Chapter Six 6 - Warm Sensations [Saturday, 1:27 a.m.]

Now Daisuke wasn't the most athletic college freshman, but he was able to hold Shizuko up in his arms. Not wanting to get blood on his jacket, he took it off and tied it around his waist. He had a 'Devil Mates' band shirt and didn't mind getting it blood stained. They were a metal band and Daisuke thought the blood just added to their image. His backpack was out of the way, so it wouldn't get blood stained.

He knew he couldn't use Akihiro's car, being that it was totaled and his replacement wouldn't be ready for another day or two. He obviously couldn't ride the bus with a girl covered in blood So, his only option was to carry her. Lucky for Daisuke, she was quite light given the fact that in her body lies a four headed lion.

After carrying Shizuko for about 2 miles, the half way point, he rests her up against a fence. He grabs his pack of cigarettes, out of his jacket's front breast pocket, and sits down next to her. He lights one up and proceeds to smoking it. A bit of smoke passes over Shizuko's face. In her sleep, she sniffs twice and smiles. It was a scent she had tasted and knows to be linked to Daisuke. She's blushing in her sleep. Daisuke flinches. His movement causes her to slowly fall and rest on his shoulder. Daisuke felt safe for now.

He continues to smoke his cigarette and rests his muscles. He was one his way to a Hot Spring his aunt owned. It had been shut down for the Summer Festival. It was still very early in the morning so Daisuke would be able to take Shizuko to the Hot Spring and give her a bath. There was nowhere else he would be able to wash off all the blood without her being seen. Shizuko, in her sleep, cuddles up next to Daisuke. Grabbing his arm with both hands and snuggling her head to get more comfortable. Daisuke looks down and notices his hand resting right on Shizuko's…yea.

"Oh my god! I can feel how warmth it must be down there."

This is wrong. She's asleep. She has no idea what's going on. I'll move it.

Daisuke attempts to move his arm. Shizuko has a death grip on his arm though, in her sleep. He proceeds to yanking it in every direction he could think of. No matter how far he was able to move his arm, when he stopped straining his arm, it snapped right back into place. He was getting a sort of sling shot effect. The last time he pulled his arm a bit too far. His hand slammed against Shizuko. She moaned.

"This is embarrassing." Daisuke was blushing. "Thank God, she isn't awake. If Shizuko caught me doing this kinda thing, she'd kill me for sure!"

Daisuke finished his cigarette. He was thinking how he would be able to move Shizuko with her death grip on his right arm. He decides to wrap her around his back and carry her as if she was an inner tube. Shizuko's presence on his back caused his back pack to be pushed up in a way that made Daisuke look like a hunch back. This would be a fun time for Daisuke-sarcasm.

It was around 2:00 in the morning when Daisuke finally made it up to Hot Springs. Just as he thought, it was closed for the Summer Festival. His aunt was probably drinking with the attendees that brought alcohol for the 'after party,' when all the children were gone from the festival. Either way, he would be able to bathe Shizuko without anyone seeing them. Daisuke sets Shizuko down against a tree towards the back of the building on the right. He climbs up the tree. The tree was special. It had a branch that stretched over the roof of the establishment of the Hot Spring.

He gets a running start and jumps onto the roof. He lands perfectly. He'd done this many times before. Rather it be just to hang out or spy on the ladies that were bathing and take pictures. Daisuke knew his way around the place. He takes a peek at Shizuko, still resting where he'd set her.

He runs along the building and hangs from the roof. He positions himself, moving a long the ledge a bit, before swinging and jumping on through an open window. There's a ruckus as Daisuke maneuvers through the kitchen, in complete darkness, knocking over pots and pans and such. The full moon wasn't helping him any. After the ruckus, getting bitten by a random cat, losing a foot, wait not the last one. That didn't happen. But anyway, he stumble out of the kitchen with a pot over her head and one stuck on his right foot, being that the bandages made it larger in size.

He feels around and notices he's in the front room of the establishment. He'd gone the wrong way. It had been some time since he'd snuck into his aunt's place of work. He turns around, with the pots still attached, and walks towards the back door. He finds it, and opens it.

Instantly, Daisuke feels a warm sensation. No amount of cold air to calm the heat of the Hot Spring. He shakes the pots off of him self. Now, in the Hot Spring, Daisuke thinks of how he would get Shizuko inside. He couldn't reach the special branch from where he was. There wasn't anything that reached that high. Besides, the border around the Hot Spring was made of wood and they were quite tall. He had no place to get initial footing. Then it hit him.

His aunt's Hot Spring was a big attraction here in Managama. Everyone visits.

If I break a couple of these boards, Aunt Hanana would have no problem replacing them. I'm sorry Aunt Hanana, but I have to get Shizuko clean.

Daisuke takes a few steps back. He runs full speed into the border hoping to burst straight through it. And he did…in his mind. The border stood undamaged and Daisuke rolled around on the floor holding his right shoulder, as he was in a lot of pain.

"Gaaahhh!" he yelled.

The noise was enough to wake Shizuko up. Daisuke continues to bang against the wooden border, doing NO damage and falling on the floor in pain. After the tenth try, he finally gives up.

"I'm sorry Shizuko, but I don't think I'll be able to bathe you today…" he says aloud to himself.

"But my king, I'm right here."

Daisuke spins around in a flash. Shizuko is standing there in just her bra and panties, a little less blood soaked now that her dress was off.


"Well, when you were banging against that wood, you woke me up. I could hear your thoughts and I knew you were just passed the barrier. So I just Air Walked over and got undressed. As I knew you brought me here to bathe the blood off."

Daisuke anime falls.

Daisuke slowly rolls into a sitting position.

"Well since you're here, we might as well get started on cleaning you up. My aunt is a big drinker, but I expect that she'll be home by 5:00. I highly doubt she'll be out passed that."

Daisuke was talking with his eyes closed. He had the tendency to allow his mouth to run without paying attention to what was around. Like the fact that his Golden Guardian was in her bra and panties, and she was in front of him, and they were in a Hot Spring…alone. He would be getting a very rare chance. He would be able to bathe with Shizuko if she would allow him. He opens his eyes to Shizuko wonderful body, barely covered. He blushes as he averts his eyes.

"Shi-shi-chan, it's about time we umm, got completely nude. You can get undressed and hop in the Hot Spring. I'll be in right after. Is that ok?"

"Anything my king desires is ok with me."

Daisuke turns away from Shizuko. As much as he wanted to peek he didn't. He would be extremely embarrassed if Shizuko caught a glimpse of him. So he figured it would be unfair if he snuck a peek at her.

He puts his backpack down and his cargo shorts came soon after. It was the summer time, so cargo shorts were the norm for Daisuke. He stood, in only his boxers; not red by the way. He was finally going to get the chance to make a move on Shizuko. She had invited him into the Hot Spring with her. They would be bathing together. Something Daisuke hadn't thought about until now. He sighed and off went his boxers.

He had heard movement in the water earlier so he wasn't worried about Shizuko seeing him naked. There was steam coming up from the Hot Spring making it pretty difficult to see anything farther than a couple feet. He turns around.


Daisuke runs and dives into the water. A gang of bubbles is the only thing visible aside from his hair. Daisuke was murmuring.

"Daisuke-sama, I just thought we would enter the water together."

There's more bubbles. Shizuko walks slowly into the water. As her knees become visible, Daisuke's head pops out of the water. He sees her breasts. He submerges himself again. Her vagina is visible. He gives up trying to hide and surfaces. Shizuko sees Daisuke now standing in the water, its up to his waist.

Shizuko dives in. Fully submerging herself and slowly letting the blood glide off of her body. Daisuke was nervous. She could definitely be checking him out under the water. Shizuko surfaces.

"My king, why so nervous?"

"Well umm, you see umm.."

"You're uncomfortable being nude around me aren't you?"

The question was rhetorical.

"Why doesn't my king come closer. You want have to worry about me seeing you're private parts then." Shizuko smiled, blushing.

Daisuke was timid, as you can imagine, yet he slowly creeps towards Shizuko. Shizuko had submerged herself to the point where only her shoulders and head were visible. She didn't want to make Daisuke anymore uncomfortable. He did the same. Daisuke was on edge, anticipating an eminent attack from his blushing Golden Guardian. But she didn't attack him. They were both nude, together. Shizuko felt more free than Daisuke. She swims circles around him giggling. Daisuke is playing it tight. He's very tense. Shizuko allows her arm to touch him as she swims by.

'Ah! What was that? A shark? There's sharks in the Hot Spring! Shi-shi-chan…"

Shizuko is holding her hand in the air.

"It was only my arm that touched you. You should chill out Daisuke."

"Oh?" (O_o)

She called him Daisuke again.

"Well, I guess I don't have anything to worry about. It's just you and me here."

Daisuke lets his arms drift in the water, feeling more fluid now.

"So Shizuko, there's about that fuzzy feeling you get."

"Oh?" (o_O) She's blushing. "Yes…what about it?"

"Do you…feel it…right now?"

"A bit."

Daisuke swims into her personal space. His chest is pressed against her full breasts. She lets out a sigh of pure pleasure as this happens.

"What about now?"

"Oh Daisuke-sama.." Shizuko says in a moaning fashion; things were getting hot.

Just then, Daisuke's aunt comes stumbling, very intoxicated, into the Hot Springs.

"Heeeyy (hiccup) you two! What the hell are you doing?!"

"Aunt Hanana, it's your nephew Daisuke. And this is-"

"I ain't ever (hiccup) heard of no nephew named Daisuke. And who is this, Mrs. Daisuke? Blah!"

"If you let me talk I can tell you. This is Shizuko."

"How the hell did you two get in here anyway?"

"Well, I climbed a tree, then snuck through the window, made a bunch of noise in the kitchen, and then she…climbed over the wooden fence."

"Ha ha ha! Silly kids. I left the front door unlocked. You could've just walked right in."

Daisuke and Shizuko anime fall.