Chapter Ten 10 - After Everything Has Changed…Day One [Tuesday, 3:17a.m.]

Daisuke is laying with a leg out from beneath the covers, propped up on the neck of the sofa: snoring. There's noise symbols coming from his 'spot' on the sofa. Most would think it to be noise. But to Shizuko it was the voice of her slumbering king. Shizuko had been having mixed feelings after seeing the Kai Forged weapon in young Daisuke's hands, just the day before. She knew it was a big step towards being a War Lord and the thought made her feel frightened. It was a time Shizuko didn't look forward to. When they would see each other in battle, on opposing sides, to declare the ruler of the 2nd Realm; Daisuke's Duo Space. She closers her eyes in relief as Daisuke continues to sleep, his snoring now lighter. Her sudden feelings had been quieted by the steady sound of Daisuke.

It was early and Shizuko was in the kitchen fixing waffles and bacon. Shizuko had arranged her bed schedule to allow for her to cook breakfast, having the moment as Daisuke's awakes, being the exact moment the first batch of waffles are ready. Being that Daisuke has Kai Forged a weapon, things in his dorm are…not normal. Shizuko has placed an enchantment on a pitcher of syrup. It stays in the closet filled with extra bottles. It would exit to give the commander syrup and refill when it was necessary. All done by thought of wanting syrup for waffles. This was something Shinue would not have allowed before.

Shizuko was dressed in a draping beater made from one of Daisuke's T-shirts; with the arm holes being very large. Obviously, it was a beater Daisuke wore to work out. It was fresh out of the laundry and it still had a faint scent of his musk smell from the good workouts done before. Shizuko's habits became more of what one would consider a girl friend. Making sure to constantly get Daisuke to go out places so she could hit him just because.

Daisuke was in a deep sleep from the amount of Kai he had conjured. It was something his body wasn't used to. He needed to recharge.

It's 3:59a.m. His alarm would soon be going off. The two waffles smelled done in the waffle maker. Shizuko did this as if it was poetry. She smells the waffles being fully expanded and cooked to perfection through the waffle maker. She averts her eyes to the time being showed on the TV, which was in sleep mode.

His alarm sounds and the waffle maker simultaneously sounds as it has just completed the first two waffles. Daisuke rolls to a seated position, both legs on the sofa still, his right leg bent upwards. He ruffles his hair a bit, to the sound of the alarm clock. He grabs the remote off of the coffee table and shuts the alarm off, switching on the TV at the same time. Flicking through the channels, Daisuke speaks to Shizuko in Japanese, saying 'Good morning' and 'How are you today'. He had been studying Japanese as he was now taking it for college. Shizuko studied a Japanese dictionary and listened to many tapes. She was playing as the perfect study partner. Also challenging Daisuke's speech, steadily forcing him to test his mind and fortifying his knowledge of the language. Daisuke was half Asian, but had never been to Japan nor learned Japanese.

Daisuke scratches as his head again, moving his hair about in the process. He lays back down afterwards, and speaks through a pillow as he was again submerged in his sleeping materials.

"Why don't you make it a breakfast in bed Shi-shi-chan? Please, you know I owe you if you do it. I have no energy from my last step in becoming a WAR LORD!"

Shizuko had thought it to Daisuke before he had entered his coma like slumber. That last step Daisuke had taken had allowed him to be engaged with the 2nd Realm in his home. The dorm didn't exactly classify as a home, but Shizuko and Shinue allowed it, being that they usually weren't disturbed unless it was by Akihiro; who knew of Daisuke and Shizuko's abilities. He hadn't looked into it for himself, but he was a distant admirer. It was as if Daisuke's dorm turned into a completely different place. He was allowed to use abilities in his dorm room by Shinue . These allowed activities are things he acquired from making his steps towards War Lord status.

All the while, Shizuko was planning for the likely hood that she would be defeated, but left alive. She would then try to persuade Daisuke into becoming her lover for all eternity. Learning all the skills of a housewife while helping Shinue to train Daisuke. This is why she was up an hour and a half before Daisuke wakes up. Why she continues to try and grow on him through love beating and doing things for him. This is why she brings his waffles to his bed after he had exerted too much Kai the day before. Some would call it LOVE!

Shizuko struts over to Daisuke, again submerged in his sleeping materials. The sweet aroma of fresh waffles and an enchanted syrup pitcher ready for his command. His dorm had become a palace of sorts; with his sofa now being his throne. And right now, Shizuko was his queen. He glances over Shizuko's form. He chest and butt are poked out to grab his attention as she struts over to him. Shizuko would no longer need to hold back her physical expression of their love. Shinue had granted a barrier inside of the dorm. He could have a full on battle in his dorm and no one would know about it. She waves her ass through Daisuke's vision. He's left with a love face (-3-)

'What a beautiful morning! I Kai Forged my first weapon. I deem it the Blade of Datzuka Honor. I will slay many opponents to come with Shizuko by my side. We will defend Managama. And me? A soon to be War Lord!'

Daisuke is sitting up on the couch, his entire lower body covered in covers and pillows. He smells the waffles and lowers them just above the ground. The syrup pitcher, Daisuke named it Mo'Mo, trotted over as if it was part of a beautiful dance that it always performed perfectly. It strides as it catches a beam of early sunlight through the room's now open shades. The pitcher glides over to Daisuke's lowered plate and pours a magnificent flow of syrup over the entirety of the waffles. Daisuke raises them back to his level. Fork in hand and Shizuko now snuggling up near Daisuke's neck. She would most definitely bite him. It was one of her quick expressions of love. She does so right as Daisuke tastes the waffles on his tongue. It was a sensational feeling, he had to admit. His short face of grimace is replaced with an expression of 'Thank you! May I have another?' Shizuko knew what her king like and knew exactly when he wanted it. They could go hours with only teasing each other and Daisuke was perfectly pleased. They only engaged in sex together when the lust was at it's highest and the teasing had them at the end of their wits. To any outsider it was an easy assumption to make, that Daisuke is clearly in love with Shizuko, and that he's planning on becoming her lover for eternity.


Both surprised by the knock at the door, Shizuko motions for Daisuke to continue eating his waffles. He nods and proceeds to demolishing his breakfast, as Shizuko walks to the door. She looks through the peep hole; it's Asuka. Shizuko feels jealous a bit. Her arms shoot downwards to her sides and her face is hidden in her hair, because of the angle her head was at.

She conjures a giant golden fist and it punches Daisuke in the face. He puts his plate onto the coffee table, holds up his right index finger and falls face first onto the floor. Shizuko knew with Asuka in the room all evidence of the 2nd Realm would have to be hidden. It was her last chance to make a ruckus.

With the syrup pitcher locked away in the closet and the barrier now broken, Shizuko opens the door to welcome Asuka.

"Good morning Asuka-chan. What brings you over this early in the morning? If I'm not mistaken, Daisuke-sama doesn't start class til' around eight today."

"You're right. But I have some news for Daisuke…" Asuka didn't know whether to say -kun or -sama. She considered Daisuke close but she didn't know how close he was to Shizuko, being that she called him -sama.

"Oh, news? Please come in."

Asuka enters the dorm room. She looks over to the couch, messy with sleeping materials. She put it together that Daisuke and Shizuko didn't sleep in the same room. Daisuke's true bedroom door was closed. 'Weird' Asuka thought.

"So where is Daisuke-kun? I have news for him."

"He's in the other room. Surely you've noticed the door being closed. He just went to change. I'll go check to see if he's dressed yet."

Shizuko knocks on the door. It opens, just slightly, and she slides herself in, closing the door immediately after.

'Hmm. She doesn't sleep in the same room as him but she walks in while he's changing with no problem at all. I'm still uncertain about their relationship. That doesn't matter. I need to get closer to him so my plan will be able to carry out. Maybe if I turn on the charm a bit more.'

Shizuko appears in the main room. The door was again shut. She was overwhelmed with laughter. Something had amused her in the other room.

"He's just about ready. He's having a nose bleed. That's what's taking so long. He was looking for tissue to plug his nose with. He couldn't find any so he ended up using a pair of my tampons. Please don't make fun when he comes back."

Asuka nods. However, the thought of Daisuke with a pair of tampons in his nostrils did make her laugh on the inside. The door opens and Daisuke comes out with a grey beanie cap on, tampons in his nostrils, a plain grey T-shirt and red sweat pants. He looks the girls over. Shizuko has her usual smile on and Asuka seems to be holding back laughter. He pulls his hat down farther with both hands.

"Asuka-chan, what are you doing here?" he says speaking in English now.

"Hehe. Well, I have some news for you. Antsuda-sensei and all of the rest of our teachers came down with some sickness. To avoid it spreading to the students, classes have been cancelled for the week. Isn't that great!"

"Hmpf. Sure, the greatest…"

"I thought you would be happy to hear that. Well, anyway, I thought you and I could go out together today."

"…" Shizuko has a look of surprise on her face. She was holding back her jealous rage with all of her might.

"I don't know about that."

"Well why not? We never got to go to the movies. You owe me! You forgot about me and then crashed before we got to the movies. Unless you're involved with…"

"Fine. I'll go out to eat and we'll see a movie. Shizuko…"

"Oh?" (O_O)

"You can stay here tonight. I'll go out with Asuka-chan just the two of us. When I get back we can play that new Co-op Player RPG, Frenzon Rage. Ok?"

Shizuko was silent for a moment. She didn't like the idea of her king being alone with another female. She'd been trying very hard to make Daisuke infatuated with her. She didn't want all of her efforts to be erased by one night of alone time with another female. None the less, Shizuko accepted, with a false sense of generosity.

"That's absolutely fine. You two will have a great time. I just know it!"

"Great! I'll finally have the alone time with Daisuke-kun I've been wanting since I met him before that field trip."

Shizuko's face displayed 'yuck' as Asuka spoke about how much she had been wanting to get Daisuke alone. No one saw but Asuka. However, she ignored the look and acted as if she saw nothing.

"Well we have the whole day to figure out the specifics. I'll call and make the dinner reservations. You can look up what movie we'll watch. And no romance movies!"

"Ok. I'll see you tonight Daisuke-kun!"

Asuka shot Daisuke a smile, which he didn't return. That made Shizuko feel a bit more comfortable with him going out with her. She exited his dorm and shut the door behind her. Daisuke takes off his beanie cap and reveals a giant golden extruding from his head. In that same instant, the barrier of his dorm re-established itself. Daisuke and Shizuko were again in the palace, that was Daisuke's dorm room.

"Would mine explaining to me just what the hell this thing is?!" Daisuke yelled now speaking Japanese.

"Well, to be honest, I don't exactly know. The only thing you can really do is wait for it to break through and reveal what it is. I mean, either that or I could try to shove it back in. But that might hurt…a lot."

"I don't care. I just want to be normal. I have a date-"

"What did you say?" Shizuko now glaring at Daisuke will eyes full of evil.

"Nothing. I was saying I need to be normal. I'm going out with Asuka-chan tonight."

"Wrong answer!"

Shizuko grabbed Daisuke by his grey T-shirt and threw him against the fall separating the main room from his bedroom and closet. A throw with that much power would usually have sent Daisuke into another room. The barrier wasn't just for around his dorm though. It was a barrier for around and on everything inside. Lucky for Daisuke, he didn't have to worry about too much getting broken.

Daisuke lands upside-down against the wall. He slowly falls and slides off of the wall. This was an everyday thing between Shizuko and himself.

It was now 8:00 p.m. Asuka would be returning to Daisuke's dorm at any minute. Daisuke had spent the day resting, mostly, from all the beating Shizuko had inflicted on him. Like seriously. He would wake up on the couch, sit up, and be immediately knocked back unconscious by Shizuko. Once, he went back to sleep still sitting up. Talk about love taps. Daisuke didn't really have a clue why Shizuko was constantly hitting him. It was usual for her to attack him but in those times he would feel a bit of love from every blow. These strikes, Shizuko didn't hold anything back. It was if she had been punishing him for something.

It was no use thinking about it, Daisuke thought. He awoke on the couch. Shizuko was in the room with the door close. She must not have wanted to see him and Asuka together. The sight would have definitely made her sick to her stomach. Daisuke decides not to turn on his TV. It would let Shizuko know he was awake and possibly cause her to come storming out to attack him again. So Daisuke just sat on the couch and waited for Asuka to return.

After around twenty minutes, there's a knock at the dorm. Daisuke looks through the peep hole, it's Asuka. He couldn't make out her entire outfit but he did see she was holding a pair of grey boots. Obviously, she wanted to match Daisuke. And her outfit probably followed suit. He opens the door.

"Hey Asuka-chan. I'll be one sec. Let me grab my jacket and shoes."

Daisuke looks to his left at his coat rack. The sweatshirt Shizuko usually wears is gone. It was obviously a punishment. Shizuko was saying that he wouldn't get any help from her if he were to be attacked while out on his date.

'You're almost a War Lord. You don't need my aura anyway.' I can imagine Shi-shi-chan thinking that. Oh well.'

Daisuke grabs his tan colored sports jacket and his sneakers and heads out the door, locking the dorm room behind him. It's faint but Daisuke can hear the sound of the barrier re-establishing itself. He chuckles and throws a peace sign up to say good-bye to the 2nd Realm for a night.

The movies are open later than the restaurants. So, Daisuke and Asuka head out to eat first. Asuka was dressed a bit…sluttish. Besides her calves most of her skin was left uncovered. She had on the grey boots, a very short black skirt and a grey Devil Mates T-shirt. The arrive at a place called So Ngyo, it was a Japanese restaurant. The two are seated in a booth seat, at Daisuke's request.

"Booths are so nice! Did you ask for one when you got the reservation?"

"Yeah. I like the booths in this place. They're away from the noisy main lobby. Plus,"

Daisuke grabs his pack of cigarettes out of his inside breast pocket.

"They have a smoking area!"

Daisuke puts the cigarette in his mouth and reaches back into his jacket pocket for his lighter. He usually put his lighter inside of the pack but it was a fairly new pack. As he pulls out the lighter and gets ready to light his cigarette there's a gang of clanking next to Daisuke. He looks down. The headbands he had collected from his fallen foes had surfaced. Surprised and frantic, Daisuke immediately reaches for them to put them away. If Asuka sees them he would have a hard time explaining. Or so he thought.

"What are those Daisuke-kun?"


"They're these headbands. I collect them. They're mocks of the ones you see in shows like Naruto."

"Hmm..May I take a look?" Asuka asked with her right hand extended.


Daisuke hands them over to Asuka without thinking twice. The waiter comes by to take their orders. Daisuke, smiling, motions, with two hard arm signals, for him to leave. The waiter does so.

"They look so real right?"

'What?! This headband I know to be of Koru. But these other two, I don't recognize them. Daisuke has been busy. He's defeated someone of the Kino Tai? I'll have to look into this later on.'

"They sure do. Just like Naruto! But these two I don't recognize. What village are these for?"

Asuka was hoping for Daisuke to think of the real clan that they came from. Hoping that he would think up some information that would help her figure out who they belonged to. She read his mind, but didn't come up with anything.

"A village from the exclusive episodes. They aren't released yet. Anyway, why don't you hand those back? Then we can order our food."