Chapter One 1 - Welcome to the 2nd Realm! [Monday, 8:15 a.m.]

Daisuke is awaken by his alarm clock, which he's not too thrilled about. He's groggy, as he climbs out of bed, in a grey T-shirt and red star decorated boxers, and walks out of his quarters to the bathroom; leaving the alarm clock untouched and still buzzing. He ignores the other students he sees in the hallway and they do the same. There was an understanding between Daisuke and the other students. He brushes his teeth and heads back to the kitchen in his room, still groggy; again, the alarm untouched.

As you can imagine, his dorm room isn't too large. From the door, directly to the left is his kitchen. To the immediate right of the door is a shelf, that reaches up to the ceiling, of which is the home for Daisuke's Manga and Anime collection. He has a small TV here, set up within the shelf. But it's only really used for watching Anime in the mornings while he enjoys breakfast. There's a couch, facing to the right, separating the kitchen from this space. Against the wall, on the right side, are two doors. The one on the right leads to Daisuke's room. The left door is just closet space. His room is quite simple. There's a TV, an Xbox 360, a drawer for his games, and his bed.

He pops a couple of toaster pastries in the toaster. They were done quickly as Daisuke had the toaster set to around three and a half: out of five. He grabs a plate, from the cabinet above, places the pastries and takes a seat on his sofa, grabbing the remote off his coffee table as he plops down. He flicks on the TV. Simultaneously, the alarm is shut off. There's a news report of more mysterious attacks and robberies. He ignores it and switches to input. Daisuke wasn't one to dabble in current events, as far as the news is concerned. One would think he would want to watch it, being a photographer and all, but Daisuke tries to only focus on himself. So much so, that you'd rarely see him with anyone besides his best friend Akihiro.

After he watches a couple episodes of Bleach, he heads to the kitchen to fix an omelet, his usual breakfast meal, with a side of bacon and eggs. The pastries were just to hold his hunger at bay while watching his morning Anime. After his true breakfast is finished, Daisuke washes his dishes and walks out of the dorm, and makes his way through campus to the Main Building for his morning class; Algebra 12. This was his routine.

It's around 2:15 in the afternoon and classes are done for the day. Daisuke takes a walk to a camp site ways away from his dorm; making plenty of time for small detours, mainly smoke breaks. A trip he usually takes when he's frustrated or has something on his mind. This time was no different. Daisuke felt the sudden urge to get away from people. That and the break up with his High School girlfriend were bugging him in unison. She, in his words, didn't meet the qualifications of a girlfriend. She'd cheated on him, several times. Something he only found out after she'd moved to Japan to attend Mamoso Academy.

He walks up to a camp site on a hill that hangs over the lake. Daisuke had stopped to admire it: the lake. He'd walked onto the camp ground and sat on a guarding rail just off the walking trail; a curved metal railing. The camp site had a beautiful view and was filled with wild life. Squirrels filled what trees there were and you would see an occasional loose kitten, or two, or three, or four! Like seriously, sometimes the kittens run in packs of four. It's rare you'd catch any more than four kittens together. It must've been their thing or something. But that's beside the point.

He then walks his usual path, passed the camping ground and along a trail, decorated with trees on both sides. The trees reached so high that they'd block out the sun. Only small beams shined down. Suddenly, Daisuke's vision took a negative hue for a split second, and he feels as if he's stepped into a special zone. Soon, everything went silent and Daisuke immediately felt an undeniable force course through his being; it felt like a power up, level up or graduation. Suddenly, Daisuke hears music coming from just east of his position. To his surprise, there was a trail leading east. He had never noticed it before. He usually would just walk straight along the path and then follow the streets back to his dorm. Daisuke decides to check out the source of the strange music he was hearing. There might be a chance for pictures, the discovery of something new or the encounter of a female student or hiker. OH! YES! BOOBS FOR THE WIN! It was what motivated Daisuke in becoming a photographer. He wasn't a complete perve. He also liked the idea of telling a story through is lens.

The idea made Daisuke feel uncontrollably excited for some odd reason. He had a raging hard-on just thinking of the female gender. Something had to be in the air he though. He glances at his cigarette as if it could be poison. Hmpf. He shrugs his shoulders and pops the cigarette back into his mouth and prances, uncontrollably, through the clouds steaming up into the air from the meteor landing site looking area not to far from Daisuke now. Not paying attention to his footing, Daisuke trips on the edge of the meteor site and rolls in and continues to roll until he lands face first, dead center of the meteor hit site. Smoke is still steaming up from the Earth. He then felt a sudden pulse of energy course through his body again. When he pulls himself up to a sitting position, the smoke instantly vanishes and he sees a small golden ball before him: which happens to be the source of the music. Standing in the center of a huge crash site, he picks up the golden ball without hesitation. He felt the force again, this time, coursing from the golden ball into his finger tips and out through his toes. It instantly begins emitting beautiful golden light rays while in Daisuke's hand.

Surprised, Daisuke drops the golden ball as he lets out a shriek. The golden ball bounces off a stone and pops open. The music stops but the golden lights remain. The lights being displayed now reach father, as the ball is now open, and a wave of energy seems to infect the ground beneath it. As it approaches Daisuke, he begins to scamper to his feet. He is crawling on his knees when the wave covers the ground beneath him. His vision, again, takes on a negative hue. The force he feels now is much stronger and he loses all control of himself. He's lifted to his feet, above the ground, and is pulled toward a shining golden figure. The light is so bright it causes Daisuke to squint. As he gets closer though, he is able to see. It is a woman before him.

A woman with bright golden hair, cut short with eyes to match and dressed in an all black kimono.

She floats through the air to Daisuke and grabs a hold of him before he able to completely look her over. She wraps her arms around him embracing him in what would technically be called a hug. She disappears and reappears behind Daisuke, grabbing his arm, cranking it and slamming him to the ground: like Jin does in Tekken! Daisuke, in shock, looking up at a beautiful woman that used to live in a tiny metal ball, just says the first thing that comes to mind.

"Who are you?" (YoY)

"You may call me Shizuko. I am the Golden Guardian." She bows, "I am here to do your bidding my King…"

Daisuke, not feeling any restrictions, stands.

"W-What?! Your King?!"

"Yes you are my King. You have released me from my resting place. However, I can call you master if that suits you better."

"No no no. King is fine. Uhhhh" (sweat drop)

"What is your name young sir?"

"Ah-uh. It's Daisuke."

"Ok then. Daisuke, I am Shizuko the Golden Guardian. I will do everything in my power to protect my king until he becomes a full fledged War Lord. At that time-"

"Phew! That's a relief, knowing I have a Guardian protecting me from now on." Daisuke says to himself now turned away from Shizuko.

GLARE Grrr..

"Hmpf. As I was saying,"

"Oh?" Daisuke turns back to face Shizuko.

"I will protect my master until he reaches the status of War Lord. At this time-"

"My King is fine." Daisuke says looking down poking his index fingers together.

"So I have to become a War Lord?" now looking at Shizuko.


"Argghh! LET ME FINISH!"

(^_^) Shizuko

"As I was saying…"

(O_o) Daisuke

"Once my master becomes a War Lord, said agreement is broken. I am then forced to destroy you so I can become the ruler of the 2nd Realm."

"W-What?! You'll have to DESTROY ME?! …2nd Realm? What's that? "

Shizuko goes on to describe what the 2nd Realm is: An unseen realm that serves as the battle ground for spirits and demons. (Shizuko, is a spirit of sorts.) Even after doing so, Daisuke still has problems understanding. Shizuko assures him that if he were to harmonize, or allow her Kai to intertwine with his, he would be able to inhabit the 2nd Realm and everything, she had just explained, would be on display to him. Daisuke is very skeptical. Shizuko tells him that to harmonize they have to make contact in some way. She explains that just holding hands for a second would be enough. After what happened earlier, it is easy to see why Daisuke is so skeptical. After some time, he builds up the courage to allow Shizuko to make contact with him and is amazed by the things he sees. Monsters creating "bad luck," attacks on humans, auto accidents, and that's just the start of it!

Shizuko becomes Daisuke's tour guide through, what Daisuke quickly deemed, Duo Space. As the tour reaches it's end, the two of them notice something very strange upon returning to the lake where Daisuke discovered Shizuko's home: the golden ball. A cave had surfaced in the middle of the lake.

"Is it me or was that cave, in the middle of the lake, not there before?"

"My king, you are right. That cave was not there before. Shall we proceed into it?"

"I don't know. After seeing everything you've shown me I don't think wandering into mysterious caves is in our best interests."

"My king should not be so timid. I am here to do your bidding until you become a War Lord. I shall protect you from any opposition."

"Well, that's makes me feel a bit safer." (^_^) hand scratching the back of his head. "Let's do it."

Daisuke starts at his shirt as he believes the two of them will be swimming to reach the cave. He only wears his uniform to classes: a dark green uniform with yellow trim and two yellow stripes down the legs of the pants. Shizuko shoots him a confused look. Then it hits her what his intentions are. Her head drops into her hand and then shakes. Shizuko reaches out and grasps Daisuke hand. The two of them harmonize and a plane of pure energy shoots out beneath them extending to and passed the water cave. Shizuko had introduced Daisuke to one of her many abilities; Soul Plane.

"Whoa! Did we just do that?!"

"Yes my king. This is one of the many useful abilities used in the 2nd Realm."

Daisuke clears his throat.

"Hmpf. In Duo Space, excuse me. Shall we go now?" she says motioning towards the cave.

"After you, my Golden Guardian." he says motioning towards the cave with a smile.

The cave was filled with the echoes of dripping water as it had just surfaced from a lake not too long ago. The two of them wander into the cave. Shizuko had materialized a small ball of light to help illuminate the darkness. After around 15 minutes or so, they reach a fork.

"How shall we proceed my king? To the left or to the right?"

Daisuke thinks for a minute. He then closes his eyes, as if he couldn't concentrate with them open. Suddenly, the cave goes silent. Daisuke hears a drip to his right. He responds by shooting his arm up and pointing in that direction. Little did Daisuke know, he had just made his first step towards becoming a War Lord. The ability of sound filtering: through enhanced senses from the previous harmonization with Shizuko. Shizuko knew exactly what Daisuke had done. She kept her mouth closed as it would be better, for her, if Daisuke didn't know he was making progress. She figured it would give her a head start.

"We'll go this way."

"As you wish my king."

"Can you cut out all the my king stuff already?"

"As you wish, my king." (^_^)

"YOU DID IT AGAIN!" he yelled, arms flailing behind him.

Shizuko takes a step in the direction Daisuke had previously pointed at. As she does this, the cave begins to rumble. The two of them are startled and Shizuko stops moving with only one foot forward. Daisuke hadn't begun moving yet. The trembling of the cave stops. Shizuko takes another step. The cave begins to rumble again.

'Shizuko, I've got a bad feeling about this. Let's turn back."

Shizuko is unfazed by the current situation and continues onward. Daisuke gulps, and follows after her. The two follow the path until they reach an opening. Judging by the size of the cave, they must have went underground at some point. This opening was the size of an arena; like the ones big sporting events are held in. The rumbling of the cave had stopped as they entered the opening. The arena size opening was vast and empty.

"Alright, there's nothing for us here. Can we leave now?"

"As you wish my king."

"I SAID TO STOP SAYING THAT!" his arms again flailing at the speed of light.

Just then, the cave began to shake again; much more violent this time. Daisuke grasps Shizuko's hand and starts at the exit. They're stopped in their tracks as boulders fall from the ceiling blocking the exit.

"Who dares disturb my slumber?" a menacing voice echoes through the cave.

Daisuke is overwhelmed with fear. The cave stops trembling as lightning begins to shoot from the ceiling. Daisuke, again, is overwhelmed with fear. There was water all over the place, throughout the cave, and lightning was striking down from the ceiling. This was becoming too much for Daisuke to handle. To his relief, the lightning stops as it's replaced with quick flashes of light.

Spires, made of rock, shoot up out of the ground and Shizuko quickly wraps her arms around Daisuke and moves at the speed of light, leaving only speed lines; dodging a spire in the process. She lets go off Daisuke and he slams against the boulders blocking them in. He raises on all fours and shoots his head up.

"Just what was that for?!" he yells, right arm flailing in the air.

Shizuko's her head slightly to look at Daisuke. He is surprised to see her face panted red with blushing. She looks away. Their backs are now against the blocked exit.

"Wh-Wh-What the fuck is going on in here?! We're going to die!"

"Settle down my king. I don't know what is going on here, but I'm sure we will soon find out."

And right she was. Viewing from the ceiling they spires had formed a series of rings; leaving only a space in the very middle. A spire of ice shoots up in that exact place. It then bursts into pieces and only a figure is left hovering in the air. Shizuko jumps to meet the mysterious figure's altitude in the air. She takes a fighting stance. Shizuko now had a better view of her possible enemy.

Before her hovered a woman, with only half a head of navy blue hair and a black headband around her head. From this distance, Shizuko couldn't make out the engraving on the metal plate of the headband. Her clothing consisted of a breastplate made completely of ice and black samurai-type pants.

"State your name and purpose or I shall smite you where you…hover!"

"I am Koru. I am a water demon and you, Golden Guardian…are dead. And that boy is next!"

Koru began to speed through the air towards Shizuko, her arm encased in ice that formed a lance. Shizuko lets out a low chuckle. She then turns her head to get a view of Daisuke.

"My king, do nothing but watch. I will do the fighting for this battle."

Daisuke gulps and nods.

Shizuko turns back to face her enemy, now speeding toward her with a lance made of ice. She materializes an axe made of her golden energy. The sight of the golden axe causes Koru's to grow big in hesitate and fear for just a moment. Not knowing what was to come, and not caring, Koru continues to speed towards Shizuko.

Shizuko twirls the axe around in her hands; right and left. As Koru nears her enemy she begins to feel heat. She realizes her enemy has the potential of being dangerous. However, she was already so far gone there was no chance of stopping her attack without leaving herself wide open. She proceeds to near her axe wielding foe.

As Koru reaches a foot's distance from Shizuko, Shizuko seemed to snap. She positions the axe, dead center, in front of her and, with a burst of speed, flew towards and through Koru. The seemingly dangerous Koru slammed to the ground and slid, in two pieces, right in front of Daisuke. He poked the head of one of the two pieces. It turned to water and evaporated, leaving only her headband now split in half. Daisuke picks up the two pieces and tucks it away in his jacket's inside breast pocket. It could be useful later on.

What Koru hadn't known was that Shizuko wielded the power of the sun and was backed by her Kai Animal: a giant 4 headed lion named Shinue. Shizuko's eyes shot out beams of light as her chest jerked forward, with a force that left the rest of her limbs in a backed position. The beast, Shinue, arose in Shizuko and spoke with Daisuke, telling him that he must train before being able to control Shizuko's movements. You see, Shizuko is Shinue's medium..

Kai animals are so sacred they don't dare to leave the 2nd Realm (Duo Space). So, at birth, they are nested in a new born child to be their medium to prevent stepping a foot out of Duo Space. Shinue then proceeds to giving Daisuke the necessary training required to control Shizuko as the home of Koru now served as the perfect training ground. They harmonized over and over until Daisuke was out of energy. They called it a day right after.