To My Best Friend

My friend, don't you know?

My friend, can't you see?

Why don't you notice

What you're doing to me?

I watch you laugh,

I watch you have fun

And I can't help but feel

That our friendship is done.

You have your private jokes

You have a new friend

And your past life with me

Has come to an end.

You sit together in class

Passing notes back and forth.

The ball with me's over

It's out of my court.

It should be me there

Having fun joking with you

Like we did last year

And the year before too.

I should be your best friend

Sitting with you in class

Not her with her newness

Over me your eyes pass.

Why can't you notice?

Why can't you see?

That the things that you're doing

Are so painful to me?

I almost can't bear it

I sit down and cry

As I watch you with her

Walking, passing me by.

Each day it comes

Upon me again.

All I want now

Is you back as a friend.

Do you care? Can you see?

How could you right now?

You're always with her

Go on, take a bow.

If that's what you wanted,

Congrats, you've succeeded.

My heart is in shambles

Since I'm no longer needed.

But still, I would never

Wish this feeling on you.

However angry I am,

That's not what I do.

Even though you have pained me

And are never around,

You are still my best friend

To you I am bound.