linder's lower lip and shrugged out of his jacket. David reached inside Linder's jacket and pushed it off his shoulders. Linder let go of David only long enough to let his jacket fall to the ground then wrapped his arms around David's waist, his hands under David's shirt and tracing the muscles of David's back.

David pushed his hands under Linder's shirt and ran them up Linder's side. David let his hands wander over Linder's chest and his fingers find Linder's nipples. David toyed with Linder's chest and felt a deep pull in his groin as Linder's hands went under the back of David's pants to his ass.

The sharp sound of a honking car brought David to his senses. What the hell were they doing? They were making out on his front porch where anyone, including their boyfriends, could see. David bit back a groan as Linder's mouth cruised over his neck. Gathering every bit of his self-control, David gently pushed Linder away as he took a step back. Linder murmured a small protest and stepped close to David again.

David took another step back and grabbed Linder's hands to keep them off him. Gently, he forced Linder to look at his face. "We can't do this Linder. We're on the front porch for fuck's sake. And there's Mark and Wasso and…. Oh god don't give me that look…oh god what the hell are we doing?"

David couldn't stop himself, not while Linder was looking at him hungrily through lust fogged eyes. David grabbed Linder and pulled him tight against him and took Linder's mouth in a greedy kiss.

"No." David muttered against Linder's lips, "We shouldn't be doing this."

Pulling himself away from Linder again, David dropped his forehead against Linder's and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "My god Linder, what the hell was that? We're outside for fuck's sake. What if Mark or Wasso or someone came by?"

"Yeah," Linder mumbled, "Yeah, you're right. We can't do this."

Linder put his hands on David's waist intending to push him further away. Instead, Linder groaned as David brushed a gentle kiss against his lips.

"We shouldn't be doing this." David whispered against Linder's lips. "We can't do this."

Pulling Linder with him by putting his hands on top of Linder's on his waist, David took a couple steps back until he felt the door against his back. Looking into Linder's eyes, David asked, "Are we doing this?"

Linder looked at David for a long moment. Linder knew he should step away. What was going on between him and David could only lead to heartbreak. He loved Mark and he knew that David loved Wasso. But…

Linder reached up and gently kissed David. Reaching around David, Linder opened the front door and pushed the two of them through it without breaking the kiss.

David found himself inside his house, with his back pressed up against the door and his hands full of Linder who was kissing him with everything he had. Thanking god that his parents were out of town, David once again shut off his brain. David grabbed Linder's shirt and dragged it off then pulled off his own shirt.

The two of them broke apart and looked at each other. They were breathing heavily and could only stare at each other. David broke the look and stepped away from the door. He glanced at the window to see if the curtains were drawn then pulled Linder to him. Linder came willingly but stopped David's hands as they fumbled with the button on Linder's pants. Biting his lip, Linder looked David in the eye for another long moment. Making the decision, Linder reached over and undid David's pants, pushing them down David's hips. As David stepped out of his pants, Linder pulled his own off and stepped out of them.

David pulled Linder into another kiss and the two of them dropped to the floor. Their control broke as they hit the floor and the two of them dove at each other. Hands ran over skin, lips and teeth were used to tease and scintillate, backs arched and hips rubbed. David let out a moan as Linder's hand went into his boxers and to his erection. Linder used his hands to stroke and tease until David thought he'd explode. David slid down Linder's body and kissed Linder's navel. As one hand pushed Linder's underwear down and off, David took hold of Linder's cock with the other. David felt Linder shudder as he took Linder's cock in his mouth. David moaned as he tasted Linder. Linder tasted so different and unique and it was intoxicating. David used his mouth and hands to tease Linder to the edge. Sucking deep, David felt Linder's muscles spasm as an orgasm ripped through Linder.

Needing more, David sat up and pulled a small plant off the desk. As Linder watched, David took the plant off its base and revealed a small drawer in the base. David opened the drawer and pulled out a condom and a small pack of lube. Linder sat up and reached for the condom and lube. Ripping open the pack, Linder took out the condom and rolled it over David's cock. David said nothing as Linder opened the small pack of lube and rubbed some of it on David's cock. Linder handed the rest of the lube to David then laid down again.

Keeping his eyes on Linder, David leaned down and kissed him. As the kiss deepened, David used the rest of the lube on Linder and then entered Linder with a finger. Linder arched his back and pressed up against David.

"More." Linder whispered, "More."

David shifted and with a thrust of his hips, entered Linder. Linder reared up wrapping himself around David.

"More. I need more."

David groaned as he thrust into Linder. Leaning down so Linder's back was against the floor David grabbed hold of Linder's hips and thrust hard. Linder's deep groan ripped through David and David moved harder and harder with each thrust. Leaning down on an elbow, David kissed Linder and reached down with one hand to stroke Linder's cock. Linder let out another deep groan that David felt rip through him. Linder's nails bit into David's back and Linder's teeth latched in a gentle nip onto David's lower lip.

Linder was engulfed in sensations. The pull of David's hand against his cock, the deep pressure of David's cock inside him and the thrust of David's tongue in his mouth overwhelmed Linder until all he felt was sensations. Linder heard himself beg for more, for it to be harder, faster, stronger. Linder felt David's response to every request. David's pure abandonment to Linder gave Linder pleasure as he had never felt before. Even though David was fucking Linder, Linder knew he was in control. All Linder had to do was ask and David would give him what he wanted.

Linder felt David stiffen with the urge to cum and said, "No. Not yet."

David struggled to hold control when he heard Linder's request. He was so close that he wasn't sure if he could control it. David bit his lip hard enough that he tasted blood but managed to gain control. David held himself up on shaking arms and hung his head down concentrating on keeping control. David groaned in pleasurable agony as he felt Linder arch his back and thrust himself down on David's cock. Closing his eyes, David held onto his slipping control as Linder continued to move himself up and down David's cock.

"Linder." David moaned. "Now. Please now."

"Yes" Linder said wrapping his arms around David, "Yes. Now."

David let his control go and thrust into Linder deeper than ever before. Unable to hold himself up, David collapsed onto Linder as the orgasm whipped through him.

Linder tried without success to not watch David as he dressed. Linder knew he should feel guilty over what happened but found himself at peace with his actions. Shrugging into his shirt, Linder hoped that David had no regrets as well.

David tried without success to not watch Linder as he dressed. David knew he should feel horrible over what happened but found himself accepting his actions. Bending down to pull on his shoes, David wondered what Linder was thinking.

David glanced down at his watch. "Looks like we missed morning classes."

"Seems that way." said Linder, "Are we going to make it for lunch."

"With plenty of time to spare." David said stopping to look at Linder. "Are you going to tell Mark?"

Linder stopped and stared at David in surprise, "Why would I tell Mark about what this morning. We both know it would destroy everything."

David laughed, "Linder, I didn't mean about this morning. I meant about the tapes and the rose and all that stuff."

"Oh." Linder said starting to walk again, "I think so. We don't know who it is and it's just tapes and a flower. If anything, Mark will probably get a kick out of it."

"I can see that. Just make sure Mark doesn't bug you too much about it. Don't let him play that song continuously to get a rise out of you." David said falling in beside Linder.

"Don't worry about that, we've been together long enough I know how to annoy him back." Linder said with a quick grin.

"I'm sure you do." David said returning the grin.

Feeling the grin fade away, David looked away from Linder, "So, ah, about this morning…"

"David, don't." Linder interrupted, "I don't regret it. You don't regret it. Let's just leave it at that. It happened and it was amazing. That's all."

David blushed. "Yeah, it was mind blowing but you're right. I don't regret it, I can't regret it, and so I'll just leave it at that."

Reaching the school gates, Linder turned to David and reached up to pat his face. "Don't look so sad David. I'll never forget it and I'll never regret it."

Grabbing David by the hand, Linder started towards their lunch spot. "Come on. We should probably be there before Wasso and Mark. I wonder if they noticed we missed morning classes."

David shook his head at Linder. He always forgot how strong Linder could be when necessary. Letting thoughts of the morning drift away, David replied, "Probably not. We don't share any classes with them so unless they were purposely looking for us, they probably have no idea. And, since I don't feel like getting chewed out by Wasso about it, I'm not telling him."

"Why would he chew you out over missing some classes? He's always skipping himself." Linder asked.

"That's the thing," David explained taking a seat on one of the benches, "I yell at him for skipping classes and badger him into going so he'll say I'm being hypocritical."

"Ah. Will he be really mad?" Linder asked sitting down beside David.

"Nah, he'll huff and he'll puff but he can't stay mad at me. I'm too cute." David joked fluttering his eyelashes at Linder.

Linder laughed and pushed at David, "You wish."

"You have been with Mark for too long. You're even sounding like him now!" David protested laughing.

Linder laughed and leaned against David. It surprised Linder how comfortable he felt with David. It was almost as if their morning together had cemented their friendship. Linder turned his face to the sun and closed his eyes. Linder heard David give a contented sigh and relax against Linder. Linder smiled and enjoyed the sun's warmth on his skin as they waited for Wasso and Mark to join them.