Chapter Five 5 - Summer Festival! [Friday, 12:00 p.m.]

"Ohh! Shi-shi-chan you're awake!" Daisuke shouted in shock.

Ms. Harajuku glared over at Shizuko, being that she had just interrupted the most fun she'd seen in months. She had half a mind to continue dominating Daisuke right in front of her, but she didn't. She, mounted on Daisuke, pull herself off of the mountain that was Daisuke's penis. The sudden motion, again, between his dick and her sweet snatch cause a second shutter to run up Daisuke's back. His teeth chattered. Ms. Harajuku stood and stomped her foot in frustration, causing her skirt to fly up revealing that she had no underwear on to Shizuko. She figured it was enough to establish her dominance as the alpha female in the room. She quickly spins around, her skirt again flaring up, to face Shizuko. Shizuko had her head turned away from the two, so she didn't see the nude parts of Ms. Harajuku. She was mad enough already.

"It seems you're awake now. While I have you I'd like to ask you a few questions. For starters, who-"

"Well well well. Look at the time. We should definitely get out of here."

"Now just wait one minute Daisuke-kun. I have questions that need answering!"

Ms. Harajuku was too slow for Daisuke this time. He'd jumped out of his bed, in his boxers, snatched Shizuko out of her bed and ran like his life depended on it! By the time her sentence was finished Daisuke and Shizuko were LONG gone. This wasn't Ms. Harajuku's day. She'd been deprived of the only opportunity for sex she'd had in months and Daisuke and the mystery girl, to her, had slipped through her fingers. She felt extremely stupid; left standing, looking at the door the two had escaped from. She sighed and chalked the situation up as a loss. She turned around to check on Asuka, the only left in the room. But Asuka was no where to be found.

"Now that, I just can't believe."

Back at the dorms, Daisuke was having problems with Shizuko. She was unsure of what exactly had been going on between Ms. Harajuku and himself, but whatever it was, she didn't like it.

"Tell me Daisuke-sama, what was that woman doing on top of you?"

"Uhh…some nursing stuff. You know checking my pulse, CPR. That kinda thing."

"Right." Shizuko said with a very angrily and sarcastic manner. "But she wasn't wearing any bottoms underneath her skirt."

"Again, that's just nursing stuff. Probably to help her fight infection of some kind." (^_^) sweatdrop

What Daisuke hadn't known was that Shizuko was the one who had rescued them after the car accident and that she hadn't been asleep while in the hospital. She did have her eyes closed, but her ears were open. She had an idea what had gone on. She'd played enough of his games, and researched into his perverted materials enough to be able to guess what had gone on. Shizuko turned away from Daisuke, on the sofa.

"You were mating with her weren't you?"

"…" Daisuke was shocked by the accusation.

'Dammit. Shizuko is smarter than she puts on.'

Although Daisuke had only penetrated Ms. Harajuku and Shizuko wasn't exactly his girlfriend, it didn't make him feel any less guilty. He decided, for once, he wouldn't fabricate a lie to Shizuko.

"Listen Shi-Shi-chan, that woman, Ms. Harajuku-sensei, was dominating me. She was forcing me to do things I didn't want to. You see, I…"

"What? What do I see Daisuke?!"

Daisuke snaps out of his apologetic mood. It was the first time she had called him by his name and his name only. She was being extremely serious with him.

"I…really care about you."

"What?!" Shizuko let out an uncontrollable gasps, turning to Daisuke.

The question had caught Shizuko off guard. She had no idea that Daisuke had any feelings for her. He had never been so opened with her before. She turned to face away from Daisuke again, as she was blushing extremely hard and had a fuzzy-like feeling coursing through her body. She was also furious with him. Half of her mind wanted to attack Daisuke for both the incident and the blushing. However, she could feel that she would go over board with the violence. It was the first time she had mentally been able to control her violent outbursts.

"I don't believe you. If you care about me so much you wouldn't have done what you did."

A look of utter dissatisfaction painted Daisuke's face.

"Hey, there's a festival in town tonight. How about the both of us go?" he quickly continued his attempt to apologize.

Shizuko remained silent and didn't reply.

"Awww. Haven't you given me enough of the silent treatment? Look I'm sorry for what happened earlier ok? I want to make amends. Just think of this as the first of my many apologies."

Shizuko turned to face the TV, still refusing to look Daisuke in the eyes.

"Will there be more of the things you call pastries there?"

"Will there! There's gonna' be all kinds of new things for me to show you. I promise you'll have a good time. Even if you are snubbing me the entire time."

Shizuko turned to face Daisuke, still refusing to look him in the eyes; legs up on the sofa held in place with her arms.

"Fine. I'll go to this festival. But I will not dress to match what you're wearing. You don't deserve that much."

"That's fine. People would think we're a couple if we were matching anyway." (^_^)

Daisuke begins to chuckle a bit with his eyes closed. Shizuko takes a peek at Daisuke while his eyes are closed. He re-opens them and catches Shizuko starring at him. She immediately turns away, blushing, and runs off to her, really Daisuke's, room and slams the door behind her.

Daisuke decides to take a nap until it was time for the festival. It started around 8:00 p.m. or so. That would give him a good three hour nap.

Daisuke wakes up to hearing Shizuko playing his Xbox 360. She must have experienced boredom at one point and time. Judging from what he heard, Shizuko was playing a shooting game.

"I don't hear any plasma grenades, but I do hear the beeping of a semtex grenade. Modern Warfare."

He was right. Shizuko had taken an interest in Modern Warfare because of the realism. She believed it to be some soldier training program. How silly of her. Daisuke walks up to his bedroom door and knocks. This was something he was not used to: knocking on his bedroom door. The shooting and violence ceased and the door swung open.

"What's your deal?! I was just about to kill three juggernauts back to back. I swear, this had better be important."

"Umm…it's 7:45. The festival starts in fifteen minutes. I figured we could walk. You know, give us some time to patch things up."

"Ugh! I have no interest in patching things up with you Daisuke. Now leave me alone and let me beat this level."

Intimidated, Daisuke laughs off the encounter. Shizuko turns back to her room and slams the door behind her. The shooting quickly resumes. It's followed by three shots and Shizuko shouting at the TV. Daisuke, worried about the well being of his TV and gaming console, burst through the door to investigate.

Lucky for him, Shizuko had just picked his TV off the wall mount and was going to slam it onto the console. He had entered the room just in time. Shizuko, in the middle of a rage, turned to Daisuke with a look of strong puzzlement. (O_o)

"Shi-Shi-chan, please don't-"

She slams the TV onto the console.

"-do that…"

"It's your fault. If you wouldn't have interrupted me I wouldn't have died."

"Actually, that level is kinda' difficult. You see, the juggernauts are one of the toughest enemies."

"Whatever. I assume we should get to that festival now then."

"Yea. Let's get going."

Daisuke grabbed his backpack, he had packed earlier because of the incident with Ms. Harajuku, and slung it onto his back. He would only be wearing a plain blue T-shirt to the festival tonight.

It was darker out now, so the festival was lit with a gang of yellow lanterns with a kanji symbol to decorate each lantern. Most of the lanterns were painted with words like: Happiness or Fun. The yellow lanterns gave the festival a more lively feel. None the less, the festival was going well. As Daisuke and Shizuko walk up to the festival entrance, they can see the mass of people attending. Daisuke felt a bit discouraged as he figured it would be too crowded for the two of them to visit all the place he had in mind. And he was worried he'd run into someone like Asuka during the festival. She was also part Asian and would probably be attending.

"I'm sorry Shizuko. I don't think-" he said turning to face Shizuko.

But, to his surprise, Shizuko was no longer next to him. She began popping up, at each stand, asking the teller what is was they were selling. Pop! What's that? (Repeatedly) You get the idea. Daisuke laughs and walks over to the Funnel Cake stand and waits for Shizuko to come zooming by. When she does, he grabs a hold of her dress; soft pink with a cardinal yellow bow around the waist and pattern spiraling from the waist down. Her legs continued to make the motion of running, but she wasn't going anywhere. When she realized the stand, she had her eyes on, wasn't getting any closer, she knew something was up.

"Hey! What's your deal man? I was kinda' doing something."

"Ha ha ha! I stopped you because we're here."

"And where is here?"

"The funnel cake stand. Remember? The one I was telling you about."

Shizuko's eyes grew big win admiration. She starred at the funnel cakes for just a moment before jumping head first, with her mouth wide open, towards the cakes. Be reminded that Shizuko originated on a planet far away. Fortunately, Daisuke still had a grip on her dress. Before she could get too close to the stand, he tugged at it causing her to fall flat on her back. Daisuke had had a grip on the back on her dress so, when she fell, the front of it flew up to cover her face.

"Silly Shi-Shi-chan. You can't just go and raid the stand; cleaning them out of all the cakes they have. You, of all people, should know that you have to buy them first."

"I knew that…"

Daisuke let go of her dress and she stood up to fix it, dusting herself off.

"Well, how much do they cost?!"

"I was just yanking your chain. They're free. But the people here are really good with faces. We're only allowed one of everything."

The two get funnel cakes and take seats on the edge of a wishing fountain to eat. Daisuke tosses a coin into the fountain in the midst of the Summer Festival spirit. When he turns back around, Shizuko is gone. Daisuke takes his eyes off of her for one second and she disappears.

Shizuko had gotten disguises, from I don't know where, and hatched a plot to get more funnel cakes. Pretending to be a new person repeatedly to get more funnel cakes. The teller knew it was her but took it as a compliment that she'd liked the funnel cakes so much and just let her think she'd fooled him. Daisuke caught on only after the tenth disguise!

Daisuke walks up to Shizuko, now distinguished as a Marine Biologist. He begins to really question her abilities since being released from her golden home. His head hurts.

"Shi-Shi-chan, please…no more high jinx! (Breathes) … you're running me ragged."

Shizuko remembers Daisuke and Akihiro underneath the railroad. Akihiro had took some time to look Daisuke over to assess the situation before. Shizuko did the same. She realized that in the midst of her constant running off, Daisuke was-

[NOTE: Shizuko had done a bit of spying on Daisuke while under the railroad with Akihiro.]

"My king is simply lazy. Unwilling to have to constantly search for his Golden Guardian. I mean, you do need me don't you?"


"This pet, is the one's who going to protect you if something happens aren't I?"

You see, the difference between Akihiro's looking Daisuke over and when Shizuko does it, is that her and Daisuke have harmonized before. So, she is able to see deeper passed physical displays of emotion and vocal displays. She can see his true thoughts. A part of his being is within Shizuko now. So she can tell if he's just being lazy and wants her to stick around him like his pet. And if he's thinking that exact thing but expressing something different.

"Oh?" (O_O)

'There it is again! It's like she's reading my mind or something.

How many possible things is she able to do?

A Soul Plane, Air Steps, Mind Reading?

Shizuko…you intrigue me.'

Daisuke is now upset with failures. He shrugs his shoulders and sticks his tongue out at Shizuko.

'He shrugged his shoulders and stuck his tongue out at me?

There's nothing that I can recall in my memory bank of him doing so.

Searching messenger app history. … … … … … … No results returned.

Ugh. ! And now he's walking away from me?! Hmmm…

Daisuke, you are an interesting creature."

Shizuko follows after Daisuke. Just what he had hoped for. She was stumped. He had been upset with failures and at the same time fed up with the festival. They had been there around three hours, most of which was spent searching for Shizuko in her ridiculous costumes. She was forced to follow Daisuke from the festival. This was something he'd invented on the fly. A silent exit from the festival. He figured she had made enough of a ruckus at the festival. Besides, they hadn't run into anyone Daisuke had known and he felt no reason for them too.

It would only cause him misery if they had. Akihiro-he would have become a third wheel. Daisuke is trying to get closer to Shizuko; although she is on a rage path since losing in Modern Warfare 2 back at his dorm room. Asuka-would only have caused more high jinx. The combination of her along with Shizuko was never a recipe for success. A staff member-another run in with Ms. Harajuku, or a staff member much like her, would definitely not be good for Shizuko any time soon. Daisuke luckily had gone through the festival, uncontrollably it seemed, on a path heading away from others. Whenever he been in one place for more than a second, Shizuko was gone. Gone somewhere that Daisuke needed to search and find her.

It was very late now. The moon was full and shining, illuminating this glamorous night. The Summer Festival was out of sight. They were entering an alley when Daisuke finally decided to talk to Shizuko.

"So, you can't be mad at me after all that funnel cake, and caramel apples and ice cream."

"Hmm, I wouldn't say I'm mad, per say. But definitely wouldn't say I'm pleased with you at the moment."

Daisuke's jaw drops.

"After all that? You're saying you're still not over that silly nurse, Ms. Harajuku?"


'Ugh! Shizuko needs to just get over that.

What more does she want from me?

I wish she would just jump off a-'

Right then, something huge jumps out of a dumpster they were walking passed. The two of them quickly turn to face whatever the huge figure could be. Shizuko was in front of Daisuke in her usual battle stance. This time, though, her arm was reached back towards Daisuke. He nodded, as he knew she was signaling for him to harmonize with her, and slapped her a low five. There were energy waves that shot out from the two's hands slapping together. They were harmonized.

The figure that stood in front of Shizuko wasn't anything like Koru, the enemy they had defeated before. It didn't look anything like a human. It was a bear with deep red eyes, that seemed to burn with rage. Daisuke noticed the bear was wearing a headband similar to the one Koru had worn. He reached into his jacket's inside chest pocket and pulled out the headband pieces. He put them together and compared it to the bear's.

"Shizuko! That bear is wearing the same headband Koru did. They must be from the same clan or something. Either way, there's no need to ask it to state it's name or purpose. It's hostile. Take it out!"

"Right!" Shizuko nodded. "What move first my king?"

"Oh?" (O_o) Daisuke looked puzzled. "I thought you just fought on your own."

"Yes the first battle I did. However, since then Shinue has trained you in order to command me. It's a step in becoming a War Lord. You must learn to fight through me."

Both Daisuke and the Bear Demon have puzzled looks on their faces. (O_o) (o_O) Daisuke and Shizuko were facing each other.

"Alright. Do that Golden Axe thing you did last time."

"It's called Axe Cutter my king. You have to give the correct commands."

"Ok. Shizuko, Axe Cutter Attack!"

"There you go! Shizuko shouted turning to face her enemy.

The Bear Demon strikes Shizuko with a left paw hook. Shizuko slams against the dumpster and falls to her knees.

"Next time pay attention to your target my king." Shizuko says spitting a glob of blood to the ground.

"Got it. … What other moves do you know?"

"Axe Cutter, Mighty Punch, Mighty Lance, Death Scythe!" Shizuko listed with hast.

"Alright. Mighty Punch sounds nice. Shizuko! Mighty Punch that Bear Demon in the face!"

Shizuko materializes a giant golden fist and uppercuts the Bear Demon in the chin. The Bear Demon stumbles backwards. It seems the demon is vulnerable. .

"Now Shizuko. Death Scythe!"

Shizuko materializes a scythe with a golden blade and blade handle. She takes a giant leap into the air and prepares to deliver an ending blow. Shizuko arches her back and swings, full force, causing her legs to fly up into the air with her arms and Death Scythe between them. Scythe Tech Maka Style! The Bear Demon blocks the scythe using both of it's paws. Something is different though. The Bear Demon has released it's claws! Shizuko bounces off of the demon and lands just a few feet from Daisuke. Dust shoots up as she slides back towards Daisuke. Her dress flows with the night air and Daisuke catches a glimpse of her striped panties. Shizuko had taken some notes from Ms. Harajuku it seemed. Daisuke is blushing but feels the need to stay on target; for Shizuko's sake.

"Oh! It looks like the Bear Demon is using it's claws now. Shizuko do you-"

"Shinue Strike!"

She knew Daisuke was going to ask if she had a claw attack.


"Got it. Shizuko, Shinue Strike!" Daisuke shouts from about 10 steps back from the dumpster, the center of the battle.

Shizuko acknowledges her command and her nails become Golden Claws, 4 feet long, on each hand. She runs towards the demon and begins her chain of strikes. Sparks fly as their claws clang against each other. After some tough blocks and near misses, Shizuko is knocked back to her position in front of Daisuke, sliding back on her right side against the ground. He helps her up.

'There's gotta' be some sort of weakness with this Bear Demon.

Koru underestimated Shizuko.

But it doesn't look like this bear is going to be doing that anytime soon.

That's it!'

"Shizuko, this may sound crazy but, I want you to let the Bear Demon attack first. We'll counter attack."

"Yes my king."

Shizuko, now standing, takes a battle stance and awaits her opponent's next move. She closes her eyes. The demon has a confused look. (?_?) That look of confusion soon becomes a look of unwise triumph. The demon smiles at his seemingly defenseless opponent. Eyes burning with hatred for the killer of it's ally, Koru, the demon barrels toward Shizuko with it's right paw cocked behind it. Daisuke sees an opening.

'Shizuko I know you can hear me.

Just wait for my command.

I see an opening in his stance."

Shizuko nods.

Shizuko is ready and waiting for Daisuke's command, not knowing what her next attack will be. The demon inches closer. Shizuko steadies her breath in anticipation. The demon inches closer. She can hear it's snarling. The demon inches closer.

"Shizuko now! Tornado Axe Cutter!"

Shizuko's eyes shoot open. Her golden axe is instantly in her hands. To her surprise the demon is in attack range and bringing it's right paw down at an angle sure to claw through her neck, beheading her on impact. Shizuko is unfazed by the demon's proximity and begins to twirl the Golden Axe behind her as she side steps it's attack. The demon's momentum was it's end. The attack it thought would surely decapitate Shizuko, was thwarted with a simple side step and it was heading straight into the path of a spinning axe.

The Bear Demon roared 'Noooo!' in despair as the axe began to cut through it's flesh. It was quickly silenced and it's cries of agony were replaced by a grinding sound as it's frame passed through a progressively faster spinning axe.

Although Shizuko had side stepped her opponent, it's blood had missed her not. She was drenched in blood as the death of this demon was nearing completion. She slowed the spinning down and stopped right as the last bit of the demon had passed through her Tornado Axe Cutter. Shizuko didn't waste any energy. Although Shinue's spirit and power flows through her being, she is only human. She, covered in blood, was exhausted and a bit weary from the battle. Her short golden hair was drenched in blood and took on a dark orange-ish hue. Her pink and yellow floral patterned dress was ruined. But Daisuke and herself had claimed victory again tonight.

Shizuko begins to stumble and Daisuke quickly slides to stop her fall. There, with his Golden Guardian in his arms, covered in blood, and resting from exhaustion, was Daisuke's most proud moment.